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Frank Dux: Responding to cowardly Don Roley – a man with much time on his hands and a wide yellow streak

By Frank Dux

An obscure man named Don Roley has been commenting on my various stories much like a heckler.

In a recent comment, he writes “So the news that Frank [Dux] is saying in private that he has challenged me but I keep ducking him is of great interest to me. If he really said it, then I can accept that challenge and we can figure out if my superior skill can overcome his physical advantage.”

Don, I think it’s fair to say I would not want to challenge a weaker, smaller man like you. For one thing, I would not want to be responsible for accidentally crippling you for life, or seriously injuring you.  From what I can tell, you know just enough of martial arts to be dangerous – to yourself.

In fact, you remind me of the kind of guy who wants to prompt a fight with a champion to get some name and fame but if I knock you out – you will probably sue me.

So, no – to answer your question – I don’t want to challenge you.  I would never forgive myself if I hurt you badly.  When I fight, I only fight worthy opponents, real fighters, not blowhards.

That said, though I do not seek to fight you – I might be willing, if you could somehow assure me that if I crippled you – not that I would do it on purpose – or God forbid – worse – that you and your family would hold me harmless.  This might require us to fight offshore where mutual combat is still legal. There was a reason that the Kumite was held offshore.

You would also have to demonstrate that I am not fighting a frail and feeble man who is just looking for name. I would need to see medical records and a doctor’s letter that you are in condition to fight.

Finally, you would have to pay for this. I am not interested in fighting an unknown, smaller guy for the mere thrill of it.  I have fought real champions like Victor Moore – so I am not sure what gain for me there would be to fight a unknown man with no known fight record – except for a substantial sum of money.

I do understand, Don, you have a lot of free time on your hands, but I don’t. I’m very busy.

So let this be my final response to you: Unless you offer me substantial money to fight [and you must place this in escrow with an attorney or escrow company ] and can somehow legally assure me that when I beat you silly, you will have no legal recourse, I cannot accept your left-handed challenge to fight.

Of course, in case you are in a position to offer me a substantial sum, I do want to assure you, if we do fight in a ring, I will do my best to merely subdue you – without injuring you.

I admit I am sincerely worried that your style [like your mouth] is so undisciplined that, in response to some unorthodox and errant kick or attempt at a wayward punch you might make, I might have to flatten you too quickly and I may not be able to pull the punch or knockout blow enough to insure you are not permanently injured.

Finally, as for a certain cowardly man named Zane Frazier – I did meet Frazier. He had with him four other guys. He acted as if he was being filmed for some promo and then out of the blue he suckered punched me with brass knuckles.

I admit it stunned me for a moment, but I got up and, as Zane well knows, I subdued him and held him down in a choke lock.

His friends tried to help him and as I dispatched them Zane ran away.  People who gathered called police and though Zane ran fast — he was not fast enough. He was arrested.

It was a good lesson on martial arts for me. I did not expect him to sucker punch me and when I subdued him and had him in a choke hold I admit I was a little angry – I could have choked him easily to death or permanent brain damage by crushing his pharynx like it was a paper straw.

I did not. I restrained my temper and let him breathe. He was crying like a little baby and I think he shit himself.

No, I hold no grudge against cowardly Frazier. You seem cast in a similar mold. Really there are many such as you. Beginners in martial arts looking to make a name for themselves and willing to cheat and stalk champions.

Still I have hope for you Don. Once you become as good with your fists and legs as you are with your mouth, you may one day be a true martial artist.

Then you will act refined like the masters and not try to provoke skilled martial artists who could knock you out in a few seconds.

Meantime, as I said before, I am quite busy, so if you cannot meet my conditions do not be surprised if I can;t find the time to respond to your blather any more.


Don Roley [r].

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Frank Dux

Frank Dux

Frank William Dux (born 1956) is a martial artist and fight choreographer. Dux established his own school of ninjutsu in 1975, called "Dux Ryu Ninjutsu". An article about his exploits, which appeared in Black Belt in 1980, was the eventual inspiration for the 1988 film Bloodsport starring Jean-Claude Van Damme.


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  • Ah Frank, your conditions are that I have to pay a lot of money to fight you. I kind of expected that you would make it so difficult that I could not comply.
    Well, I don’t have the money. You know that. So now I can tell the world that you put up such difficult conditions that no one would be able to.
    You talked about how you wanted to challenge me among your friends, but that I was ducking you. Well, I think people can read this for themselves and see who really was afraid and ducked out by making it so expensive (among other things.)

