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Frank Dux: Responding to cowardly Don Roley – a man with much time on his hands and a wide yellow streak

By Frank Dux

An obscure man named Don Roley has been commenting on my various stories much like a heckler.

In a recent comment, he writes “So the news that Frank [Dux] is saying in private that he has challenged me but I keep ducking him is of great interest to me. If he really said it, then I can accept that challenge and we can figure out if my superior skill can overcome his physical advantage.”

Don, I think it’s fair to say I would not want to challenge a weaker, smaller man like you. For one thing, I would not want to be responsible for accidentally crippling you for life, or seriously injuring you.  From what I can tell, you know just enough of martial arts to be dangerous – to yourself.

In fact, you remind me of the kind of guy who wants to prompt a fight with a champion to get some name and fame but if I knock you out – you will probably sue me.

So, no – to answer your question – I don’t want to challenge you.  I would never forgive myself if I hurt you badly.  When I fight, I only fight worthy opponents, real fighters, not blowhards.

That said, though I do not seek to fight you – I might be willing, if you could somehow assure me that if I crippled you – not that I would do it on purpose – or God forbid – worse – that you and your family would hold me harmless.  This might require us to fight offshore where mutual combat is still legal. There was a reason that the Kumite was held offshore.

You would also have to demonstrate that I am not fighting a frail and feeble man who is just looking for name. I would need to see medical records and a doctor’s letter that you are in condition to fight.

Finally, you would have to pay for this. I am not interested in fighting an unknown, smaller guy for the mere thrill of it.  I have fought real champions like Victor Moore – so I am not sure what gain for me there would be to fight a unknown man with no known fight record – except for a substantial sum of money.

I do understand, Don, you have a lot of free time on your hands, but I don’t. I’m very busy.

So let this be my final response to you: Unless you offer me substantial money to fight [and you must place this in escrow with an attorney or escrow company ] and can somehow legally assure me that when I beat you silly, you will have no legal recourse, I cannot accept your left-handed challenge to fight.

Of course, in case you are in a position to offer me a substantial sum, I do want to assure you, if we do fight in a ring, I will do my best to merely subdue you – without injuring you.

I admit I am sincerely worried that your style [like your mouth] is so undisciplined that, in response to some unorthodox and errant kick or attempt at a wayward punch you might make, I might have to flatten you too quickly and I may not be able to pull the punch or knockout blow enough to insure you are not permanently injured.

Finally, as for a certain cowardly man named Zane Frazier – I did meet Frazier. He had with him four other guys. He acted as if he was being filmed for some promo and then out of the blue he suckered punched me with brass knuckles.

I admit it stunned me for a moment, but I got up and, as Zane well knows, I subdued him and held him down in a choke lock.

His friends tried to help him and as I dispatched them Zane ran away.  People who gathered called police and though Zane ran fast — he was not fast enough. He was arrested.

It was a good lesson on martial arts for me. I did not expect him to sucker punch me and when I subdued him and had him in a choke hold I admit I was a little angry – I could have choked him easily to death or permanent brain damage by crushing his pharynx like it was a paper straw.

I did not. I restrained my temper and let him breathe. He was crying like a little baby and I think he shit himself.

No, I hold no grudge against cowardly Frazier. You seem cast in a similar mold. Really there are many such as you. Beginners in martial arts looking to make a name for themselves and willing to cheat and stalk champions.

Still I have hope for you Don. Once you become as good with your fists and legs as you are with your mouth, you may one day be a true martial artist.

Then you will act refined like the masters and not try to provoke skilled martial artists who could knock you out in a few seconds.

Meantime, as I said before, I am quite busy, so if you cannot meet my conditions do not be surprised if I can;t find the time to respond to your blather any more.


Don Roley [r].

About the author

Frank Dux

Frank William Dux (born 1956) is a martial artist and fight choreographer. Dux established his own school of ninjutsu in 1975, called "Dux Ryu Ninjutsu". An article about his exploits, which appeared in Black Belt in 1980, was the eventual inspiration for the 1988 film Bloodsport starring Jean-Claude Van Damme.


