Part 1: Debating Raniere’s motion to seal names of friends posting bail: Raniere’s ‘first collateral’ insufficient

Over the next several posts, let’s dive into the 13-page letter to Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis that was sent by Keith Alan Raniere’s attorneys, seeking to shield from the public the names of his friends who would guarantee his bail bond — if, in fact, a bail bond was even allowed.

Despite its length, the letter only addresses one of the reasons that Judge Garaufis cited in denying bail for Raniere: Raniere’s total lack of “skin in the game” that would keep him from fleeing. It entirely fails to address the other reason – that being that Raniere is a danger to society. .

Below [and in the next few posts] are portions of the new Raniere document – followed by my comments.

The Raniere filing  – dated August 28, 2018 – is signed by all five of Raniere’s attorneys.

To distinguish the Raniere document from my comments, I will use initials – not unlike Keith Alan Raniere used when he had women branded.

Keith Alan Raniere Motion [KAR]:

…  Since Mr.  Raniere’s June 12, 2018 bond hearing, several potential bond co-signers have come forward indicating their willingness to post property or cash in support of a bond for Mr. Raniere. However… these individuals have a … concern that …  they will be subject to reprisal and potentially be the victims of unlawful and criminal conduct.

Accordingly, in anticipation of a release application, we make two requests: (1) the sealing of potential co-signers’ names and (2) a highly limited courtroom closure in where the co-signers can be fully vetted by the government and the Court in a non-public setting.

My Comments [FP]

Attorneys for Raniere seek to hide from the public the names of individuals who are willing to pledge their own cash or property, or perhaps Bronfman or Salinas cash laundered to them – as part of an upcoming bail package application seeking to free Raniere from his present detention at the Brooklyn Metropolitan Detention Center.

The reason for secrecy, argue Raniere’s lawyers, is that certain friends of Raniere  are concerned that should their names be known, they will become crime victims and suffer “reprisals” or retaliation – for the act of posting their assets to ensure Raniere will not flee the jurisdiction of the US Courts [i.e., leave the country].



Mr. Raniere previously moved for release on bail pending trial on June 5, 2018…  which the government opposed… At a hearing on June 12, 2018, the Court noted that Mr. Raniere’s proposed bail conditions were deficient because “there’s no moral suasion placed upon the defendant to adhere to the terms of the bail because… he has nothing to lose.” …

Mr. Raniere’s proposed bail package did not enable the Court to “question the surety” and ask “[a]re you going to be able to cast moral suasion on this individual to guarantee that this person is going to come back?”… This Court denied Mr. Raniere’s motion without prejudice writing that Mr. Raniere “poses a serious risk of flight if he is released pending bail” and that the proposed conditions do not mitigate the court’s concerns. … In short, “[w]ithout anything to offer as collateral, Defendant would have nothing to lose if he were to flee.”



Isn’t it ironic? Keith Raniere offered collateral and the court rejected it.  When he was Grand Master of DOS, he demanded collateral be given by slaves monthly. Oftentimes, the DOS slave masters, and Grand Master Raniere himself, rejected slaves’ collateral. Rejections of graphic nude pictures and videos often occurred because Raniere had too many nudes for that particular slave. Sometimes collateral was rejected because the confession of crimes [true or false confessions] or some embarrassing [true or false] secret was not incriminating or humiliating enough.  The slaves were ordered to try again. Sometimes this was truly terrifying and coercive for the slave women – as they told me.

Imagine having to come up with new collateral every month – and nude pictures and videos were not sufficient after the first month or two. The collateral had to be more extreme each month in order to ensure that collateral would be sufficient for the destruction of all areas of a woman’s life – if she were to escape from DOS.

Sure – it might have started voluntarily – the first time – or two – when Raniere, as grand master of DOS, was hidden from the women – and they were told DOS was an all-women’s group. But, once a certain amount of collateral was given into the hands of the masters [and Raniere], the women reached a point of no return, a point of terror.  Raniere was back of it all – demanding – urging his Front Line Slaves to demand more and more collateral from the increasingly frightened women.

Now, ironically, Raniere’s own proffered collateral – a $10 million cash bond [not his money] and armed security to guard him in a mansion – in lieu of prison – was rejected by the court.  Raniere has to try again – – more, new collateral – for his new master – the criminal justice system.

The idea Raniere’s lawyers are floating now is to have “friends” come forward – secretly of course – to squeak up to “moral suasion.”

They want to add to the bail package these secret “friends” because the court recognized in his [first collateral] bail package that the $10 million bond he offered was not his cash  – therefore what moral suasion would bind a Vanguard and hold him in place?