    • Don no offense but who are you that Frank Dux a champion should fight you for nothing. As for your hearsay – I doubt it is true. You’re smaller, no one knows you. You have a rather big taking mouth and you want Dux who by all accounts will beat you to fight you for free ? Why should he do it? The gain is all yours. If you last a couple of rounds you can say you went up against a champion. He gets nothing by defeating a smaller man. Why not fight someone in your own weight division. I rather think you knew all this and that’s why your talking so big. Why don’t you just challenge Donald Trump to a fight or Putin or Chuck Norris? The odds are about the same. Celebrities don’t fight with unknown amateurs no matter how loud they bark. Give it a rest. You lost this one.

      • From your first sentence you show you are wrong. Frank Dux is no champion. This attack piece proves that. He is a fraud who never fought in any death match and is scared to death of actually having to show his skill in public. I can’t raise the money he demands to face me, and he knows it. He will stay behind his computer screen throwing all the shit he can. But smart people can see right through him now. I helped prove to the world what he is.

  • I love seeing posts of martial arts “masters” acting like kids. It makes me really see the true ego of someone who thinks they are a warrior or a killer yet has never went and served their country in a capacity where they would actually be in a life or death situation. Picking on someone’s size has also shown me you haven’t been in an actual proper fight possibly ever. No refs or rings or crowds. No kumite or bullshit stuff. Have you ever been attacked? Have you ever been the attacker in real life? Have you ever worn a uniform with a countries flag on it? I barely know your story but I can assume that’s a hard no to all of those questions. Please, if people are actually looking up to you, act like a proper martial artist. I dont care if your followers expose me either like they’ve tried with several others. Unlike you, I am right here.

  • Good lord Grandpa Dux! Your such a coward, talk crap an then say you need to demonstrate this that and the other things. Your a joke Frank and it seems like your the old one left who doesn’t know it.. remember couple years back when you were in town and threatened to come kick my ass! Then you recanted an made vague threats on my life??! Shortly after you deleted it all but I did save the screen shots. You scooted oyrvof town like the coward you are. Stop playing the tough guy role and stop lying. People know your a weakling and it’s funny your making all these requests of a Don, it’s copout. Grandpa Dux needs a nap

  • Roley,

    You got your answer.

    You said your peace.

    Now is time to show you are true to your word and let it be.

    What do you say?

    End it?

    • Oh, I don’t have to ask a question for which I now have the answer for. But if you think that I am not going to crow a lot after making Frank back down in public, you must be crazy.
      I predicted exactly this dodge back in May. Take a look at about the 5:45 mark of this video while I talk about how he would make me pay him tens of thousands of dollars to face him and we’d have to do it in a place like Thailand. And yep, that is exactly the dodge he is using.
      So Frank can expect a whole lot more stuff on me talking about his lies involving the Kumite as well as the things he has been doing. This is only the start.

        • Oh man Frank, the editing is so obvious in that video. You left out all the important parts. And of course, I do have the original version up on Youtube. You cut out so much of an eight minute video that your version is only about 3 minutes. That shows desperation.

          • Well “Jack,” I just don’t happen to have 100k lying around as Frank and you know. But I am still amused by the desperation I see in the responses from you guys. Frank is in full panic mode. And it is going to get worse.

        • We are going to post up something me stuff for you Franky.. so your niave supporters can see “the real Frank Dux”

  • Hey Frankie be careful with the money bullshit, remember what happened to your circle jerk buddy ashida Kim, Don has lots of friends who will throw money at him to allow him to beat the fuck out of you

  • Stop blathering on about it, Frank. Just put up or shut up already. “Waah, waah, waah…I couldn’t possibly fight poor Don Roley, unless he offers to pay me $10 million for a fight in a country where no one can see me get my ass handed to me.” What a joke.

  • frank would have been better to keep quiet but the more he speaks the more stupid he gets, can’t believe anyone in this internet age does not know he is a fake. Can’t fight because i might accidentally kill him!..get a life idiot

  • Frank Dux is proving more and more to be the fraud and blowhard that he is.

