Shadow State: Allison Mack is a PREDATOR who profited from her abuse of other women

Shadow State 1958, in response to Flowers comment, “The difference is that Allison was first brainwashed and victimized by a man” wrote, “Do you understand how out of touch with reality your response is?”

By Shadow State 1958

Among the vast majority of North America’s males, the branding and enslavement of women is regarded as criminal and unacceptable.

Even in NXIVM, when males discovered this practice was occurring, they left the cult in droves.

NXIVM affiliates in Vancouver, Seattle and San Francisco quickly collapsed and males led the way out the door.

You regard Allison Mack as a victim unable to take care of herself.

When Kristen Kreuk discovered sexual improprieties in NXIVM, she left.

Many of the NXIVM females were upper middle class or upper class women with resources of their own.

Even Allison was working in media up until the cult business was publicized. She was doing voice work in the Amazon Prime “Lost in OZ” cartoon.

Before you call Allison Mack a victim consider these facts:

1.) Mack drove a BMW that was a gift from Clare Bronfman.

2.) Mack had a “gorgeously decorated” apartment in Brooklyn Heights, a trendy expensive neighborhood in NYC. This apartment was also probably a payment from Clare Bronfman.

3.) Allison traveled around the world in 2017 including trips to Paris, London and Ecuador.

4.) Allison relished the title “Pimp Mack.”

Allison Mack is NOT a victim.

Allison Mack is a PREDATOR who profited from her abuse of other women.

Allison Mack’s crimes are not so much sex crimes as crimes of abuse of power.

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  • I hope she is skinned alive like all predators should be. Make no exemption or example based on sex. What she did was vainglorious exploitation with extreme contempt of life. Yes even though its possible she trafficked in children and mutilated many there will also be many detractors from factual reality.

  • Hi Shadow
    I don’t regard Allison as a victim unable to take care of herself.. (BTW , you make too many assumptions, Shadow State)
    I was replying to your remark that there was no difference between a male pimp who branded his girls and Allison.
    I beg to differ, Shadow. There is definitely a difference.

    The pimp in question recruited the girls using backpage (you should watch the documentary about backpage if you haven’t already) and forced them into prostitution . I’ve already watched this documentary months ago, so I am familiar with these crimes.

    If Allison committed the same crimes this pimp did, then I agree she should serve the same sentence he was given. Let the punishment fit the crime. But as far as I know, she didn’t do the things that he did.

    Also, when I said Allison could be considered a victim, I referred to the fact that she was first brainwashed by a cult leader, and she was blackmailed by him (forced to give collateral ) which I’m pretty sure never happened to this other pimp.

    I’m surprised you referred to this particular case, Shadow state, considering how much you Trump supporters hate John McCain, and considering how hard McCain and his wife worked to shut down backpage and the child sex trafficking ads that Backpage allowed on their site.

    • Shadow is just looking for reasons to hate her. He loves to site articles from FrankReport like they are facts but completely ignores that Frank thinks Vanguard, and not Allison, came up with the branding.

      And if he has nothing intelligent to say as a response, he’ll say something stupid, like how Allison will soon be getting abused by her cellmate in prison.

      • completely ignores that Frank thinks Vanguard, and not Allison, came up with the branding.

        The Nazis who followed Hitler’s orders still got hanged at Nuremberg.

    • I’m surprised you referred to this particular case, Shadow state, considering how much you Trump supporters hate John McCain, and considering how hard McCain and his wife worked to shut down backpage and the child sex trafficking ads that Backpage allowed on their site.

      Good Republicans loathe John McCain.
      My brother is a lobbyist who had dealings with McCain and knows how arrogant the man was.
      How when McCain got back from Vietnam the first thing he did was Dump his loyal wife for a new richer wife.

      Watch this video to learn how McCain helped Islamic terrorists butcher Syrian Christians.

  • “When Kristen Kreuk discovered sexual improprieties in NXIVM, she left.”

    Wrong. Kristin Kreuk did NOT leave NXIVM because of “sexual improprieties”.

    The Times Union expose came out February 2012, discussing Keith Raniere’s pedophilia and other crimes. Kreuk herself was named in that expose. She did not leave. She continued to coach, at least in Albany and Los Angeles for at least another year and that is a fact.

