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Pt. 3: Stolen Valor Vultures Invent Allegations for Profit

By Frank W. Dux

“Stolen Valor Vulture” is a moniker used by veterans to describe someone inventing or repeating allegations of stolen valor to covertly enrich themselves or their associates.  The truth or falseness of the allegation is inconsequential.

Among those combating this form of self-serving ambition, disguised as vigilantism, is Dallas Whittgenfeld, the combat award decorated former Vietnam War veteran, a two time Purple Heart medal recipient, and part of the US Special Forces that trained US Army Airborne Rangers circa 1968-1972, and a former drill Instructor.  Wittgenfeld said he took an oath to defend this country from enemies both foreign and domestic. The profound impact of his Vietnam experience impressed on him that truth that freedom is not free and must be defended on all fronts.

That includes at home where he continues to fight for Vietnam veterans – oftentimes victims of the Stolen Valor Vultures.

Whitthgenfeld’s website http://www.thisainthell.is/ (“TAH”) does regular battle with Stolen Valor Vultures.

Several of these Vultures are “Officers of the Court” who have the means to shut down a domestic Internet server through protracted legal maneuverings  By having an Internet server located in Iceland, THA evades the tactics used by the Vultures to suppress free speech.

To the chagrin of the Stolen Valor Vultures, THA fights effectively dishes out its own brand of sarcasm directed at the ringleaders. Among TAH’s targets are Mary Pauline Schantag, Gerald Homer Hight, the late Jonn Victor Lilyea, Mark Cameron Seavey, Donald Weldon Shipley Jr, Terence Brian Hoey, Joseph Kenneth Oliver, Scott Allen Hughes, Yolanda Grace Silva, James Walter Scoville, Karen Anne Jourdan, Robert Lee Blowers, Glen Carl Saunders, Neal Fletcher, John and Chuck Hardin and B.G. Burkett.

The website exposes how Stolen Valor Vultures work in concert with each other to achieve strategically aligned goals.  This group of Vultures named above are sometimes referred to as “the Schantag Express” in light of how Mary Schantag and her late husband (with their accomplices)  bullied and railroaded many veterans with fabricated evidence and testimony for their financial benefit.

Corroborating the widespread allegation that Stolen Valor Vultures profit off allegations of stolen valor is former US Navy SEAL, Don Shipley.  Shipley uses YouTube to market his Navy SEAL adventure programs.

It is alleged by THA investigators that Shipley is engaged in arms trafficking, selling “questionable firearms” without background checks to right wing extremists that his YouTube Stolen Valor theme channel attracts for him.

Stolen Valor Vulture Neal Fletcher uses “the cause” to profit through a martial arts cyber blog forum ‘Bullshido’ and, the anti-society values website and forum, Sociocide, he created.

Beginning in the 1990s and into the mid-2000s, POWnetwork, Bullshido and Sociocide, working in concert, propagated trade libel, slander and malice that enriched their owners — Fletcher and associates, like the Schantags.

Shielded by anonymity that Fletcher and his Internet venues make possible, those who engage in libel and slander operate without fear of consequences. One target of libel is Ninja book author Ashida Kim.

Kim’s closest competitor happens to be an associate of Fletcher. In deceptively trying to bolster their credibility Bullshido acts in tandem with Schantag’s POWnetwork. Together they manipulate a false perception that independent and unbiased fact checking in unrelated areas on the Internet is going on.

Former Schantag Express researcher, Bryant Bondurant, explained that in the course of investigative fact checking for the Schantags he discovered that fellow Stolen Valor Vultures were charlatans, enriching themselves off the stolen valor cause and fraud they commit.

Beginning with Fletcher, who misled others to believe his military occupational skill is military intelligence,  when, according to his US Army military service record book, the closest Fletcher got to military intelligence was to keep Humvee’s gas tanks topped off.  Bondurant says Fletcher’s military records obtained through Freedom of Information list Fletcher’s “Military Occupational Skill” as “fuel specialist”.

The Military Service Award Medal Fletcher received wasn’t for serving in combat -as he infers. But, apparently, was awarded to him for learning and teaching Windows software to fellow soldiers.  In response to the discovery, Fletcher, the Schantags and accomplices circled the wagons and turned on Bondurant. Several made threats that extended to harming his family, says Bondurant.