Here is a man who blew through $65.6 million in [purported] commodities losses – money that belonged to the same people who proposed posting his $10 million bond  – the Bronfman sisters.

They, and he, did not care about losing $65.6 million. After they lost it [purportedly] in commodities, the Bronfman sisters gave him tens of millions more – which he spent or blew through.

What moral suasion could there be – on him – if the Bronfman sisters posted $10 million and he fled and they lost it? It would merely add 5 percent to what he already squandered [or stole] and they lost.

So now – the new plan is to bring in some other followers of Raniere [presumably creditable people] to do his bidding and offer up cash or properties. Only they can’t be known. Not to the public. They might experience reprisals or become victims of crimes, his lawyers argue.

More likely the public scrutiny will reveal where the money came from, and who these followers really are, and why it won’t make a difference in the realm of moral suasion.

Public scrutiny – some of it coming right from this blog – might shatter the myth that any number of friends or followers of Raniere, pledging any amount of [theirs or others’] money can ever be strong enough to hold a psychopath to some kind of virtue – no, not a man such as he – a man who brands women, then calls them fuck toys.

He is hardly the candidate to be believed or ever be held to any kind of moral suasion.

The Ethicist.

That’s how I see it. Perhaps the judge will think differently.


Image result for moral suasion meaning in law
“Moral suasion” is an appeal to morality in order to influence or change behavior. An example is the attempt by William Lloyd Garrison and his American Anti-Slavery Society to end slavery in the United States by using moral suasion.  It didn’t quite work out. Now Raniere’s attorneys are arguing that one or more ‘secret’ friends pledging collateral will provide the moral suasion that Raniere will need not to try to flee the US.


This is how Keith Alan Raniere will look after he escapes.


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  • In a futuristic, totalitarian utopia world where “soft” Keith exists as it’s fearsome ruler, “Vanguard” — a place where untamed girls are like Kriptonite to Superman until subdued by a Super Duper Man, Vanguard — he who has harnessed their evil, badass bitch powers to unleash at his will — this bail request makes perfect sense.

    The Vanguard’s allies, resources and mighty slave harem must be sheilded from attack by brutal forces who are enemies of the State. Controlled by the wealth — in the hands of it’s most “ethical” Dalai Lama blessed elite such as the Bronfman’s and Salinas’ — the State would certainly grant this bail request —regardless of any piddling law or constitutional amendment and such — in the name of protecting these decent billionaires and their Vanguard from that “indicted” State enemy, gangster type criminal — Frank Parlato.

    Frank and his ilk are Criminals all! It was they whose bloody criminal minds conceived of the act of branding, caused Vanguard to flee for his life with their death threats, and rumors and blogs and artworks…wait!

    Let’s “get into reality:”

    It was no BFD, just a tramp stamp the popular chick thought up at a slumber party.

    And there ain’t nothin wrong with the way they got it over in North Vietnam neither.

    • Reality Chick

      Let’s “get into reality:”

      It was no BFD, just a tramp stamp the popular chick thought up at a slumber party.
      Is your comment tongue in cheek?

      Indeed let’s get into reality.

      From the Toronto Sun
      The Game: Living Hell in hotel chains
      The cops, pimps and victims all call it “The Game.” It’s no game. Young Canadian girls are being beaten, branded, bought and sold in hotels and motels, and along highways across the Greater Toronto Area and Ontario.
      Branded: The shocking life of a sex-trafficked girl
      We think of branding as something ranchers do to their cattle. But it’s also what pimps do to women and girls they control across America.

      Did Keith Raniere and Allison Pimp Mack understand that they brought inner city pimp culture into suburban America?

  • Hack Attack
    Seems we’re getting “love bombed” by Pea’s troll troupes. I’ve heard they’re all over Facebook — some deal going on with the Russian propoganda hackers to troll NXIVM foes — and looks like they’re hitting “Instagram” after MK10’s artwork.

    Would NXIVM stoop so low as to engage in internet hacking?
    It’s a miracle they haven’t tried it already.
    They break into computers.
    They steal bank and credit card info.
    They loot the estates of the recently deceased.
    How low will NXIVM stoop?

  • Seems we’re getting “love bombed” by Pea’s troll troupes. I’ve heard they’re all over Facebook — some deal going on with the Russian propoganda hackers to troll NXIVM foes — and looks like they’re hitting “Instagram” after MK10’s artwork.