    She claims she left in 2013 but she still supported the cult at least as recently as 2015, three years after Raniere was exposed as a pedophile. This means she did not care about Keith Raniere’s sexual and criminal behaviour.

    Get your facts straight first before you post something.

    • Wrong. She was part of the Hollywood pilot process starting in March of 2012 winning the part of the Beauty and the Beast shortly after which she started working on and filming in May/June of 2012. Just because she was in a photograph in NY City in the Summer of 2012 with her boyfriend at the time and Allison Mack doesn’t mean she was still coaching NXIVM. Filming a 22 episode season of show as the lead takes enormous time throughout at least nine months of the year – 70-80 hours per week on average – and she did that for at least two full seasons from 2012-2013 and 2013-2104. The following two seasons only had 13 episodes each. Pray tell, how often was she coaching in Albany and Los Angeles for at least another year while working? Also, there is no evidence whatsoever that she still “supported” the cult as recently as 2015.

      Get your evidence straight before making baseless claims.

      • If you were not around, or don’t know anyone who was around, you are in no position to say anything. Being on television did not stop any of the NXIVM actresses from coaching before.

        • And I should just accept that some anonymous poster was supposedly around?

          First of all, I can say or do whatever I want as long as I’m willing to put up with the consequences. Second of all, I am in any position to question a claim that asserts something yet provides no evidence for it. Recycle and repeat of claims does not make them factual. And finally, no one asserted that being on TV stops a person from coaching.

      • So predictable. Stand out in the rain, you get wet. Stay up all night, be tired the next day. Don’t eat, be hungry. Don’t drink, be thirsty. Say “her” name and WHOOOSH…. Beetlejuice!!!

  • Really, An article from Shadowstate? Interesting, Shadowstate knows absolutely nothing other then what he has read here and repeated over and over as if an authority on the subject. What a joke.

  • Shadow you’re wayyy off base here. Allison never liked her name Pimp Mack she found it annoying that people called her that. Shadow you’ev done nothing but slandered Allison Mack for months now making claims she was sexual abusing children that you have no proof of whatsoever. Shadow lets not kid ourselfs the only reason why you’re gunning for Allison because how she responded to you being inlove with her by blocking you on Twitter after reading your disturbing writing towards her that she wasn’t too impressed with.

    You even went to Albany, New York to try to join NXIVM but again you were rejected by Allison on that too. So you’re not willngly to accept that Allison was both a victimizer and victim, because she drives a BMW, and traveled all over the globe around 2017?

    Not much to go on Shadow, thats fine you hate Allison and don’t really want the best for her unlike some people here.

    Honestly you need a new hobby besides typing about Allison 24/7.

    • I personally think Frank is doing a fine job Allison Mack will not ever be able to walk the streets in the U.S.A. again……Never

      • Liz:
        You should see social media from other countries.
        Foreign fans of Smallville and Ms. Mack are even more outraged by her brutality towards other women, particularly in Latino countries.

    • Did shadowperv really try to join?? Wow. It’s ironic, because he seems like the exact kind of person who would probably make a good recruit.

    • “Allison never liked her name Pimp Mack she found it annoying”
      Then Allison should stop behaving like a pimp.

      “you’ev done nothing but slandered Allison Mack”
      Telling the truth based on court documents is not slander.

      making claims she was sexual abusing children that you have no proof of whatsoever.
      Ms. Mack wrote a letter admitting to abusing her own nephew.

      “by blocking you on Twitter”
      I never wrote her on Twitter, email, text message, or snail mail

      You even went to Albany, New York
      I’ve never been to Albany, New York

      Allison traveled all over the globe around 2017
      Why did Allison travel all over the globe in 2017?
      Because she was hoping the branding scandal would cool off.
      It didn’t.

      • She may have traveled searching for potential homes for cult survivors. She just waited to long.