In response, Bondurant created the parody website Bullshito where he posts screenshots of Fletcher’s military record along with Fletcher’s misrepresentations about himself on website forum threads.

Bondurant also exposes other Stolen Valor Vultures, along with their fraud and possible criminal acts.

USMC veteran and private investigator, Sam McCloud, said discovery of tortuous acts and fraudulent stolen valor allegations are ongoing.  He created a website – Stolen Valor Vultures.  It’s worth checking out.

Both Bullshitto and Stolen Valor Vultures shined a light on this problem, but no longer exist after they apparently accomplished their goals.

Apparently, Navy Vietnam-era Veteran, attorney, David Bernath, might still be alive today if he publicized the situation going on. Instead, he depended on litigation to correct the situation.  According to Whittgenfeld, Bernath became a serious threat and, in his opinion, Bernath was murdered through sabotage of his plane by Stolen Valor Vultures.

But that is another story to be told and follows in this series.

About the author

Frank Dux

Frank William Dux (born 1956) is a martial artist and fight choreographer. Dux established his own school of ninjutsu in 1975, called "Dux Ryu Ninjutsu". An article about his exploits, which appeared in Black Belt in 1980, was the eventual inspiration for the 1988 film Bloodsport starring Jean-Claude Van Damme.


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  • It is finally refreshing to see Mr. Dux admit he has told these fantasy stories his whole life Thank God

  • Oh Dallas, I have no idea who you are talking about, give it a rest….why would I tell you anything about who I am? So you can take pictures of my wife and Son and post them all over the internet doing horrendous things? You see I’m coming directly to you, the source. I am amazed that once again you’ve identified yourself, which means in court your usual defense of “It wasn’t me, I was hacked, I’d never say and do those things” is completely null and void. Sad fact is, I never considered you guilty of stolen valor, still to this day think you aren’t. But you are guilty of being an absolute horror show of a human being….And I won’t talk about your US Naval War Veteran friend, because there is nothing to talk about. He had a 1 million dollar judgement and rammed his plane into the ground on his own accord. When the investigation comes back showing exactly that, you’ll scream along with Joe from the highest rafters that it’s the Deep State…sigh…just leave it alone dude. Like I said, if everything you say about court is true, then POST THE TRANSCRIPTS. Prove everyone wrong, and you right. That’s it, post the transcripts and I’ll join you in your quest if everyone is lying

    • Btw, anybody else find it amusing that a guy who claims others are sockpuppeting names has gone on this thread as other names….stunning really

  • In another universe I’d sympathize with the guy. I mean, look at his resume. He is a guy who proudly served his country in Vietnam and has not one, but two Purple Heart! Should he have been outed as a guy guilty of “Stolen Valor”, nah I would have passed over him. He is an old man skydiving getting his last thrills in before he meets his maker, and telling some short stories about his career, but that’s my opinion and it is what it is…but you know what ruins it for me? It’s this crap right here. He seriously is all tee’d up because he was doxxed on a website, and rather than do the honorable thing and just let it go, and watch as nobody cared in a few years and it faded…He keeps his ridiculousness. Fun fact not displayed, is his lawsuits and threats have generated exactly Zero judgements in favor of him, zero terminations in employment, and exactly zero chance of anyone ever feeing sorry for him

    In fact, all he has done is keep making sure that he is remembered for being an asshole. I bet he isn’t willing to tell you that he has faced criminal charges in two states for Cyber Harassment, the same exact thing he cries happens to him, and yet he is the only one who is ever found guilty. He also won’t mention he takes your wives and children’s pictures and places them in the most heinous, depraved memes ever imaginable. To make this even more pronounced, he is so convuluted that several Judges in several states where he was literally told to cut this very type of behavior out, are going to be really excited to see him back up to his ol’ tricks on Facebook again. Why don’t you have a peek at “Stolen Valor Con Games”