    Notice in the age of the internet and after he has been called out that he answers fewer and fewer questions. That’s because each time he answers it becomes a part of documented history and more importantly each word that he utters limits his options. He almost never talks about his military exploits anymore other than to reiterate the same old drivel about his lawsuit with the LA Times … which was thrown out of court by the way. He points to “evidence” but he wrote a long document with self-promotional points and submitted it as “evidence” and because it was a court proceeding they had to enter it into the court record. Does not mean it was credible at all. Now he points to a document that he wrote as a court record. Very deceptive.

    Frank has NEVER won a lawsuit. Never. They were all either thrown out or he lost. But that doesn’t stop him from talking about going to court to prove his points, because it makes it sound like he had some legal victory when he did not.

    Frank Dux is a fraud and a liar. He got a little bit of traction in his youth because people didn’t know any better and gave him the benefit of the doubt. Because he was able to hood-wink a few people and had mild success before he was found out, Frank Dux now lives in the past with “Bloodsport” plastered over everything he posts on the internet and every event he attends. Heck, he’s even trying to promote bobblehead dolls on his Facebook page.

    Real men don’t play with dolls, Frank.

      • The poster that calls himself Master Woo asks “Why should he answer questions.”

        Seriously? Was that a sincere question? OK, let’s assume you were sincere and I’ll take a stab at answering it, sincerely…

        Uh, I dunno… maybe because Frank Dux WROTE THE ARTICLE and MADE HIMSELF AVAILABLE FOR QUESTIONS.

        I know, I know. It seems far fetched that someone would write an article and then have time to answer any questions about it.

        They call that “sniping” by they way – throwing something out there that is unsubstantiated and then making oneself not available to clear up obvious holes in the argument.

        I have to say that there are too many commentors here that are too over the top supportive of Frank. If anybody worships another human being that much they are either a sock puppet run by the person himself or they have serious self-esteem issues. Here is a simple test. Look up from what you are doing RIGHT NOW. No cheating. If you have wall posters in your room of Frank Dux in various fighting poses and you are not Frank Dux, you need therapy. If you are Frank Dux then it’s still creepy anyway.

  • Ok ok ok……let’s say I fight you instead. If you lose will you stop wearing shoulder pads?

    Better yet, will you vow to remove the said pads and giant sunglasses for the sacred bout?

    I am afraid of the advantage your poorly stitched flamboyant cotton yoroi will allow you. You must have worn those when you defeated Ching Lao……..I mean Chong Li.

    I will see you at the sacred octagon in Shanghai…..😆😆

  • This challenge is about honor. Not money, excuses, law or whatever. Frank Dux you should accept it and let’s see how your fighting competence is. You talked about the ability of crippling or killing Don. Wow, let’s se what can you do. It is ok an mma cage…you’ll find it everywhere…you cannot say those things like a kid….are you a warrior or a fake ninja sissy? I bet you are the second one if you refuse to stand in front of Don.

    • The sissy is Don. Hey Don why not challenge Van Damme. Call him out for playing Dux. Then challenge Madonna. I mean this is unreal why would anybody of Frank Dux ‘s stature challenge a complete unknown. Roley is just trying to get some fame and he has a small group of fellow circle jerkers with fake names as an echo chorus. Sad.

      • I may be a little confused. Did Mr Dux say that if Mr Roley were to throw an errant kick or punch that he wasnt ready for, he might accidentally hurt him badly by countering said move? That makes Mr Dux sounds more like a professional wrestler preparing for a TV show than a true martial artist.

      • The answer of Dux is childish and ridicolous. You cannot say I won’t fight you cause I will be cripple or get you injured. I don’t think Roley it is a so dangerous martial artist but he has courage and his words are quite always the truth in this type of contreversial fake ninja martial artists’s argouments. BDS showed up at one of his seminar in 4 guys. And they flee away at the end. Dux called Roley a “small guy” pretending to be superior just speaking about the physical aspect. It reminds me the kind of bully that is weak inside but try to use the apparence to scary people. But this “small guy” stand in front of you like a solid rock Frank. Dux is inside the real “small guy” on my opinion. Warriors respond to challenges with facts, not with silly words.

