What’s in a name? Is NXIVM linked to Nazism – by similar sounding names

There are some who might say that by naming mid-level supporters and members of NXIVM, such as [Name Redacted], Diana Lim, Kim Constable, Lucas Roberts, etc. that I have taken on the character of an overzealous Nazi hunter – chasing down members who want to live quiet lives — until the advent of the next Fuehrer or the reappearance of a freed Vanguard – until the wave of anti- NXIVM hysteria passes or people forget about Hitler or Raniere — or NXIVM or Nazism.
One may argue that to compare NXIVM to Nazism is unfair. Yet, I wonder if the similar sounding names is a coincidence or if Raniere chose the name itself – NXIVM – because it sounds like Nazism?
Was this his private joke?
We know he told NXIVM members they were Nazis in their past lives.
I have written  that the name NXIVM may have been based on the ancient Roman concept of Nexum – or human collateral.
Is it far-fetched to think Raniere loved that “NXIVM” pronounced with a slight German accent sounds just like “Nazism”?
He might have preferred to spell if NZIVM – only it might have been too obvious.
Here are some of Raniere’s claims:


High-ranking Nazi Officer, Herman Göering, Raniere said, was reborn as Toni Natalie.


Toni Natalie was told she was Herman Goering in her past life.

Raniere told Toni Natalie that in her past life she was high-ranking Nazi official, Herman Göering.  According to a 2006 report in Metroland, as a result of therapy sessions with Raniere, Natalie said she became convinced she was responsible for the Nazi Holocaust. One time, Natalie claims, a group of Raniere’s followers cornered her in her office.  A man placed a knife in her hand and told her that it was “the knife you killed me with.’”


Barbara Bouchey


Nazi Reinhard Heydrich.
Barbara Bouchey was identified by Raniere as Reinhard Heydrich, a high-ranking Nazi officer.  She was given the German nickname “Ya.


Nazi, Joseph Goebbels. 
Raniere claimed Ivy Nevares was an assistant to Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi Minister of Propaganda. in her past life.

Not a Nazi but a Fascist

Benito Mussolini.

Alex Betancourt

Alejandro ‘Alex’ Betancourt was identified by Raniere as Benito Mussolini, the Italian dictator, in his past life.

Betancourt has had a long-standing relationship with Emiliano Salinas – son of former Mexican president Carlos Salinas.

Was Mussolini reincarnated as Alex Betancourt?

Betancourt did not know he was Mussolini prior to Raniere telling him, sources say.
Betancourt [r] with lover Emiliano Salinas [l].
Mussolini with lover Carla Petacci.
Raniere identified Alex [l] as Mussolini. Who is Emiliano? Was he Carla Petacci – Mussolini’s lover?
Benito [Alex] and Carla [Emi]
The late Pamela Cafritz was identified by Raniere as an obscure, low-level Nazi whose name remains unknown.
Raniere taught her that despite her low Nazi status this did not excuse her from Nazi treachery. In order to atone for her crimes, she needed to be subservient to Raniere.
Naturally, a question arises: If NXIVM members were various Nazis – who was Raniere in his past life?
If his present-life followers were top Nazis, I thought it stood to reason that, in Raniere’s past life, he was their leader also.



But I was wrong. Keith identified Adolf Hitler in her past life.  It is Prefect- Nancy Salzman.

According to Raniere, Hitler was reincarnated as Nancy Salzman.Salzman is the co-founder of NXIVM. She was also the founder of Nazism – according to Raniere – in her past life.

Originally, Raniere told Salzman she was a concentration camp victim in her last life. Salzman is Jewish. But later Raniere revised his assessment and informed her that she was Hitler.

Raniere told Salzman she must atone for her crimes as Hitler by doing whatever he told her. He could help her overcome the assault on Jews she committed in her past life.

Raniere told some followers that he was a resistance fighter in his past life – a brave man who fought against Hitler – a heroic man who combated the Nazi terror and was one of the purest, most divine forces of the whole Nazi era.


I’ve had people killed for my beliefs — yes they died laughing!


















Hitler rehearsing his public speeches in front of the mirror 13















Keith Raniere








Adolf Hitler (35)







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  • Questions for Toni, Barbara, Ivy and any others whom Keith tried to convince were reincarnated Nazi’s:

    What was he trying to elicit from you? Was it a guilt trip on you? Was he encouraging others to despise or fear you? Hold you accountable?

    When did it happen? Repeatedly? After what circumstances? Was it a punishment?

    Keith was having sex with all the “Nazi” reincarnates, right?

  • Accidental political irony.
    Thanks for the laugh Just Facts.

