Vanguard’s Birthday Raises New Questions About The Silver Bay YMCA

By K. R. Claviger

On this glorious summer day when thousands, -er, hundreds – OK maybe a few hardcore, no-place-else-to-go hangers-on would otherwise be celebrating the 58th birthday of the beloved ethicist known as Vanguard, there is a feeling of loss everywhere.

Lost time to revere the smartest man in the world…

Lost opportunities to bask in his glow…

Lost chances to hear pearls of wisdom spew forth from his mystical mouth…

But perhaps the greatest loss of all is occurring at the Silver Bay of the Adirondacks YMCA which is headquartered at 87 Silver Bay Road in Silver Bay, NY 12874. For it is this group that has lost the most because of the incarceration of Keith Alan Raniere f/k/a The Vanguard and n/k/a Federal Prisoner 57005-177.

On its national website, the YMCA holds itself out as “a leading nonprofit organization for youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility”.

It also goes on to brag “The Y is a powerful association of men, women, and children committed to bringing about lasting personal and social change. With a focus on nurturing the potential of every child and teen, improving the nation’s health and well-being and providing opportunities to give back and support neighbors, the Y enables youth, adults, families, and communities to be healthy, confident, connected and secure”.

With all these lofty goals and good intentions, the question must be asked as to why this particular YMCA was willing to rent out its entire Silver Bay Resort to a sex-slaver cult that routinely drove its members to break away from their families and friends, to spend every penny they had on Executive Success Program’s “courses” (which were mostly re-cycled pap from other cults – and which were meant to help break down members’ inhibitions about things they would be asked to do by cult leaders), and to shun and punish anyone who challenged any of its teachings?

At the national level, the YMCA is a multi-million dollar cash cow with more than $175,000,000 in assets – and a paltry $23,000,000 of liabilities. That makes them almost as rich as Clare Bronfman.

The YMCA claims to be guided by four principles: caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility.

So, what happened at the Silver Bay of the Adirondacks YMCA?

Do they not care that their resort was being used by a sex-slaver cult that was destroying individuals and families?

Were they not aware that the NXIVM cult was headed by some of the least honest people in the world?

Were they comfortable renting out their facility every year to honor a man who has no respect for women and who treated them like fuck-toys?

Did they abandon their responsibility to ensure that they only dealt with people whose values were similar to their own?

Or was it all about the enormous fees that Clare Bronfman was willing to pay to have the Silver Bay Resort shut down to anyone who was not part of the NXIVM cult?

The Board of Directors at the Silver Bay of the Adirondacks YMCA was warned back in 2005 about what was going on at V-Week. But rather than terminating its relationship with NXIVM, it actually allowed the cult to rent-out the entire resort so that no prying eyes from outsiders would ever be able to observe what went on there (This meant that hundreds of tourists were denied the opportunity to stay at the resort even though there were plenty of empty rooms).

And despite receiving many more warnings and pleas for it to stop doing business with the sex-slaver cult, the Silver Bay of the Adirondacks YMCA just kept increasing the fee it charged Clare Bronfman every year – and laughed all the way to the bank.

So much for caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility. How about some good old cash!

Here’s a nice photo of the group that was so happy to turn their backs on all of the YMCA’s principles – and to pimp-out the Silver Bay Resort – for a few extra bucks from Clare Bronfman.




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  • It’s also Edgar Bronfman’s fault NXIVM got to the abusive level it attained. He said it was a cult, he could have easily put in his will that no money in his inheritance could be used, directly or indirectly, to support NXIVM.

  • Sliver Bay cared as much as His Holiness the Dalai Lama and all the attorneys who take the slime of the earth’s money.

  • Where I live across the country our YMCA is primarily a camp for children , lots of scholarships etc… and my understanding was when not being used for kids camps and such the lodge could be rented for reunions. This is the camp part, there is a health and fitness center in a near by town that has become more and more expensive over the years . Is that large # of board members in paid positions? I intend to look into our local chapter . I’m starting to feel like nothing good from my childhood hasn’t been ruined by greed.

  • The YMCA has a well-earned reputation for being the center of vice and depravity.
    Why do you think the Village People sang the song “YMCA”?

    In 1964 President Johnson’s top aide Walter Jenkins was arrested for giving oral sex in a YMCA men’s room.
    LBJ’s Top Aide Caught in the YMCA Men’s Room
    When Lyndon B. Johnson’s top aide, Walter Jenkins, was arrested for giving oral sex to a stranger in a YMCA bathroom in October, 1964, the scandal hit Johnson hard.

    I believe the YMCA is the appropriate venue for a non-stop sex orgy like Vanguard Week.

  • I still can’t believe people celebrated the birthday of this total fraud of a man for ten days. A person with any rational sense still left in their mind should’ve realized that celebrating the birthday of anyone for so long was some form of deification – and figuratively a defecation on common sense – and thus, an obvious sign of a cult.

    • Totally agree.
      I had a serious laugh when it was suggested I go.
      Utterly ridiculous.

    • Oh appreciated this SO MUCH: Vanguard’s deification = defecation on common sense!

      • Thank you, thank you.

        I’m not here all night like VanDouche. Nor did I learn my comedy by watching Nicki.

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