  • Message to all trolls:
    You are so bankrupt of ideas and arguments that all you can do is post juvenile practical jokes.
    To what end?
    To defend a man who thinks it’s OK to rape women.
    Have you no shame?

  • this comment deleted. The poster placed link of gangrene victims which has nothing to do with the topic of post.

  • Warning
    Do not click the link in the post directly below.
    It has nothing to do with NXIVM or Libya.
    It is one of Raniere’s trolls posting a link to a gallery of photos of gangrenous wounds.

  • Raniere’s lawyers are stupid. Hiding the names reduces the moral suasion, and the judge already made the decision to keep him behind bars because of the lack of any material collateral coming from the smartest man in the world. The lack of having no skin in the MLM game as a result of the Consumers’ Buyline settlement backfired on the smartest man in the world when the legal tables were turned and he was put in jail. LOL


    Troll or not, fake or not, Pea Brain is the prima facie example of the failure of the Vanguard educational broadcasting system. Just reading his posts show just how dumb the people are who still support this total clown. I can understand being fooled up until the 2012 Times Union article, or even the revelation of DOS, because there was good mixed in with a hidden bad, but the morons who are still supporting this obvious fake are a reason why the Darwin awards exist.

    • I agree. I’m starting to wonder if Pea is just a troll. Can anyone really be that dumb?

  • Here is why the source of the bail money from Raniere is so important.
    It comes from a comment made yesterday in Omar’s post.

    “Potential Guarantors-Money Launder from Mexico.
    Don’t be confused, the one and simple reason Keith Reniere wants to seal and shield its potential guarantors, it’s because all the money he and his team ESP/NEXIVM has launder has come from abroad, especially from Mexican Politicians as Mr. Salinas family. They don’t have the support to legitimize its “ethical” origin.”

    And let me add this point.
    If the Salinas crime family believes Raniere is about to flip on them, it’s a lot easier to dispose of Raniere in a private house somewhere than in a prison setting where the government can provide tight security.

    Raniere is actually a lot safer in custody.

  • I will pledge my Every asset. I don’t have much money or property right now. but I will come forward and be named and offer my personal guarantee that he will appear in court every time. if the judge will free Keith it will only to help him defend himself. The bail package will let him go more easily to his lawyers and help them prepare his defense. It is very hard for the lawyers and he to meet in prison. And are we so sure the government is not listening in on their meetings? We want justice and fairness. Let Keith get out and defend himself. Let justice prevail

    • Pea:
      You would have helped Raniere more by telling him not to torture and enslave women and then telling him not to collect blackmail on women.
      On top of that you should have told Raniere that he needs consent from a woman before engaging in sex with her and that under NO circumstances should he engage in sexual relations with anyone under the age of consent.

    • “I don’t have much money or property right now”

      Viva Executive Success!

    • Oh, “I don’t have much money or property right now” another example of executive success!!!!! Piss broke hahahahahahahaha

    • Get yourself a dog Pea. You need to be taught what a true loving master is yourself.

    • Pea Onyu. Is that a real name , or a joke name . like “I have a vewy gweat fwiend in Wome called ‘Biggus Dickus’.”

  • Beyond moral suasion, I recall the prosecution mentioning in Keith’s court appearance that they had confirmed Keith had raped underage girls. This alone indicates that Keith is unstable and a danger to society. In order to protect society from a know pedophilia, the court would need to keep this animal in his cage.

    • The FBI started to crack down when it appeared that members of NXIVM had set up online websites in the names of the DOS slaves.
      The FBI saw that NXIVM was already prepared to retaliate against the slaves at a moment’s notice.

      “I don’t know who the “close ups” are but theirs a few we all know.Shadowstate will be thrilled.”

      This statement of yours shows how asinine you are.
      If anyone wants nude photos or videos of consenting women there are plenty of sites where the material was gathered with LEGAL CONSENT.
      No one needs to resort to blackmail material to see nudie photos.

      • Exactly Shadow! It is a compulsion. It is a trait of Keith’s psychosis.

        Keith’s crimes were not about sex, they were about power and control. It is textbook sexual sadism.

        Just like when he was a kid and he tortured that girl with releasing her secrets.

        Keith’s other overt act is that he has to label things to show ownership and control over them. It is a compulsion. He has to put his initials or marks on people. Brands, sashes, belly chains… it is the same thing.

        • The saddest part of the story is how many people indulged Raniere in his madness.

          The heiresses
          The actresses
          The politicians and the courts

          Had anyone stood up to Raniere years ago his reign of terror would have created far fewer victims.

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