Joe O’Hara lists some of the tax evasion schemes of NXIVM members

By Joe O’Hara

Many – not all – of the people who were named in my 2012 lawsuit were engaged, in some way, with NXIVM’s massive tax evasion scheme.

Some of those were only involved in not reporting the income they received from NXIVM and/or NXIVM-related entities.

Others were involved in many more aspects of the tax evasion scheme – which involved lots of different components. These included, but were not limited to, the following:

  1. Failure to report regular income;
  2. Failure to report cash income;
  3. Bringing in unreported money from foreign countries;
  4. Maintaining multiple sets of books for various companies;
  5. Establishing multiple companies with the same name in different jurisdictions;
  6. Structuring financial transactions in order to avoid reports by banks to the government;
  7. Money laundering;
  8. Filing false tax returns;
  9. Filing false reports; and
  10. Failing to report payments made to employees and independent contractors. .

In addition, others that I named in the 2012 lawsuit were involved in crimes that were not financial in nature. Several of those crimes have already surfaced – and I believe that more will do so in the future.

And before someone reminds me again, Yes – I did not name everyone who should have been named in the 2012 lawsuit! But if they were left out, it was because (a) I didn’t have enough evidence to make a claim against them or (b) I hadn’t heard about their involvement in whatever illegal operations they were involved in.

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  • Having a look at the list, most of those named individuals are known big names in NXIVM.

    You say many, not all the named individuals were engaged in some way with tax evasion. Do you have any idea who was not engaged in tax evasion? Also, what makes you think they were not involved with tax evasion?

    On Necker Island in 2010, the attendees were all trusted NXIVM people. Kristin Kreuk, Allison Mack, Mark Hildreth, Nancy Salzman, Sara Bronfman, Emiliano Salinas, Alejandro Benecourt etc. John Tigue who exposed this trip in February 2012, when you filled your lawsuit said those on Necker Island discussed how to move huge amounts of money around the globe.

    “the attendees began to plot the massive logistics of moving massive amounts of money around the globe to avoid taxation. Attendees brainstormed about moving funds to various Caribbean locations. I am afraid that many of these conversations were held away from prying ears. Participants, having set up their new power structure and with new money laundering ideas being batted around, went back home to preach to the masses, the very rich masses or young masses that is.”

    Those people on Necker Island were named in your lawsuit.

    John Tigue, in his article about Necker Island named the full Executive Board, which included Mark Vicente (Executive of Enrollment), Emiliano Salinas (Executive of Standards), Alejandro Benecourt (Marketing Executive), Clare Bronfman (Chief of Operations), Lauren Salzman (Chairman of Education), Karen Unterreiner (Executive of Humanities).

    All these people were named in the lawsuit.

    John Tigue, in the same article revealed Juliana Vicente and Siohban Hotaling were involved with the money laundering operations. They too were named in the lawsuit.

    Kristin Kreuk, Allison Mack and Mark Hildreth were all named in the lawsuit.

    “A charismatic speaker, he (Mark Vicente) had teamed with the Canadians Mark Hildreth, Kristin Kreuk and Allison Mack to sell NXIVM poison in Vancouver. While Salinas is Mexican royalty, these three stooges have a vast following among teen and preteen girls. The perfect combination really, money from Mexico and girls from Canada.”

    I can’t imagine anyone on your list not being involved with tax evasion as an absolute minimum. These were devoted cult members, coaches on the striped path. The celebrities, especially Kristin Kreuk were instrumental in boosting recruitment and became the face of these recruitment efforts (Girls By Design, Juicy Peach, College Project, Acopella). She coached in Vancouver, Albany, Seattle, and Los Angeles. Allison Mack is now going to face trial. Mark Hildreth was deep in the cult for at least a decade. DOS lasted for just two years. The crimes were going on years before that.

    • Because so many wealthy, powerful people profited from NXIVM one should expect that NXIVM will be resurrected in one form or another after the trial.
      If necessary with Mexican money from the Salinas crime family.

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