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Allison Mack asks judge to let her work, volunteer, go to school and church; motion likely to be granted

Allison Mack’s attorneys are requesting a modification of her bail conditions to allow her to go to leave her parent’s home to go to work, school and church.

On August 14, 2018, two of her attorneys, William F. McGovern and Sean S. Buckley, asked Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis to amend Allison’s home detention rules to permit Mack to leave her residence to get a job, go to church once per week, and go to school.

Mack was arrested on April 20, 2018 at her Brooklyn residence by FBI agents.  Three days after her arrest, Mack was released on a $5 million bond secured by real property with an estimated market value of $1,730,000, including her parents’ residence in Los Alamitos California, and a lien on Mack’s retirement account valued at $585,000. The bond was co-signed by her parents.

The original Bail Order included:

– Home detention at her parents’ residence, where she is restricted to home at all times, except for attorney visits, court appearances, and medical treatment;
– GPS location [ankle] monitoring;
– Prohibition on contact—outside the presence of her attorneys—with her co-defendants, alleged co-conspirators, or any individual currently or formerly employed by or associated with Nxivm or any affiliated entity;
– A prohibition on computer and Internet access, with the exception of a single, Internet-capable device, monitored by Pretrial Services to communicate with Pretrial Services, defense counsel, a treatment [deprogrammer?] provider, or anyone else with prior approval from Pretrial Services and the government;
– Restrictions on phone usage permitting her only to make and receive calls from phone numbers agreed to by counsel for the defendant and the government on a cellular telephone approved and monitored by Pretrial Services;
– Pretrial supervision with random visits by a Pretrial Services Officer at defendant’s residence and/or place of work
– Surrender of all travel documents.

Mack has no previous criminal history.

Her attorneys wrote to the court, “While the instant charges have deprived her of pursuing her acting career, Ms. Mack nevertheless is interested in contributing to society. In that regard, Ms. Mack has contacted her Pretrial Services Officer to express her interest in obtaining employment, volunteering in her community, and attending classes and religious services while she waits for the opportunity to defend herself and clear her name at trial.”

Pretrial Services and the government consented to the proposal – which means it is likely to be granted.

Her attorneys added, “Prior to her arrest Ms. Mack willingly returned to, and remained in, the United States—and more specifically, the Eastern District of New York—despite the specter of potential criminal charges as outlined in the Complaint. Following her arrest and release on the conditions in the Bail Order, Ms. Mack has demonstrated for more than three months her ability to adhere to and abide by the rulings of this Court and the directives of Pretrial Services. Ms. Mack has complied with all of the conditions of the Bail Order, and has not incurred a single violation from her supervisory Pretrial Services Officers. Indeed, whenever she has a question about whether a particular activity would or would not be permissible under the Bail Order, Ms. Mack contacts Pretrial Services before taking any action.

“The proposed modifications will allow Ms. Mack to contribute to society and her own self betterment while she awaits the resolution of the criminal charges. They will permit her to explore employment opportunities, pursue further education, and attend religious services. These activities not only will allow Ms. Mack to use her time productively while awaiting trial, but will also assist with her reintegration into society if she is vindicated of the charges or even in the unlikely event that she is convicted after trial.”

Mack has agreed to provide Pretrial Services with her work schedule and copies of paychecks as proof of her employment. If she enrolls in a class or classes, she will provide Pretrial Services with proof of enrollment and her class schedule.


Working [but not for NXIVM], going to school [other than Vanguard University] and going to church [other than the Church of Keith Raniere] might help the hapless, brainwashed, alleged sex slaver, Allison Mack become deprogrammed and realize there is an exhilarating life outside of the constrictions of sex slaver cults and pyschopaths like keith Raniere giving you orders 24 hours per day.

Maybe there will be justice in the end for Allison Mack and healing also.



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  • Gee thanks Frank. What a great subject. Shadowperv has over a third of the comments. I wonder why. Shadow must also be on house arrest. To bad the judge didn’t take his internet privileges away.

  • Now that the Bronfman cash spigot has been shut off and the trust Clare set up for Allison’s legal defense is gradually leaking away, Allison Mack is about to discover that transcontinental jet travel and hotel rooms in New York City are expensive.
    Allison Mack might even have to seek legitimate employment. Employment not involving sex trafficking or money laundering.

    Hence her desire/need to get out of house arrest.
    And her parents are probably sick of her tantrums.

