Bronfman lawyer, saying her client is innocent, will make second request on freeing Legatus from home detention – in 60 days

Clare Bronfman’s lawyer, Susan Necheles, said after court yesterday that she disagrees with the judge’s decision to keep her client confined to home detention. She thinks the judge punished Clare more harshly because of her wealth.

Necheles also thinks the judge – Nicholas G. Garaufis – will come around in time.

Necheles told Vanity Fair, “Judge Garaufis said that given the amount of wealth, he wants a little time before he relaxes Ms. Bronfman’s bail restrictions and we should come back to him in two months. We believe that this decision was wrong. It was based solely on Ms. Bronfman’s wealth and failed to consider her actions, such as flying back from Mexico and moving to N.Y.C. so that she can be close to her lawyer and work on her defense. These actions are proof that Ms. Bronfman intends to show up at trial and fight the charges.”

Both the prosecution and Pretrial Supervision opposed allowing Bronfman to wander Manhattan freely because that believe she is a potential flight risk.

In court yesterday, Necheles told the judge the conditions of Clare’s house arrest were too strict.

Judge Garaufis did not agree and chose to continue her house arrest.

He did grant Clare one concession – which prosecutors previously agreed to — Clare can leave her luxury Manhattan apartment for a total of 4.5 hours per week – broken up in three 90 minute intervals – to exercise – go to a gym, jog – or shop etc..

This is in addition to visits to defense attorneys, court appearances, medical appointments, or any other Pretrial Supervision-approved appointments.

Judge Garaufis threatened to send Clare to jail if she didn’t comply with conditions he imposed.

“It’s gonna be my way or she goes to the MDC,” said Judge Garaufis, referring to the women’s section of the Metropolitan Detention Center, a federal jail in Brooklyn – where, ironically enough, Vanguard is housed in the men’s section. Maybe that was Clare’s hope all along.

Bronfman’s lawyer, Susan Necheles, said Clare was getting restless in the apartment, especially since she’s used to “running, jogging, and exercising.”

Judge Garaufis also ruled that Bronfman must stay away from anyone related to NXIVM – with three exceptions – one of whom is her sister, Sara Bronfman-Igtet.

Bronfman, 39, was arrested by the FBI in July and charged with conspiracy to commit identity fraud and racketeering. Bronfman plead not guilty at her arraignment.

She allegedly obtained usernames and passwords of people believed to be NXIVM’s enemies so their emails could be monitored – and she allegedly led efforts to discredit DOS victims by paying for lawyers to file abusive, costly lawsuits meant to intimidate  and silence them.

She is also accused of facilitating a Canadian woman’s fraudulent entry into the United States, and helping Raniere use a dead person’s [the late Pamela Cafritz] credit card.

After the court appearance, Necheles told reporters , “You’ll notice in the indictment there’s only three things she’s alleged to have done wrong. They have nothing to do with NXIVM. We’re confident she’s done nothing criminal.”

Bronfman also had to post a $100 million bond – among the highest sum ever required of a defendant appearing in Brooklyn federal court.  The Frank Report has questioned whether Bronfman was completely forthcoming about her true assets, including whether she disclosed her multi-million interest in Precision Development LLC which owns real estate in Los Angeles.

Bronfman’s lawyer had asked the court that Bronfman be allowed to travel freely in Manhattan up to to 96th Street, between the hours of 6 a.m. and 8 p.m.

Garaufis rejected that request and it is expected that after a few months of good behavior, Bronfman’s attorney will make a second request – if Clare does not land in the hoosegow for lying on her financial affidavit to Pretrial Supervision.


Now for a little artwork and photos of the rebarbative heiress.

NIXVM member Clare Bronfman AKA Legatus
Artist conception of Legatus AKA Clare Bronfman.
Artist conception: “The Soul of Legatus. “Vanguard saw beyond Legatus’ outward beauty and viewed her innermost soul.”
After perjuring herself to get innocent people indicted, Clare Bronfman completes in a half marathon in New Hampshire. She finished first among all women on a 500 calorie diet.
After winning indictments against innocent enemies of Keith Raniere and forcing them into bankruptcy, Legatus enjoys an exhilarating session on water skis.

Her master. Keith Raniere, AKA Vanguard. and his stooge, Nancy Salzman, AKA Prefect.

Clare Bronfman, Vice President in charge of Operations at NXIVM, used her wealth and natural born cruelty, to keep slaves tethered to the cult and defectors terrorized and silent.
Time is running out for Clare Bronfman – but she remains firmly loyal to her Vanguard.

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  • She is a monster, and belongs at MDC with KR. I never understood this – IMO she poses a greater flight risk and possibility of witness intimidation than KR. Without her unquestioning funding, KR would be nothing but another failed MLM-er. He’s a crappy used car salesman loser, but she made it all happen for him with her family $$$. Why, just to get a pity dick in her? I hope she’s proud of her “accomplishments” in making the world a better place. Anyone who salivates at and enjoys civil litigation is mentally unbalanced, in my opinion.

    That was kind of ugly of me.

  • WAJ at being treated harshly due to her wealth. If anything, the wealthy perpetually get off easier than those who don’t have the same finances. This is what would make the justice system a farcical joke. Justice applied differently to different people for the same crimes due to wealth, status, or something else seen as a positive but having nothing to do with the context of the crime is an imposter that stands in its stead. It effectively becomes just bribery.

  • Right, because Judge’s absolutely love it when you bad mouth their decisions to the press. That should help get a later request granted.

    Many of us would be thrilled to see her bail revoked for lying on her financial disclosure form. My guess is, though, they will claim all those houses that they didn’t list are under some other umbrella or make some other excuse under some loophole.

    Just as good would be to see her breaking one of the Judge’s rules.

    If Clare had a few more brain cells to rub together, she would be wondering why she is paying this woman a fortune to accomplish nothing Clare has directed her to do (get her in contact with witness, end home detention, etc).

  • If at first you don’t succeed try try again.

    Don;t be surprised if as time goes by the restrictions on Cruella Bronfman are gradually loosened.

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