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  • I ‘d be happy to fight this Frank Dux Van Damme guy but I took an oath against challenges
    I was taught by an ancient Oriental whose name was never revealed to me, my lessons took place inside a Drive In theater after hours.

    My Master still has my wallet.

  • Dux, I must say, your skill at age 90 hasn’t changed since you were in your prime… You have fought like a week 90yr old your whole pathetic silly career.

  • Don Roley and his crew are such tools. They think you can support gay marriage rights and not have tranny hour in preschools indoctrinating children in the way of spiritual death. “But…but…all they want is marriage” The cognitive dissonance in these fools is astounding.

    Next comes bestiality hour in the name of ‘tolerance’ and ‘virtue’. Oh I’m such a bigot! Don is a loser latching on to Frank Dux to try to sell his translations. And no, I’m not even a big Frank Dux fan or student, just an observer who knows petty trash talk when he sees it.

    It would be justice if Don’s kids got sex changed by counselors before he could intervene. I wonder if Don served on the USS Harvey Milk? I bet he would have been honored to fight for gays and trannies in the military and dress in pink camo. Go up against Putin and the Russians while aboard the Harvey Milk you gonna fry you loud mouthed turd.

    Hitler was right to round up the homosexuals and it was pansy jews like Don helping the gay rights scene in Berlin that were the cause of tragedy. Don and his followers support gay rights and thus tranny hour and bestiality and child molestation. These imbeciles delude themselves if they think you can have one without the other. What’s really twisted is that Don brags constantly about how much of a hero he is for supposedly putting a child molester away or harass trolled someone to suicide. No Don, you increase crimes against children, you are not a crime fighter you little gay rights ninny.

    Homosexuals are criminals it is in all credible holy books. The sword of he righteous knows to cut them down before their cancer spreads to society and infects the innocent little ones. Even a suicide bomber against homos is on a higher spiritual level then Donny McButtsex. Don is such a provocateur, such a low life trash talker and buttsex AIDS apologist. Don is a hero and role model only to mental midgets who don’t see the obvious connection between homo rights and child molestation. Sure Don, 2+2=5. Don is infected with an incurable case of liberalism and I would advise getting away from him before you catch it.

    P.S. I happen to be semitic so don’t even try that little candy ass argument that equates anti-homosexuality with anti-semitism. Hitler was right about weasels like you and you disgrace the memory of the innocent who died due to the twisted liberal ideas of ‘tolerance’ and ‘virtue’ that dimwits like you spout on about.

    Don, you sound pathetic and jealous, like an obnoxious child who just won’t shut up the way you attack Frank Dux so much. Don you are a venomous little liberal clamoring for attention. Don, justice is when your son and daughter get sex changed and hormone drugs before you know what happened.

  • Don Roley is a punk cocksucker who supports gay marriage and tranny kids hour at preschool. Don likes to virtue signal about how cool he is with faggots and how he put child molesters behind bars. WRONG. Don Roley supports child molestation by supporting homosexuality. Don is a tool and a punk and bitch, a giant tick sucking on Frank’s ass.

    • From Don Roley:

      “I am rather proud of who hates me.
      This is a follower of Frank Dux. Obviously they hate me because I want all people to be treated equally under the law and don’t hate homosexuals like they do.
      For the record, my stance is that if there are certain privileges that only spouses can get, like being admitted to a hospital room as someone lays dying, then that should extend to everyone despite their sexual orientation.
      Obviously, Frank Dux and this guy think my refusal to equate homosexuality with molesting children makes me a bad man.
      I wear the hate they direct at me like a badge of honor. I can think of few things that give me more of a warm fuzzy than knowing that homophobes like them wish me dead.
      (Oh, I blurred most of the word used as an insult to homosexuals.)
      (Most likely suspect is a guy named David Richardson, who also calls himself Dorian. He has attacked me literally hundreds of time just on that site alone under more than one name. And one of his favorite insults is to say someone is a homosexual. He probably would applaud if gays were rounded up and sent to the gas chamber.)”

