Will half brother Matthew Bronfman visit Clare in NYC?

A Mexican reader wrote to advise me about an interesting story about NXIVM and the Bronfmans.
Hi Frank,
I have been following your website since this news of that Keith guy’s arrest. I lived many years in Mexico and know some people that went to several of Emiliano Salinas´ “talks,” but immediately left halfway through the brainwash seminar.
Anyway, have you seen this?  Thanks and keep up the great reporting!
The article above linked was evidently called into question by Snopes – to which the authors of the article call Snopes into question – doubting their role as arbiters of all truth and falsity.
Perhaps what is most interesting in the article is that, according to an image in it [see below], Clare’s [half] brother, Matthew Bronfman, lives in New York.
It is not known if the two siblings are in regular contact.  Clare has certainly helped bring disgrace to the family.
Today, Clare is confined to home arrest – at her luxury apartment in Manhattan – and wears an ankle monitor in order for her whereabouts to be monitored at all times.
She is permitted to leave her home daily for exercise, shopping, gym memberships, church etc. – for approximately 90 minutes per day. She is not permitted to communicate with most NXIVM members – but can communicate with her sister, Sara Bronfman-Igtet, and a few others.
There is no prohibition for her brother – Mathew  – who is not known to be a NXIVM member – from visiting her.  He has seven children and can bring them along too to visit Aunt Clare.
With more money than she could spend in a lifetime and no need to punish anyone, she took the path that Raniere sent her on. Her life is ruined, her reputation destroyed. Viva Executive Success!

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  • Matthew and Clare may have more in common than they thought, but he wouldn’t want to be associated with her I’m sure.
    I hope this story gets investigated, although with local law enforcement and politics controlling the situation, it’s about as likely as NXIVM getting investigated years ago.

    • Agreed. The only Bronfman that will even have contact with Clare and Sara isn’t even a Bronfman since she changed her name and moved to India.

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