Will Allison Mack get real or [Bronfman-funded] fake job?

Recently, Allison Mack requested that U.S. District Court Nicholas G. Garaufis loosen some of her bail conditions so she could leave her parents’ home where she is currently under house arrest.

Radar Online quoted a source who expressed dismay over the request that Allison may leave home to go to work, school and church.

“Going to church, really? It’s ridiculous!” the insider exclaimed. “The only God she believes in is Keith Raniere. And who is going to give her a job?”

The fact that the prosecution consented to her request suggests the court will grant it.  But who will give an accused sex slaver a job?

Bronfman money could easily set up a job for her. With the right friends to help her, plus Bronfman money – she can come and go as she pleases. The hours and type of work could be tailored to suit her desires to get out of her parent’s home and enjoy some freedom. If she wants to go to the beach – her job that day could be to take photos of the ocean. If she wants to meet with friends – she could be assigned to interview them at their home.

A job made to order to meet the needs of the elusive and deceptive actress – funded by Sara Bronfman-Igtet’s money – can eradicate home arrest.  The job won’t be directly NXIVM. The money for payment can be arranged through trusts and administered by attorneys.  Someone can be paid to be her employer.

Whether this is bad, good or neutral is up to the court to decide. But don’t expect Allison to get a legitimate job. She is not going to work at Macy’s or Bank of America.  She is not likely to get a real acting job.

Bronfman money is likely already paying for her New York City criminal defense attorneys.

This raises a question: Does Allison have the freedom to cut a deal with the feds?  If she were to become un-brainwashed tomorrow – and wanted to save herself – would there be a conflict with her lawyers? Would they have to withdraw if she insists on taking a plea deal that meant testifying against Raniere?

It is almost certain Raniere would prefer to stand trial with Allison as a co-defendant rather than go to trial without her. She will likely be a sympathetic character. She is an actress who can cry at will. She can be convincing.  If she goes to trial and testifies – [takes the fall] – that branding and collateral was her idea – [as she did in the New York Times Magazine article by Vanessa Grigoriadis] and testifies that Keith was but a passive actor in DOS – only vaguely aware – having no direct control over women’s collateral or coercive sex acts – and if the jury believes her – Keith’s chances may be better than most think.

On the other hand, if Allison becomes a witness for the prosecution – and testifies that Keith set up the whole DOS plan  – and how she herself – having given Raniere terrible collateral – and having been sleep-deprived and kept malnourished, on a brain-deprived 800 calorie diet for years – was but a coerced pawn herself – Raniere is sunk.

More than the Jane Does, Allison Mack is the direct tie to Raniere and DOS coercion and sex trafficking.

For the sex trafficking aspect of this case [not considering financial crimes], Allison could bury Raniere and possibly save herself.

But will she help herself or sacrifice herself for him?

Frank Report will attempt to monitor what job Allison is doing and whether her job is legitimate or staged to give her some freedom from house arrest while keeping her further indebted to the Bronfman-Raniere crime organization.

A lot depends on Allison Mack.

See you at church.


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  • Frank has said that Keith stands a better chance than we might think —– due to being tried together with Allison.

    Frank said that Allison can gain sympathy from the jury by crying at will and being a sweet looking actress. He said that Allison can be the “fall girl” by simply saying that everything was all her idea and that Keith had nothing to do with those decisions regarding blackmail collateral.

    I call bullshit on Frank Parlato.

    The prosecution has ALREADY shown emails written by Keith which admit that he told a senior slave that he would only agree to tell her more details (about the DOS slave group) once she recruited a slave who gave her a “collateralized life vow” (this is Keith directly instructing a slave to get “extortion collateral” to make another person a “life” slave).

    Allison cannot make this email disappear nor can his attorneys prevent the jury from seeing it. That’s game over right there. That’s Keith’s own words.

    It doesn’t matter if 50 other NXIVM women say otherwise, because Keith’s own words are instructing a slave to get a collateralized life vow (blackmail material to seal a lifelong slave relationship) before he would agree to tell her more secrets about how DOS operates.

    That same email also has Keith admitting that he’s the *grandmaster* of all first line master slaves, and that they all report to him. That’s game over. That’s his own words saying that he is the head of the DOS sex slave group.

    What else does that email say?

    Keith also tells this same slave that although DOS wasn’t created for purely sexual purposes, he still has the power to make any slaves sexual in nature if he chooses (he also says that some slaves *may* be asked to do sexual duties for him).

    This directly shows that he’s pulling the strings and that all slaves are subject to *his* choice on whether they become sexual with him or not. Again, this is another admission that he is the head of DOS. If he weren’t the head of DOS, he could not order slaves to perform sexually for him under any circumstances. It’s game over.