      I am not a follower of Frank Dux. I have met him in Israel and was only mildly impressed. Homophobia is a rational, sane reaction to incurable diseases borne of bestiality and fecal matter. Don, would you let one of these subhumans into your dojo to trade blood and sweat with your students in the name of anti-homophobic, progressive ideals when the potential for HIV transmission is 100,000x?

      I am not David Richardson either.

      And yes Donny McButtsex, I would applaud if gays were rounded up and sent to prison camps along with the ignorant weasels like yourself who support their radioactive ideology with a kosher certificate. It is empirically proven that after giving gays the right to marriage that just a decade or so later they are in preschools around the world promoting tranny hour and sex changing kids without parental consent…All with the help of miserably ignorant social worker peons. This is murder of innocents in the attempt to justify what nature doesn’t…and only the willfully blind cannot see the obvious connection.

      Don, I don’t necessarily wish you dead, did I say that? I mostly wish that you would shut the fuck up and stop making your ridiculous harassment videos. It will be interesting to see your reaction when your son gets transitioned which maybe it is rumored is occurring now. Check the cabinet for the hormones, Donny… justice is coming for your family.

      That’s all I wish for you Don. You are a heckler, a harasser and a snitch to boot much like that little weasel Ramsey with his youtube channel, using swarms of sheeple pests to attack Dux, I have faced hecklers in MMA along with petty trash talk politicking and it makes it very hard to practice. That’s why I hate you and people like you Donny McSlanderPest. Don, you are hiding behind a mass of braindead pigs who only know to follow orders while shouting out challenges and insults. Everyone knows dueling is outlawed and the winner of a match would face prison.

      “(Oh, I blurred most of the word used as an insult to homosexuals.)” More cowardly virtue signaling of the lowest order. If you cannot call a spade a spade and censor people under the guise of ‘hate speech’, like big tech does, you really are a pansy and it shows how weak your students are if you feel you have to shield them from the word ‘faggot’. Keep smirking Don…and go check Donny Jr’s medicine cabinet. Punishment will find you…

    • Another Spin of Frank Dux . Roley and Many others have called Dux out , but Dux always says he wants some crazy amount of money. Turth is Dux never fougt a day in his life . If you know different let me know .

  • There is absolutely no record of Frank Dux fighting Victor Moore.

    This letter is so discombobulated. On one hand Dux says he won’t fight the guy and then Dux has to brag about his “so called fighting skills” then Dux says he will fight him, then he brags more of his “martial arts skills” and then says he will fight him but Don has to come up with all this money.

    If Dux was the true martial artist he thinks he is, he would have brushed all this off and said nothing. Instead, he chooses a pissing match and drops his drawers and shows the world what a little man is all about.

    Dux has been called out by Benny “the Jet” Uriqeidez. Benny managed to meet all of Dux requirements of money and time and Dux backed down with more BS. So no fight took place.

    Dux takes his place with a lot of fraud martial artist. He has lied so much he believes his lies. Lying is in his personality. One can only hope he comes to his senses but I highly doubt it. Fantasy can be fun isn’t it Frank.

  • Hello Don,
    Yes Don, you talked about me too much. You sent me behind bars for something you should never have been involved with. Now we will make your life a living hell. Your kids will pay the price for your sins. Your only hope is in honorable suicide, hara kiri. You can spare your kids the pain if you do the right thing. Bohdi Sanders, Frank Dux, David Richardson and others all stand ready to do what it takes to shut you up.
    Do the right things for your kids.

  • Your kumate is not real, you fucking jerkoff! Have you even heard of The Pinkman or Larson Halic? They, along with the rest of the world, destroyed you! You’re a sham. No veteran worth his salt would fake having a medal of Honor. You disgrace us veterans and martial artists!

