Ex-NXIVM Student: The good in NXIVM was the greatness of Nancy Salzman; when she disintegrated, NXIVM fell to pieces

Oh, well, I guess I will add my two cents to this discussion. I took the 5 day course, the 16 day intensive and went one summer to V-Week.

I  benefited by increased awareness, increased self-assessment and my life purpose strengthened from each of these activities.

However, I was in a good position to observe danger because I had left Scientology before that, so I recognized many things that had been directly lifted from Scientology.

I mean right out of it. Scientology terms and concepts were being used daily and frequently in the vocabulary and activity, minute by minute. In fact, at times, it was a constant déjà vu!

I asked several teachers about this, but in each case the fact that Keith had used Scientology material was denied. I had no idea if the teachers knew that the material wasn’t original or not.

When the source was lied about, I knew it was all fishy.

I saw no bad being done with the material that was taken from Scientology, but that it was being passed off as original was absurd. The exact vocabulary, word use and definitions were often word-by-word from the printed materials in Scientology. Not even an attempt to disguise it!

I observed some Nxivm members raising their children in a manner similar to Scientology also, in which the children were being treated as adults and being demanded to have adult type responsibilities, and not kindly at that;  rather with a strict heartlessness.

Some say Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard also lifted material and claimed it was original too.

I found it interesting, but surely knew by the end of the first 5-day intensive, that Keith was claiming he invented the “tech” when he patently had not and instead had directly lifted it from my prior cult leader, L Ron Hubbard!

I had hoped that, nevertheless, Nxivm would do some good in the world, but here is what I would like to say about it:

There is real good in the teachings. I felt able to differentiate when it wasn’t, and why.

Otherwise, I would have stayed in NXivm and in fact was invited to have a mentor from Nxivm guide me on through the next levels! I sensed great control in that offer and never went back.

I remain curious to this day what material was on their actual expensive “higher” classes.

There were several new cults created from Scientology materials, such as EST, Landmark, primal scream, and relive birth therapy, gestalt, role playing, hospital procedures of silence during operations and on and on.

To me, Nxivm was just another practice taken from Scientology, but quite intriguing.

Personally, I do not believe Keith is the power behind NXivm. I think that Keith lifted the material from other sources and gave it to the brightest soul imaginable, which was Nancy.

It was Nancy who turned it into lectures and course materials, not Keith, — with her giving all credit to Keith. But she was the light that was used to create it all.

Nancy was a beautiful soul and profound talent to bring the materials alive. Without the live video recordings she made, the group would have gone nowhere. The recordings remain a treasure, wherever they are.

Nancy is Keith’s greatest work of corruption and without her power being used every step of the way, by producing the compelling class recordings, there would have been no Nxivm.

Keith’s power is: to be non-threatening in demeanor for women. It is developed into gestures like a kitten or a mouse or a cute puppy.

His demeanor of  “gentle”, which is actually indefinably weak is, in fact, the secret of creating “empowerment” that woman feel in his presence.

Nancy is the true power of Nxivm and that power is in her recordings and lectures.

I feel the most for her, as she is the most duped of all and was once the purest, in the end fulfilling his evil wishes with the belief that her soul is that of Hitler’s!

It is fairly concluded that cancer and anger go hand in hand. The anger of being duped subconsciously expresses itself in the Nxivm woman, yes?

One can see Nancy’s exceptionally high humanity life force in the recordings, something she would no longer be able to do, and something that Keith could NEVER EVER have begun to create.

I have often wished I could own her recordings, to this day, in particular, I would wish to own Nancy’s recording about Supressives that is given in the first five days of the intensives offered.

Yes, it is taken directly from Ron Hubbard. But she explains it better than anyone ever has, even better than Ron Hubbard did.

Both Scientology and Nxivm totally misused the information about Supressives and both groups, Scientology and Nxivm, have used the concept of “Suppressive”  terribly destructive litigating  ways.

In the group, Nxivm, Keith is the weakest, most desperate person of all. Nancy is the strongest. She is more deceived than everyone added together for it is her light that has driven the expansion of the entire group of Nxivm.

A slide from Vanguard Week.

As Nancy’s light dimmed, I suspect DOS was created in order to have “new blood”  to replenish the fading light, as Nancy made perpetual amends for her life as Hitler.

Allison was the new bright light successor to Nancy. Lauren could not follow as Nancy was already disintegrating as Lauren grew up.

So, Allison is the obvious true inheritor to be the new light of Nxivm. Allison put her true light into DOS.

Pulling her out to recovery would require the therapist or facilitator to see the truth of that statement.

Nancy and Allison need the same kind of help, in fact, as others who who are victims. To see their own soul power as light sources to humanity.

To see in themselves what they attributed to Keith R.

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  • Theres a reason there is no ‘Church of Newtonian Physics’ no ‘First Church of Aristotle the Scientist’ no ‘Temple of Latter- Day Quantum Mechanics’

    No verifiable body of knowledge requires a restrictive organisational policy to protect it from those wishing to verify the truth of its tenets. I remember this or something like from reading William Burroughs as a youth. Was it ‘The Job’?

    I’m trying to imagine a college prof. saying “yeah, listen before you read Hegel or Marx, or JS Mill, can you sign this contract saying you agree with everything they think? oh also, no discussing this with others not even yer mam, and if you encounter anyone who disagrees with this stuff, report and avoid them for they are suppressive.”