    As for Joe Cryer, he is certifiable insane. He, has been sued numerous times in Maryland, and his insinuations that he is the second coming of Christ are laughable. Along with his strange assertions, that he and Jesus share the same birthday, and that Ol’ Dallas is the second coming of John the Baptist. The Bible would be unintelligible if It WaS wRiTten LiKe ThIs
    Frank, Dallas, Joe…For the love of God go enjoy your lives. It’s too short for all this

    • Curious…within 10 mins of posting this comment, miraculously the FB page “Stolen Valor Con Games” has been unceremoniously removed….Perhaps a further admission of guilt. Thankfully, Facebook easily responds to subpoenas for who creates these pages with the User Information. Same for Dallas LRP 41 group. It can easily be traced back to the originator, despite their many claims “I’ve been hacked” between that and a good ol’ fashioned Screenshot, an Attorney with the intellegience of a field mouse can easily prove to any judge in the corresponding states where individuals have been Court Ordered to no longer continue

      • What happens if You’ve never been to jail before??..Ohh yea..hmm..hmm..2-3 hrs-TIMEserved?right??..or no?..unfortunately– Even Criminals have rights in our country..idk..smh ?

    • Hey Concerned In Bozeman, Aren’t you a little out of bounds retired Marine Colonel Eric C. Hastings ? Where did you get that “stolen valor crap”… off of the Google stolen valor vigilante con gamers on the “thisainthell.us” military kooks blog? Really Colonel..? Shame on you. Why did you leave the word “VIGILANTE” off that facebook page you are promoting. Can you show me any real evidence of real stolen valor..? Not conquered up rumors and innuendos.. .Me wearing a Bronze Star or something like that. YES or NO.. See there you go; You are actually part of the problem. You and I both know the con-artists who perpetuated my incarceration and under their bullshit perjury statements.. Now NONE of that has anything to do with Stolen Valor does it. Just you bla, bla, bla, blaaaing here on. I wish you were still in the Marines because I would have your ass court-marshalled for how you treat the troops like me. I see now how you are the founder of a NON-Profit org. just like the other stolen valor vigilante con gamers, too. Is that just a coincidence or part of the plan with this “Attorney Nowhere” hereon who we both know well. .All your slimy butt buddies have been unmasked and they hate that. THAT is what their attitude is all about.

      Now, I bet your “Warriors and Quiet Waters” fishing foundation are in the bull’s-eye starting today, because you shouldn’t be here chiding the real deal combat wounded Vietnam War Veteran Airborne Ranger LRRPs just for your entertainment, Jar-Head. That will cause heavy duty waves, splashes galore. Check around and see what others have went down with.

      Did you know, or are you complicit in the sabotage murder and conspiracy to murder of another Naval Vietnam War Veteran about a year ago. NOTICE: that the investigation by the F.A.A., the N.T.S.B. and the F.B.I. have NOT FINISHED pertaining to the sabotaged airplane crash in Bonita Springs, Florida. Those types of investigations are always over within the shortest time periods until there is proof of a murder and bad-actors. The deceased even took the perpetrators to court before he was murdered. The Florida Judge threw it out, then the murder happened just like the plaintiff described in the lawsuit. See how much trouble you are in now, right here, right now.?

      By the way, I am not John the Baptist as you promote me; but you are Jewish, right..? See what’s going on here.

      • Yeah, I’m definitely the guy you say I am, but that’s neither here or there. Dallas, I’m not saying your guilty of Stolen Valor…If you read my statement, I clearly say I wouldn’t have gone after you. It’s your actions after, that leaves me disgusted…

        • By the way, I meant to say I’m not Col. However you mentioned. Once again, I love how you fix innocent people…I am also “Attorney Nowhere” as well, so before you go slamming another innocent victim. Dallas, just go home drink your Miller Lite and have yourself a good time. Btw, why I have your attention…My absolute favorite is how you and Joe Cryer run around about transcripts this and transcripts that, than if everything you say is true then post the Court Transcripts up! Post these full Videos which exonerate you. I’ll be the first to shake your hand if everything you say is true…but I’ve got a funny feeling, it ain’t. If what you say is true, post the full unedited Court Transcripts…..I’ll wait, but I fear I’ll be waiting a very very very long time

          • P.S. I’m not Jewish…Joe, you’re a new found man of the Jewish Faith, see how your boy talks. POST THE FULL COURT TRANSCRIPTS OR SHUT UP

