It should read - "The Eastern District of New York - Working to Build a Better World" - and succeeding by degrees.

NXIVM not on list of fastest growing companies in Albany area

I know it’s hard to believe that neither NXIVM – nor any of its affiliates – are on this list of fastest growing companies in the Capital Region but that appears to be the case. But it’s possible that the former NXian/real estate agent may make next year’s list.
In New York City, however, NXIVM lawyers are experiencing a boom – and some of them have been overheard saying, “Gee that Executive Success really works! Thank you Vanguard, because of you, we are experiencing a more joyful career.”


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  • You can almost smell him through that picture. Months since the last shower it looks like. The smartest man in world doesn’t understand the importance of regular bathing. I bet he has maggots growing in his fat folds.

    • Yea where…tis a shame because that would put you so much closer to your Allie.

    • You could have that sash custom made from the finest silk in the world, made by silkworms who are lavishly fed and massaged daily like Kobe beef cattle, and it would still be cheaper than getting it from NXIVM.

        • Remember they were selling NXIVM t-shirts on Someone could probably making a killing by selling different colored sashes with or without stripes!! Stripes, etc. a little extra. Wear them together, make a fashion statement!

    • While one does technically spend a significant chunk to get a sash (let alone with any stripes on it), even if NXIVM were still operating, they don’t actually just sell them.

      They are a hand-stitched by important members for hours and hours special gift that is supposed to be the most precious thing you have ever received, and you are supposed to guard it with your life. It is actually priceless, that sash.

      Seriously. The half hour lecture about the preciousness of the sash should have warned all of us off.

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