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Nancy’s lawyers ‘perfecting liens’ on her 9 properties to meet bail conditions; seek slight time extension

Robert Soloway and David Stern are two of the attorneys who are representing Nancy Salzman in her criminal RICO case.

Nancy is free on bail with certain conditions – one of which is to post 9 properties in the Albany area as collateral to ensure that she doesn’t flee the jurisdiction. The deadline  for her to do that has passed but the government has agreed to extend the time for placing liens on the properties. The liens are placed – so as to give notice to the world – in the event Nancy tried to sell them – that they are pledged as collateral for the government as part of her bail.

Her attorneys sought an extension and the prosecution did not oppose Nancy’s time requirement to satisfy the condition of actually filing the liens. Nancy has signed or will sign, prior to filing the liens on the properties,-  a judgment of confession which means the government will not have to sue for collection of a debt should she choose to run away.

Attornery Soloway wrote the court, “We have been working diligently to satisfy the conditions and are close to perfecting the Government’s liens. AII other bail conditions have been met except but the necessary documents must now be filed in the Saratoga County Clerk’s office to perfect the Government’s lien. The Government is informed of our progress and is also a necessary signatory to the Judgment of Confession. All necessary documents have been competed and executed. We expect
them to be filed and duly recorded with this week.

Accordingly, it is respectfully requested that Ms. Salzman’s time to meet the conditions be extended through and including August I7, 2018. If the Court has any questions regarding the contents of this letter, please contact the undersigned. Thank you
very much.”

The letter was signed by Robert Soloway.

Since the prosecution does not oppose this request, it is likely to be granted by the court as a matter of course.

Here is a copy of the letter filed with the court:


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