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Guest View: The Mighty Parlato Pen

This is a guest view by one of the reporters at the Precision [Bronfman] v Plyam trial in 2011. Since I publish articles critical of me, I see no reason not to publish one that praises. 

By A Reporter at the Los Angeles Trial

Hats off to Frank for exposing this attempted fraud against the justice system!

It’s apparent Frank may have made a personal sacrifice for the NXIVM victims in doing — if one looks into the details. I was a reporter covering the 2011 “Bronfman v. Plyam” trial so I know the details:

After being retained to help manage NXIVM’s bad press in 2008, starting with their bad business practices, Frank found the Bronfman’s were being ripped off on these LA real estate and other Vanfraud ventures. He investigated, retained counsel in LA and put the lis pendens on the properties that were ultimately recovered through the litigation —using the results of Frank’s investigation and excellent counsel he’d retained for them, Latham & Watkins.

Bronfman’s promised Frank a percentage commission for this effort that amounted to $1 million after he recovered the properties plus another $11 million in damages for the Bronfmans. This was the first and ONLY legal victory ever won for the Bronfman’s in all their ensuing years with NXIVM. But Vanfraud couldn’t bear to share the victory or its fruits and convinced the Bronfmans to punish Frank after his commission was paid out. Using their political clout and other corrupt NXIVM methods, including perjury, they had Frank indicted and he was forced to surrender the million he’d well earned to the Feds in NY state’s infamously corrupt Western District. It nearly ruined his life but Frank fought back with the mighty power of the pen!

Now, after spending thousands of hours literally writing for his life and hundreds of thousands on his defense, Frank stands to perhaps finally recoup that money he was wrongly accused of stealing. Meanwhile, as Frank consistently uncovers new details about NXIVM, the Eastern NY district prosecutors seem dedicated to stopping this scourge on society and the justice system seem to be finally paying attention!

NXIVM even [unsuccessfully] attempted to have Frank’s 92-year old father, a respected attorney, disbarred!

Pray that the Parlato family’s personal sacrifices will at least be rewarded with the restoration of their good name.

The pen is mightier than the sword, after all!

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