  • […] Anyway, aside from being a fraud, Frank is also famous for talking shit behind other people’s backs. Living in a glass house and all, he should know better…but he can’t help himself, which brings us to his feud with Don Roley. Uncle Frank and Don have been going at it for a long time, leading (predictably) to the whole “challenge” thing. Don is more than happy to accept Frank’s challenge and fight Frank. Frank, though behind the scenes he claims to want to fight Don, has pretty clearly been ducking Don’s attempts to accept and make it happen. Finally, after months and months and months (years?) of all this…Uncle Frank has “formally” responded to the whole Don Roley challenge issue in the following article: Uncle Frank Talks Shit. […]

    • I think it best to sometimes post the entire article rather than just a link. Some people might be a bit confused since it showed up as your name here, with a bit of a stub.
      Here is the article in it’s full glory.
      Uncle Frank on ducking Don Roley — This is what Falling Out of a Truck onto Your Head in the Marines will get you in Old Age
      Posted on September 16, 2018
      uncle-frankBy Lordus Sapiens — So happy not to be writing about Bohdi Sanders this morning.

      A staple in the world of martial arts fakes and frauds is the “fight challenge.” Like ten-year-olds arguing on a playground, frauds (after being exposed) always eventually seem to resort to throwing down the gauntlet and challenging their detractors to a fight to settle whatever dispute they are in. Never mind that fighting won’t do anything to make the reams of documentation and countless accounts from credible sources proving their fraud go away, somehow (in the fraud’s mind) demonstrating their readiness to defend their claims in a brawl somehow validates them. It’s juvenile behavior that points to an immature, emotionally and intellectually stunted world view. It’s also a desperation move, because the last thing the fraud really wants or expects is to have his challenge accepted. Most people shy away from a real fight, and the fraud is banking on that so they can come away from the argument able to say:

      “Blah-blah-blah is full of shit and a coward! Look at him! He said all that shit about me, but then he pussied out and wouldn’t fight me, so everything he said is a lie! I win!”

      I’ve never quite understood how the results of a challenge are supposed to somehow nullify documented facts gathered that prove someone is a fraud. I mean, people who are right about something controversial get pounded into the dirt by assholes who are wrong all the time. It doesn’t change the FACTS.

      Most of the time, the fraud stacks the deck in his favor by insisting on unrealistic conditions related to location, expenses, rules, and so on. Ashida Kim’s “$10,000.00 Challenge” is the most famous example of this (go read it, in his own words, here: Ashida’s $10,000 Challenge Requirements) and it is typically the example mimicked most often. Humorously, and famously, Ashida’s bluff was called at one point and he backed out in a blaze of vagina-inducing cowardice, but that’s a story for another article…

      Never mind that is is totally legal for two guys to meet in a gym and have a sparring match to test/prove their skills against one another (8-year-old girls do it every day in martial arts classes everywhere), the fraud typically insists on all this nonsense while claiming to (they claim) be protecting everyone involved from some sort of legal standpoint, but the truth is, it’s just a dodge, a sad way to try to save face while demonstrating they lack the courage of an 8-year-old female yellow belt going to her Saturday sparring class.

      Case in point, Frank Dux.


      Uncle Frank is a fraud. Period. There is so much undeniable, documented proof (including mountains of court documents) proving that nearly everything he has ever said about his life and martial arts exploits are pure bullshit, that anyone believing his story should have his fucking head examined. Of course, Uncle Frank has to double down on his claims, because being “Frank Dux” is all he’s got. It’s his bread and butter, his gravy train, the source of his “celebrity” and the only reason a hot chick would ever look at him, let alone fuck him…but don’t be confused by his claims.





      Anyway, aside from being a fraud, Frank is also famous for talking shit behind other people’s backs. Living in a glass house and all, he should know better…but he can’t help himself, which brings us to his feud with Don Roley. Uncle Frank and Don have been going at it for a long time, leading (predictably) to the whole “challenge” thing. Don is more than happy to accept Frank’s challenge and fight Frank. Frank, though behind the scenes he claims to want to fight Don, has pretty clearly been ducking Don’s attempts to accept and make it happen. Finally, after months and months and months (years?) of all this…Uncle Frank has “formally” responded to the whole Don Roley challenge issue in the following article: Uncle Frank Talks Shit.


