Shadow State: Kim Constable exposed

By Shadow State 1958
On September 4, Frank Report published a story about Kim Constable of the Rainbow Cultural Gardens and her relationship with Allison Mack.
At the time I quickly looked through Constable’s Instagram feed and discovered a photo taken in a Belfast coffee shop of Constable and Mack together.
Both Constable and Mack uploaded the photo to their separate Instagram pages.  Within two days Constable purged this photo from her Instagram page.  At the time I had the premonition that Constable might do such a thing.
Erasing history.
Hiding facts and relationships.
On 9-4-2018 I downloaded this photo of Constable and Mack from Constable’s Instagram page.
I have printed out Constable’s version of the photo on hard copy in color.  Constable’s version no longer exists on the internet.
It only exists on my flash drives and on five color hard copies I sent your office in Niagara Falls. The color hard copies should arrive at your post office box by the 12th of September.  These hard copies can then be converted to digital format.  Email attachments are a means of infecting computers with viruses.
Mack’s version of the photo is still up on Instagram.  In Constable’s version, Kim Constable calls Mack her “BFF”. Moreover, Constable calls Allison Mack her best friend and uses the hashtag bestfriends4life.
Leaving aside the hyperbole, one wonders what Allison Mack, who is now an indicted sex trafficker, was doing with Constable, a woman associated with a pre-school called Rainbow Cultural Gardens.  A woman who is also friends with Sara Bronfman.  A woman who also admires Keith Raniere.

People I Admire

Humanitarian Ethics – Keith Raniere

Inspirational Female – Sara Bronfman

This is the photo presently on Keith Raniere’s website —

What was Mack doing in Belfast?  A city off the beaten tourist track in Europe. Was there money laundering or human trafficking involved?

Lastly, this Instagram photo of Allison Mack with a child, in which Mack is posing in a somewhat inappropriate gesture adds further questions about Mack’s relationships with children.
Most adults are not this familiar with children not their own.
All of these are questions for the FBI to investigate.
In support of what Shadow State has written I have heard from other sources in Belfast that Constable may have tried to recruit a teenage girl into NXIVM and at one point, there appears to have been threats and coercion. I will report more about this later.
Mack and Sara Bronfman may have had a hand in this matter as well.
For more info on Kim Constable and her business, see
She calls herself the “sculpted vegan” and sells courses on how to be a vegan bodybuilder.

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  • That was a great move. It sure shows that their watching here, she moved fast. Keep up the good work.

  • I honestly do not understand the outcry against Shadowstate. Perhaps I’m missing something. His posts. while targeted to certain individuals, are not extreme and they are informative (and FACTUAL) – perhaps he’s being followed by trolls who attempt to derail his postings because they know that this will derail the threads created, thus annoying readers who then do as they are now which is demand Shadowstate be silenced.

    • Really. Have you ever been to a party where one opinionated egotist dominates the conversation with the same bullshit?

    • There is no “outcry” against Shadow. It’s just a small handful of people with nothng better to do with their time. The same was true about the “outcry” against me, just a small handful of losers and cowards with too much time on their hands.

    • Thank you ionwhitepoetry.
      I try to back up my statements with facts.
      In many cases with facts created by the alleged perpetrators themselves.

      No one who has followed this case can deny that there have been several stories alleging improper behavior with children by Allison Mack.

      What this story demonstrates is that Ms. Mack documented her improper behavior with photographs.

      Every adult understands that you don’t touch other people’s kids.
      Apparently when it comes to kids Allison Mack has few boundaries.

      Nxivm followers and Allison Mack fans can not and will not accept that Ms. Mack engages in highly questionable behavior with children.

      My comments hit too close to home for them.

  • There have been a couple of instances reported of girls/young women from Ireland being saved from the clutches of nexium. It is all relevant whether it is Shadow writing about it or not.

    • I have not written about any girls from Ireland being rescued from NXIVM except maybe in passing.

      Frank has been receiving correspondence from some mothers in Ireland for the last two years.

      It is safe to say that NXIVM has international ambitions stretching from Mexico through the US and Canada over to Ireland the UK and Libya.
      And Sara, Kim and Allison worked on those ambitions.

  • Get rid of this fool already, Shadow has nothing better to do but to post things about Allison because she didn’t return his love for her. Shadow don’t give a damn of the women who Keith and other NXIVM have hurt but only cares about one thing, getting his revenge on Allison Mack after getting rejected by her both online and inperson too.

    • How do you explain Allison Mack’s questionable conduct with the little girl?
      Do you go up to little girls and stick your fingers in their ears?
      Allison posted that photo on Instagram in May 2016.
      Apparently Allison saw nothing wrong with it.

      Why is Allison always sticking her tongue out?
      As homage to Keith Raniere who likes to French kiss?

      • Seriously? I hope every single person in NXIVM gets their due punishment, but I call out ridiculousness where I see it. I see nothing wrong or inappropriate in the pictures that show Allison and this little girl being silly. They are simply being silly. You should see the faces I make when being silly with my kids and friends of my kids. Oh, and the whole Allison and her kankles issue is also not appropriate for this blog. Let’s keep it for the real news, not shallow comments on a woman’s body that she has no control over.

        • Wrong!
          Adults are not supposed to touch other people’s children except in special circumstances like
          delivering medical care.
          Some common sense from around the internet:

          American culture is very much “don’t touch my children!” and in America, it is inappropriate to touch a child without specific parental permission.

          ‘I’m asking society, could you stop
          touching my baby?’ Dad shares impassioned video rant aimed at strangers who feel entitled to touch other people’s children
          In a new video for his Daddy Game Proper YouTube series, Elon James White asks: ‘If you wouldn’t touch a stranger, why touch a child?’
          He explains that while he loves when others tell him his daughter is ‘adorable’, they need to keep their hands to themselves

  • Stop the ShadowState stalkers from ruining any more threads.

    Delete their comments Frank. Do it NOW!

    • Shadow’s posts relate to the blog topic (unless he is responding to stalkers) but the stalkers NEVER HAVE ANYTHING to say except juvenile insults of Shadow.
      Delete them!

      • Puhleeeeze. Shadowperv doesn’t know Kim Constable from his own asshole. He is only here because of his obsession with Allison Mack and Kristen Kruek. Limit this clown to 3 posts a day max and the Frank report will return to what it was meant to be.

    • Please censor contrary opinions, we netizens must show the world we wipe our ass with the First Amendment.

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