MK10ART portrait of Raniere in prison.

More superb artwork on Allison, Nicki and their devil master Keith Raniere – by MK10art

Since at least one of her works of art was banned by Instagram – and the new censorship of social media may take notice at any time and remove all her NXIVM art – I have been preserving MK10art’s brilliant works on Frank Report.

Here are her latest efforts.

mk10art – NXIVM Tarot card with Vanguard a/k/a Keith Raniere and two of his ardent followers, Allison Mack and Nicki Clyne.

[This is an exciting work – note that Allison and Nicki both have tails and are chained to the pedestal that the evil one with his toe-claws is perched on.  Note also the slight paunch on the wicked one, not unlike the paunch he sported when he put these and other women on their 800 calorie diets.]


mk10art – Rick Alan Ross speaking about cults like NXIVM.

[This is a very good likeness of Ross. His definition of brainwashing is also excellent. Whether you believe that someone can be brainwashed or not – when someone consistently acts against their own best interest and instead consistently acts in the best interest of another – there is a problem.]


mk10art –Former Nxivm member says: “‘Keith [Raniere] tried to test me once [to join DOS]… He took me on a walk with him at three in the morning and told me to lick a puddle and then run into a tree. I did lick the puddle…'” Oxenberg, Catherine ‘Captive: A Mother’s Crusade To Save Her Daughter From a Terrifying Cult’

[I know the woman who was told to lick the puddle and she looks nothing like the woman pictured. She – like many of Raniere’s targets – is an extremely attractive, intelligent woman. She will also likely be a witness against Raniere in his upcoming trial. That said, MK10art’s work here still succeeds and adds a new dimension to the Raniere tableau: That the vain one’s reflection is in the puddle and he’s enjoying not only testing her enslavement to his commands but is enjoying the personal vanity of the degradation scene by looking at himself in the reflection in the puddle as she stoops down to lick the dirty water.]

mk10art –The silence of the slug’ starring criminal Vanguard (Keith Raniere) aka Jabba and his devoted slave Allison Mack (who will be joining her master in prison soon)

[His prison cell is small-ville and here is Raniere inside it – in his prison garb – with a glimpse of the toilet he must use – within his own cell and a Mack poster on one side, a blurred pic of some other person on the other. The tormentor of thousands of women [and men] is living small. It is in hippie talk smallville. it is a small -village now within which he resides, one where he enslaves no one and is, in fact, a slave to the system – taking orders day and night. And living on hope – that he will one day emerge from his captivity and destroy those who put him there. Now, he pretends to be soft and kind. He wouldn’t harm a fly – so soft is he. The cunning one is living now on the hope that he will get out and have his chance at vengeance. Based on the charges he faces, he is MORE likely to die fasting].

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