    Nancy like keith is nothing but a basic usurper, and to be one of those, is to possess the dimmest light ever in a very dark soul.

    • I think it would be fascinating to study people who seem to be drawn to cults. Like what is it about Imagining there is “one true or best path” or having some secret knowledge that will make someone successful. With nxivm, from what i gather from that dateline show on it, its almost like the women who took the course were implying that its perfectly normal to want to take an empowerment or success strategy course. Like go to college, learn your craft and dont be lazy. Why look for a shortcut or direction from someone else in the first place? There are thousands of self help books out there written by ACTUALLY succesful people or just ask one. The women who were examples as having advanced very far in this program dont seem to be as successful as when they went in. And also the insane fees for these courses, how could anyone with a heart ask their friends to be so obviously scammed? It would be like me giving money to spam emails and then calling my sister to join in on the fun. If you can drop 8 grand on a week long course you are already way more successful than 95% of people on the planet, how much money do you need? Is it greed or low self esteem or maybe the group setting fills some primal tribal desire? Whatever it is these people have in common it is certain that the people who run these groups are fully aware of the type and produce programs to lure them in. I remember getting a free personality assesment at a scientology center when i was like 15 and was laughing at them and asked them if they were joking or actually insane and they threw me out as if i was a danger. They were trained it seems to avoid my “type” at all costs. Im betting it is genetic.

  • Ok, just as I’m snuggled in, I get the Nancy-video promo thing now. Keith may have —surely did — ripped off Scientology but that wouldn’t effect copyright infringement, in fact might negate NXIVM’s rights since Scientology — you say — is a rip-off of something too — perhaps in the public domain by now?

    But what Nancy DID do was switch on a recorder to bring the Scientology thing by any name “to life.” That’s proprietary isn’t it? Flipping that switch on those recorders to present, repackage an off-shoot of NXIVM. The “good” NXIVM that is, with all the good endorsement of it as Josh gushed about in the CBC trailer Frank posted.

    So, those Nancy videos. What a treasure, indeed. I think you and Nan just might get Clare to invest in this plan if you play your cards right and can maybe get her some collateral on an enemy or two, maybe. Or maybe you already have a thing or two that might keep Clare out of trouble? …Have you filed a copyright or patent claim yet on that Nancy trick?

    And is all this the reason you insist on defending Nancy and the good name of NXIVM started, you say, in fact IS owned by her in name on here?

    And ? in court last Susan Necheles insisted for Clare that, “none of her crimes have anything to do with NXIVM…per se. So, you think they can only get DOS then, financially? ?

  • Well, I must say that this piece is as strikingly well-written as it is psychotically delusional.

    Are you mildly suggesting that DOS live on — through the bright light of Nancy transferred (and skipping other inheritees like Lauren, who’s too sullied and likely to be in prison) – transferred
    straight to the burning goddess “Pimp Mack” — since all that Hitler crap gave Nancy cancer?

    Sounds like a plan ?. And there indeed have been many successful off-shoots of Scientology. Who’s financing this venture?

    Wouldn’t be the first time a complete psycho got filthy rich starting a cult – I mean self-empowerment business.

  • Yep, someone drank the koolaid. Straight from Scientology and into NXIVM? That says so much right there. Easier to lie to yourself that there was “good” than face the fact that you wasted so much of your life. That you still, even now, wish you owned some of her videos? I think you need help. Maybe outside of cults next time, though…

  • “Nancy was a beautiful soul and profound talent to bring the materials alive. Without the live video recordings she made, the group would have gone nowhere. The recordings remain a treasure, wherever they are.”

    Are you smoking Crack? The videos were repetitive nonsense. Nancy has no teaching credentials or certifications whatsoever. Your ‘God’ Keith Raniere barely graduated with a 2.2 GPA. And Nancy’s delivery of the videos was stale, limp, homely, and sleep inducing.

    Wake Up! Nancy is not your savior. Don’t replace Keith with Nancy. Instead, finally see the lies they both weaved…

    • Some people just refuse to see what’s in front of them. They so desperately want to believe they have not wasted their time in a cult. When people with low self esteem look for something or someone to fill the void, they will only see what they want to perceive to be positive. It’s the same with Islam, Hillary Clinton, the Democrats, celebrities, an abusive partner, NXIVM, a fad diet etc. They make excuses.

  • “As Nancy’s light dimmed, I suspect DOS was created in order to have “new blood” to replenish the fading light, as Nancy made perpetual amends for her life as Hitler.”

    Nancy /Salzman was not Hitler.
    That was merely one of Raniere’s mind tricks to manipulate her.

    “Allison was the new bright light successor to Nancy.”
    The only light coming from Allison Mack was the glow of the hot cauterizing tool as sadistic Allison Mack was directing Dr. Roberts to burn some poor woman’s flesh.

  • There was NO light in NXIVM – I can’t speak to Scientology which was equally evil and which has yet to be taken to task for it’s manipulations and destruction of lives. But, NXIVM? Don’t try to mend a sow’s ear with silken threads! Jesus Christ said it best and His words are more light driven and real than anything Nany, Keith or Allison could ever possess! Jesus said, “Cast not your pearls before swine” — The slaves of DOS and every single soul that interacted with Clare, Nancy, Keith Etalia were doing just that because the lowliest sex slave belonging to Keith – in SPITE of deluded state of being – carried more light inside her than Ron Hubbard, Nancy, Keith etc. (At least those who were able to get out and become sane again.)

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