      Now, I’m going to let Uncle Frank’s own words do the talking here, except to say that (1) there’s enough bullshit here to fill a corral, (2) Frank follows the Ashida Kim model pretty much to the letter by requiring (while going on and on and on about how afraid he is that he might maim/cripple/kill Roley):

      Don produce medical records/authorization showing he’s up to the task (which I doubt Dux could pass himself).
      Assurances that if Dux cripples Roley, that he won’t be sued.
      Locating the fight “offshore” like the Kumite (which never happened and never existed).
      That Roley cover all expenses.
      A big pile of money up front to make it worth Dux’s while.
      (3) Frank demonstrates that he lacks the courage of eight-year-old yellow belts everywhere by hiding behind a wall of lies to avoid concluding a challenge he initiated, (4) Frank demonstrates a remarkable ability to re-write well known history (specifically his well-documented beat-down at the hands of Zane Frazier — you can check out the Pink Man’s video on this here: The Pink Man on Dux and Zane Frazier), and (5) if you squint at Franks picture from the right angle, you will be amazed to see it transform into a festering vagina…


  • The guy that comes off as a coward here is Don Roley. He’s got nothing to lose by creating a stink. But he looks desperate and like Dux said Roley has a lot (too much) time on his hands. It’s fun to watch Roley make himself look like an ass and his friends (or maybe it is Roley himself ) crowding up the comments section with repetitive blather. And Roley is broke too. He can’t even put his money where his enormous mouth is. Keep posting Roley. It’s not the first time I’ve seen fools. But it’s still fun to watch.

    Seriously, this was a big mistake. I am sure all the sock puppets you control, the fellow members of your circle jerk and some of the guys that haven’t the brains to put down the kool-aide will continue to chime in support. But anyone normal is going to see this for what it is, a desperate attempt to raise the monetary stakes so high that Don can’t go forward. You will then claim it is because he lacks the courage, but we all can see that he is willing, and you are scared.
    Don is sharing this all over social media so his friends can have a laugh. You are now even more of a laughingstock than you were before. This may just be the beginning of the end for you Frank.
    If you had just said he was beneath you, maybe you could have gotten away with it. But this…..this just shows how desperate you are to keep up your image while you know you don’t have the abilities you claim.

  • I seen your DUX vs ROLEY fight poster over on the Las Vegas Caesar’s Palace facebook marque. Looks good.
    They are gonna make you famous man.
    Is it true that you are interested in any fight for money? Like that midget picture and you. Now that would make more money than fighting an old Jar-Head Marine, right..?
    Here on Artvoice you are coming across like, “A chihuahua barking at the lone wolf who can bight your head off”.
    All this writing looks like you are merely a sock-puppet for the stolen valor vigilante gang stalkers.
    Have they explained to you about “The Boy Spies of America” vigilantes or “The Terrible Threateners” vigilantes? Any affiliations you have with them will never let you be “A Star”.
    The origins of Stolen Valor Vigilantes in America began with the Boy Spies of America, the Terrible Threateners, the Sedition Slammers, and by far the largest of these hyper-patriotic organizations was the American Protective League, or A.P.L., which maintained a network of branches in more than 600 cities.
    Like the aforementioned groups, the A.P.L. worked to enforce patriotism and stifle dissent. Unlike these other bodies, however, the A.P.L.’s actions were carried out with the approval of the U.S. government. Indeed, with the quiet consent of the Department of Justice, the American Protective League’s 250,000 civilian members—many of whom wore official-looking badges reading “Secret Service”—undertook vigilante actions against supposedly disloyal socialists, pacifists, and immigrants. Read the book THE WEB, A Revelation of Patriotism.
    How 250,000 American Business Men Became Detectives to Help Win the War surveillance operations; raided businesses, meeting halls, and private homes in an effort to uncover pro-German sympathizers; and bullied citizens who, it was believed, were less than fully committed to the country’s war endeavors. The organization’s most notable action occurred in September 1918 when, along with local police and federal agents, thousands of A.P.L. operatives conducted a three-day “slacker raid” in New York City, resulting in the arrest and questioning of more than 75,000 suspected draft dodgers.
    The most thorough contemporary account of the A.P.L.’s wartime activities is Emerson Hough’s The Web: A Revelation of Patriotism, which was published in 1919.
    Said The New York Times in its review of the book, “There are many reasons why every man and woman in the whole country ought to know the full story of the A.P.L.’s work.
    For if they are good Americans already it will make them still better ones, will stimulate their pride and loyalty. If they are not good Americans it will put the fear of God in their hearts.”
    For a more recent history of the American Protective League:
    Joan Jensen’s The Price of Vigilance (1968) is worth investigating, as is Bill Mills’s 2013 work, THE LEAGUE: The True Story of Average Americans ON THE HUNT for WWI Spies.