  • Let me add one more thing it’s fun for a woman to be ordered to have sex. The woman than can surrender all guilt. She has no choice. And her overblown sense of entitlement vanishes. She is told to have sex and she does it. Because she is a slave. So she can choose to enjoy it or not. That is the beauty of what Vanguard teaches. We have no choice to submit. We cannot choose When we have sex. But when we are summoned we can obey and choose to enjoy it. This is true glamor. And it fulfills women. Men are naturally masters and women slaves but here is the secret Vanguard alone was brave enough to teach. The man must be superior to the woman. It is better that a woman have 1/25 of a superior man than 100 pendent of a dolt. This is the very secret to the preservation of the human race. Margaret Sanger understood it. So getting back to sex on command for a woman this is not prostitution or sex trafficking this is her natural role with a man. And it so why women have rape fantasies and why they often enjoy rape and have orgasms sometimes it is the only way they can have an orgasm. And Keith teaches that orgasms are essential for a woman.

    • I can imagine that what you describe might be fun as a role-play between consenting adults. But not so much fun when there are months of collateral hanging over your head. And especially not fun when you are told to find and groom new slaves. And then you have the fun of getting tossed aside for a younger model. I don’t think I could stand all that fun.

      It is true that a woman can experience orgasm from a rape. It is an involuntary physiological reaction. But that does not mean she asked for or wanted to be raped. Geez.

    • Pea brain, you conflate male dominance and female passiveness with master/slavery. The vast majority of women absolutely do not enjoy being ordered around without respect for their free will. Most women like their male partner to be dominant because women are naturally attracted to a man who is strong and can physically handle himself. Yin/Yang and all that jazz. Of course, there are women who enjoy the dominatrix role and like to take the lead once in a while but that is a minority case.

      That is why it is puzzling to the rational mind as to why any woman would fall for VanWimp under normal conditions, but under the influence of thought reform it is easily understandable.

      • How do you choose a lovely innocent young women to be your next victim, what gives you the right ? That young women is someone’s daughter, a woman with potential you will never have, you take that from her with trickery and lies, under the guise of self empowerment. I pray the prosecutors are reading these posts, because we are the women and the mothers of the victims even if they survive the damage they will never be the same loving, trusting person they were before.

    • I think most people understand fantasy and sex games etc. Spreading STD’s knowingly what could you possible get out of that? And where does Keith get off thinking he’s the only qualified teacher, a smelly creepy soft guy- yuck. And if is . such a noble teacher why does he cut you off at a certain age, come on that’s for him not you.and the half starved look. He wants children not adults”if your that stupid you deserve each other. I’m done trying to reason with a fool like you. Thank God you have no children. Other men , men who shower and don’t steal money and lie about gambling it away out of selfish arrogance, he lost gambling and you stupid bitches believed his b’s story that the man who earned the money caused him to lose it. God I hope you were drugged and brainwashed if not your all so stupid you don’t realize decent men are good at sex too. And don’t need to abuse women to get off. Keith is the only man who knows women need orgasms . Your obviously to far gone to have a normal life so keep on wasting your life waiting for a man who will be too old to get it up if he ever gets released. I wonder what you’d think if you knew what he really thought of you. Sex toy sums up what he thinks of women.h

    • Everything you wrote is evidence-ordered to have sex. She has no choice? She is told go have sex because she is a slave? But here is the secret ‘VANGUARD we cannot choose when we have sex! Who is this superior man you had 1/25th of? Real women do not enjoy rape, it is a violation of their rights.

      • Heather:
        All of your comments are 100% on target.
        Women should hate Allison Mack for the way she prattles on about female empowerment and then tortures and enslaves them.
        Allison Mack is like the Jews who helped the Nazis murder their fellow Jews.

        And like you I hope the prosecutors do go through these comments to see how the public feels about Ms. Mack and her betrayal of women.

  • So basically she can’t be a victim because she drives a nice car and has a successful career?? What a load of crap. Megyn Kelly left her extremely high paying career at fox news because of harassment.

      • How does the smartest man in the word and one of the top 3 problem solvers convince the dumbest person in the world that he was tricked into losing 65 million dollars gambling , you idiots bought that story . He must have known he had you hooked at that point. He lost money that wasn’t his,a crime. Bronfman relatives fight to get your families money back from this piece of vomit. His mother did a number on him

    • Bullshit. Kelly’s ratings were in the shitter and the skank thought she was FOX news.

  • It’s a disgrace to give this shadow state man credit. I ageee with Scott Johnson for the first time. Allison did not like being called Pimp. She laughed when we called her madam. It was a joke. We just joked about it because we had only one client. It was just in fun.