          • Ha, ha, ha, ha….! So you are two or three fake profiles here on Artvoice, huh. That’s funny as hell. What are you hiding from winnie? I can tell by your writing and your frivolous rantings about court and jail matters. It is like you are one of the perpetrators hereon. The invisible man or woman. 🙂 You never mention the sabotage murder of the U.S. Naval Vietnam War Veteran. Is that why you have a masked vigilante NO NAME persona going on. I think I have already splashed you out onto the concrete before. Do you work for the American Legion; in Indianapolis. What a story that is… My story…. not yours… Got that picture… An embarrassing multi-media hammer is coming your way soon; stuck to you like a tar-baby.

  • Looks like the defamation site in Iceland run by Frank Dux and Dallas Wittgenfeld, promoted in this article, has been taken down.

    Dallas recently spent time in prison for this very same thing – stalking, harassment and violation of a protection order. He just recently was released from prison and it appears has talked Frank Dux into fronting his doxing operation so he can remain a comfortable distance. The judge that oversaw Dallas’ case won’t be too happy to see him returning to his old ways.

    Dallas thought he had plausible deniability until Frank Dux stated the connection and confirmed Dallas owns that site and runs it with him.

    Now, Frank Dux is left holding the bag. That’s the problem with criminals, they don’t have loyalty and will turn on each other.

    Instead of the Kumite, Frank will be fighting in the laundry room to keep from getting violated. Can’t feel sorry for him – Frank made that choice when he teamed up with Dallas Wittgenfeld.

    Don’t be fooled by the smoke and mirrors – Frank Dux and Dallas Wittgenfeld embellished their military service and when called out they went on this huge campaign that involved stories of the CIA, FBI, the deep state of government, mythical creatures they call “stolen valor vultures” and to top it all off – the huge sums of money from profits gained by extortion.

    In truth, Frank Dux and Dallas Wittgenfeld are just a couple of two-bit con men and nobodies that can’t accept the fact that they got called out for lying about their military service. It is as simple as that. You can read all you want and take yourself on a roller coaster ride that is Frank Dux’s imagination where he can throw out some smoke and mirrors and dazzle you with cool sounding terms like “cut outs” and CIA “sheep dipping” but in the end they are just a couple of low-life street hustlers.

  • Frank-
    Shalom Brother.

    I guess We will call this Operation “Full Disclosure”. Attached is My contact information as well.

    Domestic Location:
    Joseph (Yahuseph) B. Cryer
    709 Gulf Stream Drive
    Ocean City, MD. 21842
    443 497 7371

    International Location:
    Yahuseph the Hebrew
    Mount Uvita
    Uvita, Costa Rica 60504

    “Teamwork Wins Spiritual Wars”.

    Hope the Family is well.
    Yahuseph the Hebrew

  • Dallas – Have you been drinking AGAIN? If you get thrown in jail again I’m not watching your house.

  • Dallas you just need to stop. Please stop. Can you just stay off the bottle for once, please? Call me.

  • Never before in the annuals of history have the younger rear echelon mother f——- military veterans went after the older combat disabled military veterans that went before them. Only now during the “information age” have they felt the need to splash who ever they please, just for the fun of it. Looks to me like Frank Dux has lured the flies that eat shit all day long to his own Dux shit hole here. Excuse me while I laugh. Everybody I know, knows Don Shipley is and always has been a firearms dealer and never does REAL background checks while he is operating in a State where most the assault weapons, high capacity handguns with cop-killer ammunition handguns he sells are against the law in Maryland. Anybody can buy a 22 caliber up to 50 calibers and he has been all over the internet selling them. Common knowledge, he and his wife both carry in Maryland.
    I like the part of “just Google his name”. You people are idiots. One of the modes operandi of the American stolen valor gang stalker vigilantes is the use of self-styled blogs and the Google search engines. When the valor vulturing current duty military and their Veteran civilian enablers are also splashed all over Google, they start to cry, and call foul-play, personal-roughness. The bad asses call the cops to protect themselves when cornered by their victims or process-servers. They literally run away, once I videotaped it. They hate that.
    Frank Dux, keep up the good work. I am looking forward to parts 4, 5, and 6 upcoming. I have compelling proof that the valor vigilantes have sabotage murdered a fellow Vietnam era Naval Veteran in his airplane and are under Federal investigation at this very moment.
    Meanwhile I notice that the commenters hereon are all actually use secret profiles and sound just like the internet trolls that you are writing about. Well done. I think this all would make an academy award winning Hollywood movie and begetting a journalistic “Pulitzer Prize” too.