    The Boy Spies of America was a children’s group organized during World War I. It was one of a dozen of extralegal vigilance organizations dedicated to volunteer spying which arose during that war.
    Members reinforced a climate of anti-German sentiment and stopped young men on the street, demanding to see their draft cards. The organization did not successfully identify any German spies.
    The boy spies of America were volunteer spies, “reinforcing a climate of anti-German sentiment.” It was a children group who volunteered spying which arose during the war.
    This organization was made for punishing American who spoke out against the war. Soon, they started going after people who spoke negatively about any part of American life.
    Does any of this sound like what you are up to ?

  • Don Roley is a buffoon. No one pays attention to him. He is known as an ass clown to the few who even heard of him. A low ranking black dragon wussed him into submission. Coward boy Donnie boy. Grow up you bore me.

    • I agree looking at his videos he is an ass clown looking for attention. I might challenge him myself to a fight and beat his ass. And I’m not even a martial artist. Just a housewife.

      • Don Roely do you want to fight me? I’m a 45 year old woman. 5’2” 110 lbs. No martial arts experience. I think it would be a fair fight. The idea of you fighting Frank Dux is laughable. I hope if he accepts you have life insurance.

        • The last person by your name died in 1946 according to a web search. You are a sock puppet. I am sure of it. So, I accept anyone named Mary Ellen DiWeese that wants to fight me. If no one that can prove they have that actual name steps forward, we can take it as proof that Frank Dux or one of his allies is using a false name to try to play games.
          And if there really is someone named Mary Ellen DiWeese that is challenging me that later regrets it before the fight, I will release them from their challenge. I don’t want to hurt a 5’2 woman with no training. But I expect that it won’t be a worry.
          This should be fun. Frank, you really messed up.

          • Kind of figured that accepting the challenge conditioned on proving that this person wasn’t a sock puppet would kind of stymie you Frank. What are you going to do now? Are you going to try to say I am so low as to fight a 45 year old 5’2″ woman when there is no proof she actually exists? Because I just took away your attempt to say that I am scared of a woman like that. Oops Frank, you really messed up again.
            Seriously, for like 8 hours there was no movement in the comment section and then 4 posts by three different names in 15 minutes and you don’t think I would suspect a sock puppet by you? Or did you not consider that I would be able to deal with it? Either way, this is standing as proof that you or one of your allies tried to use a false account to attack your critics unless a 45 year old woman that is 5’2″ and no training comes forward, proves her identity and takes credit for posting this challenge to me.

        • Let us be clear,
          Mary Ellen DiWeese is a sock puppet for Frank Dux. He is a little man that hides behind a computer, telling stories he knows are not true.
          I own him. Frank Dux is reduced to this type of attack without facing me in person. He is a very, very small man who is vicious in talk only.
          Frank is nothing but a poser who uses sock puppets. This is the proof. Mary Ellen DiWeese does not exists. She will not stand up in a court of law to prove she posted this. It was Frank Dux or one of his idiot followers that tried this idiot scheme.
          Frank is such a pathetic, little man who is afraid to face anyone in the ring. He would be an object of pity if it were not for the fact that he has an arrest record for beating the shit out of his partner in California. Such a big man to beat a woman! He tries to prove he is a man by beating the women in his life.
          And he panders to the weak that support him by playing to their desire to be more than a wife- beater. The whole lot is pathetic.
          Frank, do you think I am talking out of my ass? Then face me in Denver on April 6th at a ring in the greater Denver area. Otherwise, the world will know you are scared of what I will do to you.
          Stop hiding behind sock puppet accounts like “Mary Ellen DiWeese”. I proved she is nothing but a dodge by you. Your best efforts were used against you to show how much of a deceitful coward you really are.
          And yes, I know you are trying to tell people I was beat up by one of your students but tried to tell Facebook I was in a car accident to cover it up. Two people you told that lie to looked on FB and could tell that I never tried to say I was in a car accident. You poor pathetic little man. You drive those that call you friends into helping me if they have any honor at all.
          This is what history will remember you as, a pathetic cowardly fraud.
          I will be ready in Denver on April 6th, 2019. You will make excuses. And 20 years from now the world will remember you as the coward that was too scared to face me.