  • IMHO Keith Raniere is an anti-Semite and, of course, a misogynist. He grew up (in part) in Suffern, NJ — where he was a minority among a community of predominately Yiddish Orthodox Jews. He talked about his anti-Semitic sentiments on rare occasions (rarely was he ever “authentic” in conversation but, early on, sometimes the mask dropped).

    This use of “Nazi Karma” that his followers were forced to work off by pleasing Keith — positing himself as some kind of Hollocaust hero reincarnate — is very disturbing. Especially considering that his partner, Nancy Salzman, her sacrificed daughters and his financier’s, the Bronfman’s, and many of the key leaders were Jewish.

    Bet a lot of good old Jewish guilt went into copping that Bronfman loot. Eh, Keith?

    Y’all have a good Yom Kipur! Do they celebrate that at MDC?

  • This is one of the best posts yet. Love the mannerism comparison between Ken to Adolf. Spot on. Ken sure was a good salesman while it lasted. Too bad his life has been suddenly cut short at 58. Stupid shit.

  • Reveal the names of all of them. Fuck them all. They had no sympathy for others, so they should not receive any themselves.

  • It’s so easy to get these crazies all riled up.
    Don’t you nuts have some other forums to troll? There must have some Q-Moron forums just waiting for your insightful input . The “Democrat’s are really baby eating demons” forum is really missing you guys right about now.

    • Flowers likes to pretend that she respects every group of people and that she’s not racist.

      But she obviously doesn’t think much of the native americans who were slaughtered and driven from their land by Canadians who wanted that land for themselves.

      Like most leftists, she’s a hypocrite.

      For instance, she protests against Israel occupying the West Bank (even though they only did so after being invaded from that territory) — yet she has no problem owning a home and/or living on land originally occupied by native americans who were brutally slaughtered and driven from their land.

      …and unlike the arabs who invaded Israel from the West Bank, the native americans never invaded Canada first.

      Somehow I don’t think Flowers gives a flying fuck about native americans.

      She seems to think she’s better than they are and that she deserves their land more than they do.

      Flowers = white nationalist movement
      Flowers = racist in disguise

      • Huh?…Owning a home in North America makes one a racist? That’s some real logic in action there!
        And how do you know I’m not native Anerican/Canadian myself? I’ve never revealed my race on this forum.

        Again, you just make such a FOOL of yourself. I’m embarrassed for you, Racist.

      • — …and unlike the arabs who invaded Israel from the West Bank, the native americans never invaded Canada first.

        This must be a joke. The entire state of Israel is built on stolen land due to the writings in some ancient book written over two thousand years ago. It was formed by British politicians bought off by Zionists and it continues paid for by politicians bought off by Zionists in the USA using American taxpayer money.

        • There is a reason all the US politicians want the endorsement of the pro-Israel lobby. Jews, despite being around 2% of the total US population run America. They run the banks, the media and Hollywood among other things. They promote liberal “causes” using divide and conquer to secure a predictable voter bloc, turning everyone against “straight white males”. Anyone who points that out is dubbed “antisemitic”. Anyone who criticizes Israel is dubbed that too. American-Israeli corruption is large scale.

    • In Internet slang, a troll is a person who starts quarrels or upsets people on the Internet to distract and sow discord by posting inflammatory and digressive, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community with the intent of provoking readers … Wikipedia

  • I am not sure if anyone has yet mentioned the similarities between NXIVM and the 1981 movie ‘Brainwash’ (also known as ‘Mystique’, ‘Circle of Power’ and ‘The Naked Weekend’…based on the non-fiction expose ‘The Pit – A Group Encounter Defiled’. The plot revolves around Executive Development Training or EDT.
    The dark origins of these twisted organizations are researched in this excellent YouTube video, (for those with limited time, start around 15:30 mins) but the whole video is really worth watching, as is all of the research by Quinn Michaels. Connections are made to the extremely dangerous hacker groups such as Cicada 3301, TheGame23, Synergy and also their links to Artificial Intelligence.

    • Yep and the Vanguard video game came out the same year. No one has the ability to see in to the future unless you can travel faster than the speed of light so I guess a human has to get their ideas from somewhere and eventually someone.

  • For a laugh, look at the Consumers Buyline promotional video with Eddie Albert. KR’s presentation skills have come a long way since them. He was stiled and awkward, in a bad Christmas sweater with a bowl haircut. I think his best line was, “It’s not all about appliances.” Frank, maybe you could post some stills from that.

    • Wrong!
      Shelby posts as Shelby and I post under the name ShadowState1958.