    • Dallas – is that you John Wayne? Is this me?

      2421 PINE HILL PL
      ORANGE CITY, FL 32763
      PHONE: (386) 775-1195

      I was wondering when you were going to take a big steaming dump on Frank Dux’s article and comments area. Now we get to see you grace these pages. You can compete with Frank Dux now to see who’s kookier. Should be quite the spectacle.

    • The resume of Dallas Wittgenfeld:

      Jun 07, 2017 – Peace Order: Failure to Comply
      Mar 24, 2017 – Harassment; Course of Conduct
      Mar 23, 2017 – Obstruction of Justice/Disguise
      Mar 23, 2017 – Assault
      Aug 09, 2013 – Disorderly Intoxication
      Nov 20, 2012 – Co/Failure to Rest Animal
      May 16, 1985 – Operate Aircraft/Under Influence

    • This is Dallas Wittgenfeld commenting under the false name jonnlilyea. Jonn passed away recently. Dallas served jail time for harassment, stalking and violating a protective order when harassing the Shipley’s. He just can’t let it go. Any reasonable person would consider the above cyberstalking but notice Dallas doesn’t technically say anything bad about the Shipley’s, nor does he carry their information on his Iceland server. That’s because he doesn’t particularly like jail and washing underwear and clipping toenails because you know he was someone’s prison bee-yotch. I admire what you did for when you served this country and I’m grateful, but the tandrum that you’ve thrown and continue to do is not honorable when people legitimately questioned your claims. You could have handled all that much differently and not wasted a good portion on your life on you current pursuit.

  • Hi, Frank. Go get them, tiger. When are you coming back to visit Katy? Love to hear your stories.

  • Nice article, Frank. I couldn’t follow most of it but I’m sure you know what you’re talking about. I’m proud of you and all you do.

  • Hey there Frank. I’d like to make a couple of points that you may or may not have thought of with this article that you’ve written.

    Since you are such an advocate of Dallas Wittgenfeld and his website, how would you feel if a photoshopped version of Keira’s face was pasted on a naked body and had her swimming in a bathtub of feces? That would be an interesting conversation for you to have at the dinner table. You can always just say “Don’t worry about it. It just comes with the territory. Have I told you I have a new friend now who’s name is Dallas.”

    Dallas thinks nothing of dragging family members into his twisted world, so you seem to endorse this type of behavior.

    The second thing I’d like to point out is while some of what you say is true for Dallas’ Iceland server, he still lives in the United States. Florida to be exact. Someone would have to go through an Icelandic court/judge to get a subpoena to look into who owns the server and perhaps shut it down, but you just effectively neutered that whole process.

    What I mean by that is that if it can be established that Dallas owns that server and produces the content, it doesn’t matter where it is. You just outed your own ally as the owner of that server that attempts to defame others. He has you to thank now for making this connection.

    Maybe you, Dallas and Keira can all meet over dinner and discuss your short-sighted strategy to deflect from your lies and try and construct some grand conspiracy theory as to why the world is against you.

    I just wonder if both of them fully endorse your efforts and are fully aware of your inability to think things through. I mean, let’s be honest here — you’ve never been one to fully think through your own lies so how can you be trusted to apply effective strategic thinking to leading the charge against these mythical “stolen valor vultures” that have banded together for the specific purpose of causing malicious damage to your career while, by your suggestion, making a lot of money in the process… which is your assertion as outlined in this article.

    So, as you are leading the charge in this “fight” against this mythical enemy, make sure that the people that you’ve enlisted to fight this battle with you have the wherewithal to see it through and defend your honor through bone-headed decisions along the way.