    Allison’s testimony can’t change Keith’s admission no matter how hard she cries. Frank is a freakin’ moron for even suggesting that Keith has a chance at acquittal.

    That same email also has the famous “fuck toy” request — where Keith is directly telling this same slave to recruit another slave to be his permanent fuck toy. How do you think the jury is going to view those words? Any women on the jury will be repulsed that he views women as worthless objects.

    If his attorney tries to claim that’s just a boyfriend “fantasizing” with his girlfriend about how to rejuvenate their sex life (by using lofty words like “slave”) —– the prosecution will point out that Keith didn’t even trust this supposed “girlfriend” with any info about DOS until she recruited another *slave* and received a collateralized life vow from that person (a blackmail backed life vow).

    How can this be his “girlfriend” if he’s refusing to trust her (with info about how DOS works) until she gets a collateralized life vow from somebody else? That’s the grandmaster telling a slave what to do. It’s game over.

    What else?

    Keith also personally accepted the collateral of Allison. That’s game over. The fact that he accepted and possessed Allison’s blackmail material shows that he participated in the collateral scheme. He can’t pretend it’s all fantasy either —– because Allison pledged her own real estate properties and also the lives of her future children to Keith — if she ever disobeyed him. If it were fantasy, such ownership transfers would not be required, nor accepted.

    What Else?

    Keith also told a senior slave that many women were wanting to get *his monogram* branded on them. In other words, Keith’s admitting that he’s aware that it’s his own personal monogram being branded on women (and not some secret sorority symbol). He can’t distance himself from those words no matter how many talk shows his attorney does.

    Finally, let’s not forget that Allison will *never* be seen as sympathetic or sweet to the jury —- because her own emails show how depraved and sick she is.

    The jury will see her sick and twisted pledges to Keith via email.

    Normal and caring mothers don’t pledge the lives of their unborn babies to a sex slave master. Only depraved and sick people do that. The jury will see these emails and Allison’s crying cannot overcome her own sick and twisted words.

    Let’s not forget about the dozens of prosecution witnesses who will testify how sick and depraved Allison behaved towards them.

    Let’s not forget that the prosecution has only shown us like 1 or 2 emails so far, which means they probably have hundreds of other emails written by Keith and Allison showing how sick and twisted and guilty they are. The jury will see all of this.

    Going on a talk show and claiming that you’re looking forward to cross examining witnesses can’t erase his own client’s email messages.

    Frank is full of crap for saying that Keith has a chance if a “fall girl” decides to take the fall for him. Keith and Allison are doomed no matter what. Their own words have done them in. You can’t take back your actual words. They should have never used email.

  • I wouldn’t be surprised to see Allison guest starring on a TV show–think of the publicity a fledgling show could get if Allison were given a character to play. Never underestimate the greed of producers–if they think Allison can bring in an audience, she will get hired.

  • shadowstate1958 is a secretly a gayman everyone a fucking cocksucker

    Oh FrankReport reporters you watch your step or ill kick your asses get me mates

    • NXIVM is filled with gay men and warped women.
      And Allison Mack is their Icon.

      After cult is busted for female sex trafficking is Nxivm using Scruff to recruit gays?
      Allison Mack helps a gay man find himself in NXIVM.
      The gal that helps Pearson Smith wake up and see himself is sex-slaver Allison Mack who is Smith’s coach in NXIVM. She is named as a co-conspirator in the criminal complaint against her master, Keith Raniere – charged with sex trafficking.

      And as for this threat you made:

      “Oh FrankReport reporters you watch your step or ill kick your asses get me mates”
      Don’t make a threat your butt can’t cash.

  • Not only could Allison get a job with Bronfman money but she could also get a job with Salinas money from Mexico.
    Southern California is very close to Mexico.
    Some people say it’s part of Mexico.
    And the Salinas family now runs NXIVM Mexico.
    Moreover the Salinas family has at least 60 billion dollars.
    They make the Bronfmans look like paupers.

    As for church what denomination does Allison belong to?
    How about the Church of Satan?
    In January Allison posted a picture on Twitter of Marina Abramovic, the Spirit cooking witch.
    Abramovic poses with live snakes and the skulls of sacrificed goats in her art work
    Marina Abramovi?’s art focuses on “confronting pain, blood, and physical limits of the body.”
    Curious choice for such a devout church going girl as Allison Mack.
    And Marina Abramovic lives in Hudson ,New York only an hour South of Clifton Park on the wy to Brooklyn.

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