    • The US Attorney for the Eastern District of New York does not think sex trafficking is fun.
      Sex Trafficking is a Federal felony.
      And what is a madam but a polite way of saying “pimp”?
      If Allison did not like being called “pimp” maybe it’s because the word hit too close to home.

      But maybe we should ask Catherine Oxenberg if she thinks Allison is a pimp.

    • Keep agreeing with Scotty, did you say CLIENT, YOU HAD ONE CLIENT?and he had his pick of whores.

    • The worst part is, its based on something Shadowstate said…a 60 year old nutjob who posts about Allison Mack 50 times a day.

      • The US indictment stated that Ms. Mack financially benefited from sex trafficking:

        defendants KEITH RANIERE and ALLISON MACK, together with others, did knowingly
        and intentionally recruit, entice, harbor, transport, provide, obtain, maintain, patronize and
        solicit a person, to wit: Jane Doe 5, an individual whose identity is known to the Grand Jury,
        in and affecting interstate and foreign commerce, and did benefit, financially and by
        receiving anlthing of value, from participation in a venture that engaged in such acts,
        knowing and in reckless disregard ofthe fact that means of force, threats of force, fraud and
        coercion, and a combination of such means, would be used to cause Jane Doe 5 to engage in
        one or more commercial sex acts

        Laura Darby claimed that Mack received the BMW from Clare.
        Did Clare give Mack a Beamer out of the goodness of Clare’s heart?
        And Mack apparently stayed in Paris with Sara Bronfman.
        Does Sara live in a public housing flat in Paris or does Sara live in a Parisian mansion a mansion befitting her status as a Bronfman?

        Victims don’t drive around in BMWs and go globe trotting.
        Allison Mack is NOT a victim.

        • I was not the person who originally said Clare gave Allison a BMW. I am not sure where that came from. The only thing I know about Allison’s BMW is where it is parked (it is still there by the way) and why she moved it there (the unit owners of her building were tired of it being parked on the street and not in the parking lot for her unit. (Not sure why she didnt park it in her numbered spot unless Nicki parked in that).

          From what i have cobbed together from various neighbors, Clare may have actually leased a number of vehicles for Espian business and personal use. One member came to Knox Woods with a beat up old car, after she was around a while she was driving a newer high end vehicle. That Espian was female got married and moved to another part of NY State

          So, it is possible that Allison is driving a leased by Clare BMW, I do not know for sure. Allison could own it outright. All I know is the neighbor’s said Allison’s BMW.

          • Allison seems to have used a number of cars not her own including a car owned by Jane Doe #2.
            Why is a slave loaning a car to a master?

            Doe 2 made arrangements to leave DOS. Jane Doe 2 retrieved a car that she had loaned to
            CC-1 (Allison Mack) and her cat and possessions from Clifton Park Before defecting, Jane Doe 2 also
            captured images of collateral belonging to other DOS members, including CC-2, from an
            online Drop box account, believing that she could protect the release of her own collateral by
            having other DOS members’ collateral as leverage. Jane Doe 2 officially left DOS in or
            about May 2016.
            Page 21 of 22

            I’m sure the FBI will try to sort out how Allison is now able to afford a BMW

          • Laura, do you know if Allison Mack and Nicki Clyne are broke? Like, no money whatsoever? Presumably, Allison Mack at one point was a multi-millionaire. What is her current financial situation? Does she still get royalties or did she sign them away to VanCunt? Same with Nicki Clyne. What about her royalties?

        • If you are an imbecile, now it turns out that your car and your apartment was all about the benefits you got for recruiting women you forget that they had about eight million in your account for your work as you actris your apartment even before the foundation of DOS, shadowstate1958 you only publish what you can think of to dislodge Allison but do not pay attention to the confirmed information you are like a gossiping woman talking about the account only to end the image of a woman who is already in the mud and even so you are here doing your good deed of the day

          • You’ve obviously missed a good portion of the evidence that’s been posted or may be you needed a better interpreter. Allison put herself where she’s at , use your brain cell and research what’s already confirmed about ms mack.

    • Life is strange isn’t it. A sixty year old pervert responding to a nut job whose brain is so far up her ass. Frank Report wastes bandwith here.

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