  • Never before in the annals of history have the younger rear echelon mother f——- military veterans went after the older combat disabled military veterans that went before them. Only now during the “information age” have they felt the need to splash whomever they please, just for the fun of it. Looks to me like Frank Dux has lured the flies that eat shit all day long to his own Dux shit hole here. Excuse me while I laugh.

    Everybody knows Don Shipley Jr. (aka Shawn Boatly) is a former Blackwater mercenary and always has been a firearms dealer and never does REAL background checks while he is operating in a State where most the assault weapons, high capacity handguns with cop-killer ammunitions he sells are against the law in Maryland. Anybody “with the cash only” can buy a 22 caliber up to 50 calibers and he has been all over the internet selling them. Common knowledge, he and his wife both carry in Maryland. I have a picture of him touting for-sale ”His Box of Glocks” and filling a cardboard box full.

    I like the part of “just Google his name” here on. You people are idiots. One of the modes operandi of the American stolen valor gang stalker vigilantes is the use of self- styled blogs and the Google search engines. When the valor vulturing current duty military and their Veteran civilian enablers are also splashed all over Google, they start to cry, and call foul-play, personal-roughness. The bad asses call the cops to protect themselves when cornered by their victims or legal process-servers. They literally run away, once I video-taped it. They hate that.

    Frank Dux, keep up the good work. I am looking forward to parts 4, 5, and 6 upcoming. I have compelling proof that the valor vigilantes have sabotage murdered a fellow Vietnam era Naval Veteran in his airplane and are under Federal investigation at this very moment.
    Meanwhile, I notice that the commenters hereon are all using secret profiles and sound just like the internet trolls that you are writing about. What are those cowards afraid of. Well done, but I do not need any so-called endorsements because I stand on my own.
    I think this all would make an academy award winning Hollywood movie and begetting a journalistic “Pulitzer Prize” too.

    Now this fake profiler aka “Valkyrie” hereon chiding Frank Dux thinks she is a secret squirrel but is a well-known stolen valor vigilante gang stalker across the internet. The daughter of a deceased U.S. Army 82nd Airborne paratrooper, she is really Monique Marie Haina, and “the squeeze” and the fem mouth-piece for another infamous martial artist dreg aka named Mykel Hawke that has been fighting libel, tortuous legal battles with the Discovery Channel and their TV Star Joe Teti. They ruined his career. Do your readers see a pattern here? I see some self-serving, get over yourselves, jackasses who need to get a life.

    This 48 year old aka “Valkyrie” hereon spends most of her time in an erotica fantasy world writing R rated books and artwork in South Carolina, but she explains she is a martial arts artist also. “Blond 48 year old martial arts artist”. Really.? https://www.facebook.com/MoniqueMarieAuthorOfficialPage/

    Adults go to her erotica Youtube page, http://www.youtube.com/user/moniquemarie333/

    I have seen that fake stolen valor vigilante profiler Valkyrie is now posted up on the Iceland valor vulture expose’ web pages http://thisainthell.is/ with her real picture, real names, aka, and real contacts along with her valor vigilante gang stalker brethren. Welcome to the real-world babe.

    • None! It was done for shits and giggles.

      Oh, and to get the actual truth out.
      Frank is like a 7 year boy, trying to impress a 14 year old. This man-child wouldn’t know the truth if it knocked him out with a 72 mph kick.

      • What are u bro??.. A video game ??… Lol. Valkyrie???.. Really??..lmao…But shit i guess continue to cry out ” You this Frank– You that”…????????????? waaaahhh..????????? Slip a tampon in– ull be alright babe…lmfao ??????

  • Dear Lord! There isn’t one bit of truth in this article. Not one sentence of it is true. You better have someone throw some water on your pants. Liar liar!

  • Frank-
    Shalom. I enjoyed reading Your article.

    Everyone in Law Enforcement knows that what You have presented is Factual.

    “Truth Always Prevails”. YAHUSHUA

    Hope the Family is well.
    Yahuseph the Hebrew

  • Just think about these claims for a second…

    • Most consecutive knockouts in a single tournament – 56
    -Do the math on that. It’s impossible! In a single elimination tournament, meaning that every round halves the number of contestants remaining, if you fought 56 people, that means there’d be 7.2×10^16 people in the beginning of the tournament. For reference, that’s over 10K times the amount of the current world population!