      Do all you NXIVM people suffer from paranoia?
      Or has Raniere infected you with his stupidity?

      • Oh bullshit. You are a world class bore and a narcissistic SOB. Of course you post under other names to praise you many bullshit posts.

        Signs and symptoms of narcissistic personality disorder and the severity of symptoms vary. People with the disorder can:

        Have an exaggerated sense of self-importance
        Have a sense of entitlement and require constant, excessive admiration
        Expect to be recognized as superior even without achievements that warrant it
        Exaggerate achievements and talents
        Be preoccupied with fantasies about success, power, brilliance, beauty or the perfect mate
        Believe they are superior and can only associate with equally special people
        Monopolize conversations and belittle or look down on people they perceive as inferior
        Expect special favors and unquestioning compliance with their expectations
        Take advantage of others to get what they want
        Have an inability or unwillingness to recognize the needs and feelings of others
        Be envious of others and believe others envy them
        Behave in an arrogant or haughty manner, coming across as conceited, boastful and pretentious

    • Seriously! Eff off! I’m not even American. I’m South African and live in Asia. Nice try, NXIVM idiots!

  • I believe in reincarnation, but it seems Keith was mistaken about the identities of these reincarnated Nazi’s. It’s apparent that the former Nazi’s are now reincarnated as Trump staff members, and thay these staff members are now openly flashing the “white power” hand signal while on TV.

    Frank is hunting Nazi’s in the wrong place.

    • No stupid the nazis were kicked out in 2016. If reincarnation is real you will come back as a rat.or a snake or more likely their fecal matter.

      • Notice Hussein stealing all the credit for president Trumps hard work, Hussein told us the manufacturing jobs not coming back, but Trump lowered the taxes and the companies even gave President Trump Credit for them coming back Hussein taxed and regulated them so hard they left. and then Hussein supported ISIS so women and children could be raped , murdered and or sold into slavery. and men were killed, Husseins legacy, supporting the sex slave trade through ISIS.

        • And now he’s of course trying to take credit for Trump’s achievements.

          So…nothing during his 8 years were his fault; he “inherited” everything from a bad, awful republican president, but now that we have a president who is actually doing positive stuff, of course it’s all due to the kenyan’s policies.

          Doesn’t work like that, bitch.

        • How about:

          If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor

          Literally completely and utterly destroying the health insurance market, causing prices for just about everyone to skyrocket exponentially.

          Literally bowing to every other world leader, prostrating himself and symbolically prostrating America before the world.

          “Spread the wealth around”

          “If I had a son, it would look like Trayvon” a literal punk thug POS with a criminal record assaulting random people.

          Economic depression is “the new normal”

          “The jobs that are gone…they aren’t coming back!”

          “What magic wand does he have?”

          And my personal favorite, leaving 4 Americans to get murdered by his terrorist brethren in Benghazi. And then LYING about what happened while literally standing in front of the still-warm bodies of our fallen. If nothing else, for Benghazi alone, he and hillary deserve to be executed.

          I fail to adequately describe the seething, raging hatred and loathing I have for this “man.” He is a disgusting, slimy, Marxist, Kenyan piece of shit. He has thermonuclear levels of arrogance and the mere sight of him spikes my blood pressure.

          I try not to think of the voters who were duped into electing him twice.

        • How about shut the fuck up and go beat off to your allie wack videos until you mercifully croak

          • My aren’t you filled with compassion and empathy.
            Just like your Vanguard.
            BTW what chemicals did Vanguard put in the potion that killed off Pam Cafritz?

  • One of the top Nazi leaders was the Storm Trooper leader Ernst Roehm.
    Roehm was openly gay and he headed up the Brown Shirt street thugs who waged war on the streets of Berlin.
    Roehm was killed by Hitler during the Night of the Long Knives” in 1934.

    Perhaps the openly bisexual Pam Cafritz would make a good reincarnated gay Ernst Roehm.

    And since there are rumors that Cafritz was murdered with some mysterious poisonous white liquid she would be a good fit for the reincarnated Roehm.
    Both were gay and were apparently murdered in a purge.

  • NXIVM needs a national anthem.
    The Nazis actually had their own national anthem called the Horst Wessel Lied.
    “Horst-Wessel-Lied” (English: “Horst Wessel Song”; pronounced [h??st ?v?sl? li?t]), also known by its opening words, “Die Fahne hoch” (“The Flag on High”), was used as the anthem of the Nazi Party (NSDAP) from 1930 to 1945.