  • Martial Arts Fraud and Fake

    Needless to say Don Roley isn’t the sharpest pencil in the box, especially when it comes to his status in the Bujinkan. He seems to think that what he says and does doesnt reflect on the organization, but it does. His reputation is that of a clown because of his antics, and the Bujinkan Organization is not a circus for his immature behavior. The day will come when he will have to answer for all of his misdeeds. And like sheep the BSMA group follow him blindly, frauds calling others frauds, ironically.

    Now, normally we wouldn’t make too much of this. The insults and disrespect is a normal tactic of someone who is intellectually challenged and inferior like Roley. But we draw the line when it comes to the bullying, especially when it possibly could have caused someone to commit suicide indirectly awhile ago. Roley and BSMA started out as a Anti-Predator/ Molesters in the Martia Arts movement, but eventually they lost their way and started judging everyone in the martial arts, Innocent, Bujinkan, Elderly, Alive or Dead, you name it, everyone was fair game. Now you tell us, where is the honor in that?

    Our crusade from the very beginning has been to shine a light on Roley’s foul behavior, hopefully garnering enough support along the way to shut him down. Yes our videos are comedic in nature, sometimes ridiculous even, but what better way than the “Healing power of Laughter” to draw attention to a “Virus” that is Don Roley. The dick wagging online is off the charts, and it’s simply too easy to disrespect someone on the internet like he does, when people are separated hundreds and even thousands of miles away. You have to ask yourself would he do it in person, of course not, he lacks the courage, moral turpitude and martial skill. Roley isnt that stupid, just ignorant.

    Furthermore, Roley and BSMA’s connection to racist and satanic beliefs is just another layer of negativity that needs to be addressed. Yes Roley is Jewish. I know, I know…Jewish people can’t be racists. But they can, and he is.
    More than once during Roley’s crusade, he has played the race card. By insulting martial artist of color on a regular basis, and especially historically when its come to African Warriors like “Yasuke”. You see racist folks find it very difficult to change their vernacular when expressing themselves. A simple term like “those people” just comes out as a warning flag. He will never get it.

    It wasnt enough that he went out his way to Ridicule folks outside of the Bujinkan organization, his insults knows no bounds. Even respectful martial masters like Anshu Stephen K Hayes and Doshi Richard Van Donk has been on his disrespect list. I hold these men in high regard because they have done so much for the art, and for Roley to say the things he has about them really turns my stomach. I’m sorry but I lost all respect for him after that. How is he still a Shihan in the Bujinkan??? This has to end!

    Roley, having failed at everything in life, his art, his family, his manhood, seems to be struggling mightily to shape an identity for himself by diving into Japanese culture. But they dont even want anything to do with him either. He has simply burnt to many bridges in life. BSMA group on FB is his “last stand” of sorts. If his BSMA venture fails, and It will, it’s a wrap for Roley. He will have no other recourse in life. His failures in life coming to fruition, he will most likely die alone.

    In conclusion, we call upon everyone in the Martial Arts community, even if you are not, stand up for what is right. Report Don Roley and his immoral group, “Bullshit Martial Arts” to Facebook. Together we can end the cyber-bullying and disrespect that they stand for.

    • Don Roley is a big time harasser and a low-life supporter of gay rights and the transgenderism agenda.

      By supporting gay rights, Donny Mcbuttsex supports bestiality. This is not exaggeration either, this is coming in the next decade in the name of tolerance like Donny McSlanderPest preaches.

      These are ghouls, not humans. The sword of justice will certainly find him eventually…even if that sword is the scalpel of a braindead social worker cutting his son’s nuts off before giving him female hormones. Don Jr. is getting transitioned. I see it coming as divine punishment for supporting gay rights and harassing so many people.

      Gay shills and activists in the martial arts who harass people like Don does are the scum of the earth. Dirty fucking mice. Pest. Hitler missed one.

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