  • Don Roley has always been known as a braggart a big mouth a liar and a clown. And now he admits he is a pauper too. He’s the guy making the noise and issuing the challenges. And he expects the legendary Frank Dux hero to millions to fight this pusillanimous coward Roley. It’s beyond silly.

    • And the sock puppets controlled by Dux come out to play. Frank, you could at least make them sound more realistic. They all say the same things and sing the same praises of you.

  • Having seen this from countless other practitioners doing as you do, Mr. Dux, I would say to be careful posting these stories online. Others like you have done so to their immediate outing of the truth. Bryce Dallas, Ashida Kim, Ron Collins, they were directly influenced to do as they do because you got away with it for do long.

    Bryce Dallas even went as far as using the same story as you to found Konigun Ninjutsu.

    I beckon you to tell the truth.

  • Here is another version of the story Frank tells about his encounter with Zane Frazier. After the fight, Frank tried to sue Frazier but last, which seems very unlikely if the events went the way Frank tells it here. For that matter, in the version Frank has here, Frazier was arrested. So there would be an arrest record. I don’t think Frank is going to be able to show up that type of paperwork.

  • Hey Frank,
    I realize you are distributing an deceitfully edited video of me. But maybe you want to see my video response to this article. Enjoy!

    • Don, I don’t necessarily want to see you in the ring with Frank Dux, I would just like to see actual, authentic video of Frank Dux fighting in an actual match. He seems like Frank is… as they say in Texas… big hat, no cattle.

      • The thing is, no matter the amount raised, it is pretty clear that Frank will say it is not enough. As I detailed in the video, he has too much resting on the lie that he fought in the Kumite to risk having video of him dealing with someone like me and not do well.

        • I agree. Frank’s entire life and career has been built on lies. It’s all he has ever known. I imagine it would be difficult for him to change his ways now. Probably a reflection on how much he trusts others. Other than the occasional snide remark, most would forgive if he asked. He doesn’t trust them, too, however. Those that defended him the longest would be the most hostile, and not the ones that already know he’s lying.

          Heck, I think he could have a whole new career if he came out and told the truth. That’s how much people are willing to forgive. Instead, he is stuck on stupid.

  • You shouldn’t of posted this article Frank seriously you made yourself look weaker then you could possibly be.. I mean all the stipulations and excuses for the stipulations when you know full well you were talking crap about beating Don’s ass to your buddies like I personally have heard you talk trash like this before. Just when it appears you couldn’t possibly be more of a mess you do this and totally make things worse on yourself, I got to thank you though cause when I read this it made me laugh.. no one believes in you no one cares what lies you tell anymore you are purely for entertainment purposes, your useless otherwise. Get a grip on reality buy some viagra put it to use ( you know what I’m saying) get on a diet, and try and enjoy the last few yrs of your life man wtf is wrong with you? Other then the blatantly obvious

    • Shidoshi Frank Dux is in my opinion a good martial arts teacher.. Back in the day’s i trained in Koga Yamabushi Dux ryu ninjutsu with Jose Bermudez, Rick Tew, Jacov Bresler and others. Dux told many stories about shidoshi Senzo Tanaka and it was interesting. I do not know if it was true or not.

      We had a great time with Dux and trained, i believe in a hybrid martial art, with most of it rooted in ninjutsu.Also escrima / kali techniques were included and Ed Parker kenpo. You can see it as a martial science or mma created by Dux.

      Frank was very good with the shuriken and knew nice sword skills. We had fun during the ninja craze and beyond. Eventually i went to practise Karate Do because of moving to another state for work.

      Frank told in class that he also owned some ancient koga scrolls which i never saw. Some of the higher graded students claim they did saw those. Well many things are doubtfull, but that is also the case with Bujinkan in general i suppose.

      Some people also state that Don Roley and Dieter Dean Eichler are frauds because they attack so many martial arts pracitioners with their “Bullshit Martial Arts” group.

      Please do not challenge eachother and unite. Learn from eachother and watch some ufc together with a cup of coffee. Dean Eichler, Don Roley, Frank Dux, Ashida Kim, Irving Soto, Ron Collins together to unite, would be great.

      • Why should someone like me get together with a fraud like Frank Dux? He has slandered so many good people in his quest to put them down when they contradict his lies. I can never have anything to do with such a negative fraud like him.