    NXIVM needs a national anthem.
    Might I suggest Mel Brooks’ classic song “Springtime for Hitler?”
    Just change the lyrics to “Springtime for Raniere”

    • @Shadowstate:

      You have an impressive amount of knowledge on this subject – history buff, collector, a little of both?

  • Loved this post! Those pictures are hilarious and I think it would be awesome to turn those photos of him into some funny comic strip.
    Also, who cares if “nazism” isn’t a word in German? Whatever!! Eye roll! Lighten up!

  • Just because fat, stinky, and mite bitten says something doesn’t make it true. Shows how deeply someone would have to be brain washed to believe his crap. I mean first you have to believe in reincarnation and second that pervy pedo is right. How was he able to determine this? By the same criteria as his claims of East Coast judo champ, 40 yard dash record holder, smartest man in the world? Because he says so? The absurdity!

  • I don’t even know where to begin…this has got to be, one of the dumbest things I have ever read online, or at a minimum, within the top 3.

    “Nazism” is not even a word in the German language, AT ALL, Period. Germans refer to “Nazism” as “National Sozialismus” (pronounced “Nazi-O-nahl Sotseealismoos”, with long o’s). How does that sound like “Nexium, when said with a slight German accent?”

    You have not “taken on the character of an overzealous Nazi hunter”, just the character of someone who is willing to stoop to the same level as his “enemies”, (or lower) even though they’re already defeated, for the most part.

    This begs the question of motive.

    Why, Frank? Why stay in “attack mode”? What is your agenda?

    In the interest of objectivity, and for the sake of having a complete picture, the readership here has a right to know.

    • Jim, I like the Inglorious Basterds pronunciation, Natzies. I couldn’t care less how the Germans avoid the Nazi word, they are obviously ashamed and embarrassed into following the Hitler nutsack, much like Raniere’s followers were in supporting him. That’s the REAL parallel between the two organizations and organizers.

      I don’t believe in reincarnation and even if I’m wrong, I don’t believe Raniere knows the linkage. He was into it to manipulate others, nothing more, nothing less.

      Lighten up, Frank is having some fun with this creep. I enjoyed the story.

    • Since I can’t edit my post, I have to add that “Nationalsozialismus” is 1 word, not 2, as I have it spelled in the other post.

      Either way, it sounds NOTHING at all like “NXIVM”, no matter what accent you try to say it in.

      I admit that I don’t know diddly about the work a publicist does, but you do engage in a lot of idle speculation, Frank. This post, however, was really just grasping at straws…

    • Jim T., if you’re looking for objectivity, this is definitely not the place for you. This site gets more and more ridiculous by the day. Your points are completely valid, but no one on this site will care, as they are not interested in facts or details. Spewing 24/7 nonsense and idiocy is perfectly fine, provided that it follows the accepted narrative. And if you dare to question or point out that people are getting their facts wrong, you will be called a “NXIVM member” or “Allison’s Mom,” which is why I’ve taken to posting occasionally as “Allison’s Mom?” Am I actually Allison’s mom? NO! But you can’t possibly have an issue with the fact that people are being repeatedly defamed with often baseless or distorted accusations unless you’re Allison’s mom, of course! Or some other NXIVM member. Because a thinking, non-NXIVM person couldn’t possibly look at this site and see that it’s total garbage…! (Even though it obviously is.) That doesn’t fit with the reality here. No one here believes in things like “due process” or “innocent until proven guilty.”

      Good luck navigating the comments section here. Your best bet is just to ignore 99% of it, and only post occasionally when the stupidity has reached epic proportions. But don’t expect to sway anyone to your point of view, even if your point of view is only “stick to actual facts.” Sticking to facts is a radical proposition that cannot be tolerated here.


      Allison’s Mom?

      • – Because a thinking, non-NXIVM person couldn’t possibly look at this site and see that it’s total garbage…! (Even though it obviously is.) That doesn’t fit with the reality here. No one here believes in things like “due process” or “innocent until proven guilty.”

        So much irony. Frank Parlato allows an obvious NXIVM member and/or someone affiliated with and/or sympathetic to the cult or to someone who still remains in it, to post that his site is “total garbage” even thought it was the primary catalyst that led to the indictment of top members of NXIVM.

        “Due process” and “innocent until proven guilty” are principles reserved for the US judicial system which has stringent requirements for proving guilt. It doesn’t apply here.

        However, the fact that government legal authorities have gone through such a lengthy and detailed investigative process to collect evidence in order to charge many top people in NXIVM as well as extradite its leader from a foreign country, and that these same members have retained a count of lawyers approaching nearly two dozen people shows that the information that was provided here was far from “total garbage”.

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