    • Fastest knockout – 3.2 seconds
    – Ok if you’re lucky

    • Fastest punch with a knockout – .12 seconds
    – What? Since it’s in seconds, they must be measuring the knockout. Wouldn’t that, then, be the fastest knockout? 0.12 seconds! You’d still be hearing the ring of the bell or horn

    • Fastest kick with a knockout – 72 mph
    – What the fuck is this shit? You’d have to have someone there with a calibrated radar gun and they’d have to be positioned just right to measure something like that which would be exceedingly difficult with fighters constantly changing angles. You could measure something like that afterwards with video but, in what is supposed to be a highly secret fighting tournament, something tells me cameras would not be allowed.

    I mean, the your stories just break down with the smallest logic applied

  • I’m not sure what’s more funny, the fact that you, being full of shit, aligned yourself with another well-known bullshit artist or that you actually believed his bullshit! That is hilarious!

  • Some of the comments here prove my point and why this article on Stolen Valor Vultures is necessary. Some here are quick to accuse me – based on nothing but the lies of the Vultures. I debunked their lies of stolen valor by suing the Vultures and carrion feeders flew away and hid. It cost me tens of thousands of dollars to scatter and defeat the enemies of truth. Many poor veterans have not the wherewithal to go to court – which is why I am writing this series. Stay tuned for more – including how I defeated the Vultures who lied about me – by hauling them into court.

    (As for blocking anyone I don’t have any authority. The admin policy is if there is two links in a post it goes into pending awaiting the editor’s approval).

    • Frank, Let me ask you again CLEARLY – were you extorted for money when you were publicly exposed for military embellishment / Stolen Valor? You suggest this in your comments but I would like you to go on the public record and say that the Stolen Valor community extorted or tried to extort money from you. I already know the answer and I suggest if you cannot prove something then just STFU. If you were extorted for money you should have called the police and we would like the police report. Instead, you are a LIAR and have been all of your miserable life. Do something honorable for once and stop blaming others for your shortcomings. It is not honorable to LIE and that goes for military core values or the martial arts. You have no honor.

      • Frank, The very title of your article states: “Stolen Valor Vultures Invent Allegations for Profit”

        So, how did someone get money from you? How was a profit turned by exposing your military lies? Since this is the basis for your entire article, I don’t think it is too much to ask for you to show how the SVV as you call them make a profit.

        Please explain this to us, Frank. How were you swindled out of money and why didn’t you just call the police?

        It never happened because you are a LIAR. You float things out there that are false and sound conveniently horrible. I guess in an effort to protect what you think is an honorable reputation. People have known you’ve been a fake for many years. It is quite amazing that when cornered, you just can tell people that you are a LIAR and it is simple as that. No, it HAS to be that there is some huge government conspiracy to keep you out of the movies and keep your martial arts business and endorsements from thriving. I guess, all because you are the keystone to the security of the United States as we know it. If all of your CIA secrets are revealed, well, we couldn’t exist as a country. You’re delusional. Your stories are old. You make everybody yawn. You will be a LIAR until old age. You just can’t let go.

  • Military records show that Dux never ventured closer to Southeast Asia than San Diego. His only known war injury occurred when he fell off a truck he was painting in the motor pool.

    End Quote.

    • Sooo..let me get this straight…lol…Anyone can say anything — here…Frank..This is stupid– I wouldnt even be npthered by ppl sayin stuff– esp if you’ll never know them– The haters are hatin their Hatred lives– Jus look…They seem to know sooo much– how??..lol…Off other encrypt threads an sites– Therefore makin their testimonies– — A bullshit circus act — jus to try to be somebody…smh…Want to see something even more pathetic an def hilarious– Ohh ya– Come back in a month w the same Losers sayin da same thing– Duuude– its kinda like CURYIS BLOW AN DA OL SCHOOL SHOW– FLK…( FUCKIN LIL KIDS ) ?

