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The Reviews Are In: Cynthia Won

Hempstead, NY – The reviews are in and Cynthia is the clear winner of tonight’s debate. Cynthia’s policy breadth and confidence knocked the Governor off his game, leading to a series of bizarre assertions, misstatements and rants that revealed the Governor as a corporate Democrat and mansplainer. In an apparent twist on Mitt Romney’s infamous line, Cuomo repeatedly claimed Cynthia wasn’t a human but a corporation. The Governor also praised stop-and-frisk king and current Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani as a great prosecutor, and condemned the teachers strike that have inspired the country this year. The Governor also misstated the size of the state budget and the cost of the single-payer healthcare.

Praise for Cynthia’s Performance

David Weigel, Reporter, Washington Post: “(This is what we call a self-own.) CUOMO: Can you stop interrupting?; NIXON: Can you stop lying?; CUOMO: As soon as you do.” [tweet]

New York Times: “[Cynthia] used the spotlight to rip Mr. Cuomo as a “corrupt corporate Democrat” while promising an array of progressive policies she said he had bottled up in the last seven years.” [The New York Times]

Daily News: “Nixon right out of the gate of the CBS2-sponsored debate at Hofstra University ripped Cuomo of being an Albany insider, knocked his prolific fundraising, accused him of handing over control of the state Senate to the Republicans, and pointed out the corruption problems within his administration. And that was in response to the first question” [Daily News]

USA Today: “Nixon, a fellow Democrat, directly and repeatedly challenged Cuomo’s record on progressive issues during the hour-long moderated discussion.” [USA Today]

Alyssa Katz, Daily News Editorial Board Member: “Just watching a smart woman spar capably with Gov. Cuomo for an hour on full public display is worth the entire Cynthia Nixon candidacy, win or lose.” [tweet]

Alyssa Mastromonaco, Former Deputy Chief of Staff Obama: ABSOLUTELY – uh @CynthiaNixon came to fight and WON [tweet]

Nicole Silverberg, Writer for Full Frontal with Samantha Bee: Andrew Cuomo would never fucking speak to a man in the condescending, bitter way he’s speaking to Cynthia Nixon and to me, that’s just as disgusting as his shitty, embarrassing ideas and gubernatorial record [tweet]

Emily Crockett, Senior Editor, @Shareblue: And @CynthiaNixon is THRILLINGLY good at this. Damn. [tweet]

The Guardian: “She represents a distinctly progressive platform, based on education reform and social and economic equality, and is part of a populist wave of candidates assailing establishment figures with challenges from the left. As a political ingenue who has not held office at any level before, she represents an audacious, if outside, threat to establishment figure Cuomo who has powerful standing in the party.” [The Guardian, 8/29/18]

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  • It’s good to see Cuomo put in his place , now let’s bring on the republicans

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