  • Frank, how does it feel to be Don Roley’s bitch?
    Could you be more obvious with backing out of something your mouth put you in? I love all the sock puppets claiming to take your side. But Don already showed that one of them is false by calling your bluff. Oh, and he might not recognize who “Robert Smith” is, but I do. And as highly regarded as Robert was in the Taiji community, he is a little too dead now to be posting here.
    Don, if you are reading this, I want to point something out. You were asking if Frank ever said he challenged you and you refused. Please note that he is not denying it in this POS article. So you can keep asking for an answer. You can even assume that he challenged you. As the challenged party, you get to set the conditions, not Frank.
    If it is a matter of money, I am sure a lot of people will chip in to see Frank get shown for the fraud he is. Maybe you can’t raise a million, but a few thousand is very doable. Just make sure to not pay Frank up front and instead say that it will go to the winner. That way he actually has to show up to get the cash. If he doesn’t after agreeing, then you get all the money raised.
    Frank lives in Las Vegas. Arrange for the fight to be there. The idea of having it out of the country to avoid lawsuits in case he cripples you is a joke. The legal protections the UFC and such have are plenty to protect the winner from consequences of accidents in the ring. And we know there have been UFC events in Vegas, so there is not problem with doing it there and being covered from a legal standpoint.
    Frank, I think you just made a huge mistake that will lead to your ultimate downfall.
    Oh, and Don… Watch your back. You have already humiliated Frank with this. I would not put it past him to send people to try to burn down your house or something. You can tell from the tone of this article he is a very petty and cowardly man, the perfect type to use others to do violence against his enemies to keep himself out of danger.

    • Frank will try to ignore this. He knows he can’t win against Don Roley. And if he doesn’t win, his world collapses. But expect a lot of stuff from him as he hides behind his computer. I am serious when I warn you Don to watch your back. Frank may not get in the ring with you for fear of what you would do to him, but he is not above sending people to kill you.

  • This is sad. Back in the day, I used to have respect for Frank Dux. But this article proves to me that everything his critics say about him is true.

  • After doing my own research on ” Grand Master ” Dux, I realize he is just an out of shape delusional dumb ass. His claims have been debunked more than once, and it’s crazy how many of you still believe him! Truthfully Dux has fabricated every aspect of his life and I wouldn’t be surprised if the people defending him here, turned out to be multiple fake accounts made by Dux himself. This man is a sad loser who has always wanted to be something he never will be. If Dux is such an on sight bad ass then why wont he just fight Don? Truth be told Frazier kicked your ass, because you taunted him after stealing members from your Dojo. Now Don is somewhat taunting you, so why don’t you shut him up seeing you’re so “capable”? Dux should get Fraud tattooed across his forehead. As for Don although I’m unaware of you currently I’m 100% confident that you could beat Dux in a fight. My advice to raise the money he desperately needs in order to fight him, I would go as public as you can about challenging this fraud once and for all, because I would personally pay a great deal of money to see you beat this loser. Another funny aspect of this entire article is that Dux acts as if he’s a celebrity and is too good for Don, Wich is not the case. The only good thing that came out of Dux being born was the film Bloodsport at best and if Claude wasn’t in it I wouldn’t watch it.

  • April 6th. We have found ways to fit your reasons for the conditions, that doesn’t require me to spend 100,000 dollars without any assurance you will even show up. Get ready Frank!

  • So Frank Dux is calling Don Roley a coward, and yet he makes impossible conditions before he will get into a ring with him?
    Man up Frank and admit that you have too much to lose if Don ends up beating the crap out of you on film. Don wants this fight so bad you can almost hear his dick chomping it’s teeth. It is Frank Dux that is proving to be the one with a wide yellow streak.

  • Ah Frank, just got some screen shots of you trying to attack me in the FB group Ninja Quest.
    Again, hiding behind a computer screen? You try to say that you are too important to get in the ring with me, and yet you spend all this time with your attacks. So sad to see a little man waste his time.
    Especially since you really screwed up. You’ll be hearing more later. But it really shows you have no intelligence gathering skills, despite those lies you wrote in your piece of fiction disguised as an autobiography, “The Secret Man.”
    April 6th is coming up fast Frank, you better get yourself in shape and lose those man titties.

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