  • The accuracy of many of Dux’s personal claims has been disputed, including his martial arts background, fighting in the “Kumite”, and prior military service. According to the Los Angeles Times, the organization that allegedly staged the Kumite had the same address as Dux’s house, and the trophy he claims to have won was bought by him at a local trophy store.[4] This was disputed by Dux, who claimed that the receipt was fabricated. He also claims that his critics are part of a conspiracy to discredit him, led by ninjutsu master Stephen K. Hayes, who Dux claims views him as a threat.[5][6]

    In 2012 Sheldon Lettich, co-writer of the film Bloodsport based on Dux’s “Kumite” claims, dismissed those claims and others Dux had made as being completely false.[7]

    End quote.

  • Someone’s a little butt hurt about being called out . Dallas the Witlessone, had a very honorable career, until he shit all over it. Now he’s just a purple pants clown. Much like Frank D’uh.

    • Sounds like someone has a bad case of fecal injection to the cranium. Promoting a drunkard, flying purple chicken clown tells me all I need to know about this twatwaffle.

  • Frank, So when these people targeted you when they questioned your military background – did they try to extort money from you? If so, why didn’t you go to the police about it? That’s illegal but this is the first I’ve heard of it happening. Can we conclude that you were a victim in this scheme to get money out of people?

  • If you are in doubt about Dallas Wittgenfeld’s track record of being incarcerated for stalking and violation of a protection order, just go to this public website for criminal records and type his name (Dallas Wittgenfeld) when you get the search box.


    Dallas Wittgenfeld is someone who Frank Dux is now endorsing — someone familiar in the tradecraft of stalking and harassment. Yet, they accuse others who do not have such criminal charges against them. Who is the victim and who is the perpetrator here? Ask yourself that.

    • Please do not attribute to me false statements or assertions.

      I make no endorsements. as none are needed.

      If you are a fair minded person then you agree letting the public perception be manipulated and managed by keeping them operating in ignorance DOES NOT serve the public interest or is patriotic. The very basis of the Stolen Valor vigilante desire to expose phonies.

      When one cannot dispute the facts even well intentioned people may be inclined in their passion pleas to protect their narrative make use of speculation, gossip and hearsay with a mixture of personal attacks and irrelevant information.

      If you find anything incorrect in my reporting than please correct it and supply two corroborative credible sources.

      • You make it difficult to reply when you block me from responding Frank Dux – as evident by the black letters in my name vs. the blue letters of someone allowed to post. I had to now use another email merely to respond… but that’s probably your point.

        So, let me get this straight – according to your logic, everything you post is correct and can be backed up by credible sources.

        OK, where is your source that says Don Shipley is involved in “arms trafficking”? Kind of misleading and disingenous, isn’t it?

        You DO make an endorsement when your entire article praises Dallas Wittgenfeld – a known liar and criminal that has served time for harassment and stalking. Stating that you don’t doesn’t make it so, but let people decide for themselves.

        Why don’t you address the heart of this matter, Frank? This is all smokescreen to detract from the fact that you have been called out for your military lies. You fail to address them head on other than some HUGE elaborate story about Halloween costumes, secret CIA sheep-dipping, and secret Medal of Honor awards. People have grown tired of taking a trip through your twisted imagination… they would much rather hear you come clean and admit that you lied about your military service.

        • FaySt, the blue/black thing only means you have a website linked with your name, not that you are or are not blocked

  • So Frank, it looks like you are teaming up with Dallas Wittgenfeld and endorsing him.

    Here’s Dallas at his finest: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HjTUeJsIcRg

    Here is some of Dallas Wittgenfeld’s other work. Endorse all of this as well?

    23 MAR 2017 – (FL) ASSAULT-MISD

    He recently spent time in prison for stalking and harassing people. I guess you are going to now learn from the master.

    • I’m just guessing that he would be NOT be happy to have his name associated with this post.

    • Is he the same Chuck Hardin that engages in Stolen Valor Vigilantism?

      Was he the Chuck Hardin that was a admin/or ranking member of Bullshido?

      Who used tortious interference is disrupting Billy Blanks livelihood and makes use of fear to subordinate false and damaging testimony?

      If not, this Chuck Hardin, unfortunately, just happens to share the same name.

      • You’ll have to ask him. Don’t you research your information before you publish it? You know, so you don’t commit libel against innocent parties?

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