    So let’s all have a pity party for Allison Mack.

    Meanwhile what about the Doctor, the female pediatrician, who leased the Clifton Park townhouse to Mack and her wife Nicki Clyne/
    The townhouse used by Allison and Nicki to brand and torture female slaves.
    That doctor had no knowledge that Allison Mack was turning that townhouse into a creamatorium/charnel house with the stench of burning flesh from Allison’s female slaves.
    And now that innocent doctor faces a forfeiture law suit because without her knowledge or consent Mack used that townhouse for sex trafficking.
    And the doctor has to hire legal representation without the help of Bronfman money.
    Does Allison Mack give a rat’s ass about that doctor?
    Hell No!

    Allison Mack only has pity for herself.
    She is the persecuted martyr.
    The Joan of Arc.
    Allison Mack is a selfish, entitled sociopathic Hollyweird lunatic who is a threat to herself and and the entire community.

    Let’s see Pee Onher defend Allison’s selfish behavior.

    • Wow, cool tirade. This sounds like the making of a lurid TV drama. But will Mack get to play herself??

  • the bronfman “sisters” are fking MEN!!!!!!
    all nxvim are TRANNIES!!!
    MTF and FTM

    and this isnt a problem?


    • @Anon Tranny Obsessive.
      Hey, thanks for the laughs. Now move on.
      P.S. Your degree in marketing from a community college did not adequatley teach you critical thinking skills. You are overweight and celebate. Time to start jogging and eschewing Big Macs and Cinnabon.

  • allison mack is a TRANNY
    wake up!!!!!
    they ALL ARE TRANS!!!!!!!

  • We’ve yet too meet the 100 post quota with references to everything but Yogi Bear and Strawberry Shortcake.

      • @Scott Johnson: Don’t be a cunt. Guttersnipe comments about banning people from free speech are the mark of an inferior intellect.

        • An inferior intellect from Texas??? Allen Standford was their last great man. Scott Johnson wants to abolish the First Amendment. Typical Texan, he’ll be the first to tell you freedom of speech doesn’t apply on the internet.

      • fat ankles among other OBVIOUS PHYSICAL MARKERS that clearly identify the NXIM women are NOT women but in fact are all MEN! MTF and FTM – cult of gender inversion. will my comment be deleted AGAIN???? too much REAL truth i guess

        • Guess you must be the newest troll flavor. More likely to be ignored – which I’m happy to do as well after this. Flame away!

        • All the men in NXIVM are Soy Boys whose hormones are unbalanced from too many soybeans.

          Go through NXIVM’s social media to see how many gay guys there are in there.
          It’s like a casting call for “Will and Grace.”

  • If Miss India Oxenberg gets to walk away scot free from any criminal charges despite being named “co-conspirator #2” and if she decides to leave the sex cult because her boyfriend told her to, then Allison Mack gets to leave house arrest in order to attend church and get a job. Only India gets to skate and act like she was never part of a cult? Just because Mack wants to try and better herself does not mean she isn’t going to be held accountable. To me, this is her defense attorney trying to help her win the judge over that she can change and not hurt people.

  • Volunteering in her community? The woman is clearly a danger to the community. As far as her acting goes no one in their right mind is going to hire her.

  • If approved, this indicates Mack is cooperating with the Feds. If she is not cooperating, and the original conditions for her bail package are changed, the bail package was a joke.

    • Remember the rumor a few weeks ago that Mack was sleeping with people to pass on messages to other cult members?

      Apparently the restrictions imposed on this former A- list mostly television actress from a very hit, long running almost network show now defunct do not state she can’t have sex with people. Apparently she has been using sex to get others to reach out and do things for her that would be impossible in her current situation. The people she has sex with then meet with others our actress wishes to be contacted.

      Allison Mack

  • Bahahahahahahaha, What church? Is she finally finding God.

    Wants to do good things for the community? Dude, why didn’t you think of that while recruiting gal pals for you pookie Keithy-poo

    I hear Orange is the New Black is hiring

  • Now it will be easier for Allison Mack to communicate with other NXIVM defendants and coordinate their defenses,

    July 25, 2018

    Apparently the restrictions imposed on this former A- list mostly television actress from a very hit, long running almost network show now defunct do not state she can’t have sex with people. Apparently she has been using sex to get others to reach out and do things for her that would be impossible in her current situation. The people she has sex with then meet with others our actress wishes to be contacted.

    Allison Mack


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