New story details Andrew and Trump’s 3-decade bond revolving around women, money and power

Report: Trump feted Cuomo’s bachelor party, donated to multiple Cuomo campaigns, because “We get along very well”

NEW YORK, NY — In a bombshell story just published, the New York Times today details the long, “genuine” affection that Andrew Cuomo and Donald Trump long shared, centering around women, money and power. While Cuomo has attempted to run his primary campaign against Cynthia Nixon as if he were running instead against Donald Trump, the two men’s relationship is quite different from how Cuomo has sought to portray it to New York voters.

“When you think about it, it’s not surprising that two guys who surround themselves with corrupt convicts, try to silence investigations and reporters that dare question them, and owe their fame and power to their dads, would get along so well,” Cynthia spokeswoman Lauren Hitt said. “It’s just sad and disappointing that Andrew Cuomo would lie to New Yorkers about it.”

According to today’s New York Times report:

  • “It was clear that Donald Trump the businessman considered Andrew Cuomo a friend,” said Mr. Caputo, describing a “genuine affection.”

  • “In 2016, Mr. Cuomo campaigned vocally for Hillary Clinton, though he and Mr. Trump crossed paths at a Sept. 11 memorial event, where cameras caught them chatting. “We get along very well,” Mr. Trump explained in a radio interview that week.

  • “Mr. Trump did not attend Cuomo’s bachelor] party, but he sent a lighthearted video clip that played at the Manhattan bar where Mr. Cuomo’s friends and political luminaries had gathered. “Whatever you do, Andrew,” Mr. Trump advised Mr. Cuomo in the video, “don’t ever, ever fool around.”

  • “Mr. Trump also stopped by a birthday party for Andrew Cuomo that year where, according to Mr. Barrett’s book, they were seen huddling for a half-hour.”

  • “Mr. Trump told Mr. Cuomo he wanted to show him “something incredible” and walked him over to his limousine. Mr. Cuomo, a car fan, thought it would be some kind of new auto gadget. Mr. Trump opened the door and there was Marla Maples, eventually Mr. Trump’s second wife.”

  • “Mr. Trump was said to have called Mr. Cuomo and offered him private advice for how to navigate such a public divorce, according to a person who was told about the call at the time.

  • “Mr. Trump, then a Democrat, would donate to Mr. Cuomo’s successful 2006 campaign for attorney general and again to his 2010 campaign for governor. They also had some interactions in office.”

  • They spoke again the day after Mr. Trump’s victory over Mrs. Clinton. Mr. Cuomo said that day that Mr. Trump’s election could prove a “bonus.” “He knows New York, he knows the challenges,” Mr. Cuomo said.

  • “They met in person at Trump Tower shortly before the president’s inauguration, a meeting Mr. Cuomo, who was pressing for federal support for infrastructure projects, described as “not adversarial.”

  • “Notably, while Mr. Trump has for years thrashed New York Democrats on Twitter — Eliot Spitzer, Anthony Weiner, Eric T. Schneiderman, Kirsten Gillibrand, Chuck Schumer, among them — he has hardly unleashed on Mr. Cuomo until recent days.”

Cynthia Nixon has repeatedly called on Governor Cuomo to return the $64,000 in donations that he has received from Donald Trump. He has continued to refuse to do so.

This report is provided by Cynthia For New York

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