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Sara Bronfman deletes Twitter account – does it portend coming indictment?

The woman who, on her Twitter bio, called herself a “World Citizen”, and who wrote she is “Working for a safer, more humane world – inside and out,” may soon be working to save herself.
Sara Bronfman has deleted her Twitter account.
This is justice — for many worked to make themselves safe from her attacks, to save themselves from her brutality – and the millions of dollars she placed in the hands of a monster named Keith Raniere.
In her ignorant, brutal, reckless “world citizenry,” she used her fortune to destroy  – to make people paupers – people who worked hard for their money – and to criminalize them – while she sat aloof and pampered herself and Tweeted vacuous drivel.
Here is a sampling of Sara Bronfman Tweets:

🙂 “Whether she wants to be a developer, a pilot, a dancer or a politician, education is the best path to a brighter future.” —


LOVE that <3 Dinner: 30 Minutes to a More Connected Family

Something to think about! 😉 “Behind the cotton wool is hidden a pattern… the whole world is a work of art… there is no Shakespeare… no Beethoven… no God; we are the words; we are the music; we are the thing itself.” Virginia Woolf

😉 Reason well from the beginning and then there will never be any need to look back with confusion and doubt. — Dalai Lama XIV

So true! RT : “For classrooms to be cultures of thinking for students, schools must be cultures of thinking for teachers”

When I was late as a teenager my father asked me: “Is your time so much more important than everybody else’s here, that you can so casually be late?”

Indeed! …We often mistake vices for virtues. Steve Jobs succeeded in spite of his cruelty, not because of it. Every great leader has flaws. What defines a truly good leader is the humility to recognize them and the courage to rise above them.

LOVE “Ppl who participate in the solution to problems don’t seem to find themselves as depressed about those problems as do people standing on the sidelines doing nothing. Hope is born of participation in hopeful solutions.” -Marianne Williamson

<3 A sense of contentment is crucial to being happy. Physical health, material wealth and friends contribute to this, but contentment governs our relations with them all.

For those who want to see more Bronfman Tweets, here is Google’s cache of her Twitter: https://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:2BDecKCyfhoJ:https://twitter.com/sarabronfman%3Flang%3Den+&cd=4&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us

Here is the Way Back Machine’s cache of more of her Tweets: https://web.archive.org/web/*/twitter.com/sarabronfman


Sylvie Lloyd moved with NXIVM husband John Fox from Albany to England.

Altogether, Sara Bronfman had some 19,900 Tweets and 2,246 followers. Most of her Tweets got zero replies, zero shares.

Sources tell Frank Report that Sara’s Twitter account was managed by Sylvie Lloyd, a longtime NXIVM member who is married to John Fox, another NXIVM member.  The couple left Albany recently, reportedly leaving the jurisdiction of US courts.

Lloyd, a citizen of the UK,  married Fox – a US citizen. It is suspected – like many NXIVM marriages – that the marriage was arranged for her to secure a green card.  With more indictments on the way, Lloyd and Fox might be seeking to avoid indictment themselves and to distance themselves from NXIVM.
NXIVM Proctors often asked students, when they did something curious, “What does it mean?”
What does it mean that Sara Bronfman deleted her Twitter Account?
Does it mean that, because her notoriety as one of the primary financiers and High Rank members [she wears the Green Sash] of a cult whose leader blackmails and brands women, she decided it might be better to lower her profile?
What did it mean when, a few years ago, she blithely signed on to numerous lawsuits and funded them?
I will never forget how Sara Bronfman changed my life.  I had recovered for her and her sister, Clare, some $26 million in real estate in Los Angeles they were being swindled out of – under the guidance of Keith Raniere.  Instead of rewarding me, as they agreed, they allowed the monster to fire me – and then reneged on their deal.  I could have tolerated the reneging, but they turned again to rend me.  Sara and Clare sought to destroy me – with perjury.
I will never forget the day I was told by FBI Agent Tom Provost  – January 4, 2012 – that Clare and Sara Bronfman filed a criminal complaint against me for fraud.  The US Attorney in the Western District of NY – doing the Bronfman sisters’ bidding – refused to listen to my side or to examine documentary evidence that showed the Bronfmans perjured themselves.
So I dug in deeper. I outlined racketeering and financial crimes – the same ones NXIVM leaders are now being charged with – back in 2015 – to the Western District – but they had no interest.  They had decided to indict me before they even began gathering evidence.
Any evidence that pointed to my innocence and Bronfman-Raniere guilt, they were not interested in hearing.  Sara sat plump in her mansions, thinking she was untouchable while paying lawyer William Savino to collaborate with Assistant US Attorney Anthony Bruce to get me indicted.
Former Assistant US Attorney Anthony M. Bruce led a grand jury to indict me for defrauding the Bronfman sisters – a charge the DOJ had to drop after Bruce retired.
Too bad the Western District would not listen to me then.  A lot of women would not have been branded and most of the sex trafficking would not have happened. There are many women, many victims who may one day hold the Western District accountable.
I had to go on the offensive in the public. The story is well known now. It has been reported in the media. Catherine Oxenberg detailed it in her best selling and riveting book “Captive.”
I wrote some 1,800 stories about the Bronfman-Raniere crime organization and finally – with the help of other people damaged by Bronfman-Raniere – the world found out.
And Clare Bronfman and Keith Raniere [and others] now face several criminal charges themselves, with more on the way. Now,  Sara may also be facing charges.
Maybe that’s why she deleted her Twitter account.
She was born with all the money she would ever need. She has six nannies to care of her two children.  She has mansions in France and England and Albany. She has a luxury apartment in New York. She never has to fly to any of them but in a private jet. Never had to work a day in her life.  Even the work of maintaining her Twitter account was done by another.
She could have been welcomed in any society of elites in the world.  Could have used her money for noble charity.  She could have afforded even to lose the $26 million I got back for her and her sister and it would not have changed her lifestyle an iota.
What she couldn’t afford was to be a follower of Raniere. No one can afford that.  That destroys everyone.
It should also be noted, that in addition to deleting her Twitter account, her website, Sarabronfman.com, is deleted – or at least walled off from the public.
When you visit, it says, “Forbidden. You don’t have permission to access/ on this server. Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.”
Snapshots of her website is still available on internet archive.
Up until recently, Sara Bronfman, on sarabronfman.com, let the world know this about herself

About me

  • Special Envoy for Humanitarian Aid
    Independent Libya foundation (ILF)
  • President
    Libyan Chamber of Commerce – United States
  • Background
    Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and Professional Coach
    Co-founder, Ethical Humanitarian Foundation
    Chair and Co-founder, World Ethical Foundations Consortium

Sara Bronfman has always genuinely been concerned for the welfare of others.
Growing up in different parts of the world brought with it unique lessons in humanity: exposure to a number of cultures and contexts would help Sara relate with people beyond race, culture, religion or socioeconomic background.

Through the years, critical formative events led to her determination to ?nd a way to make the world a safer, more humane place—speci?cally, to ?nd solutions to war, violence and injustice. This conviction fuels her path and has brought her to be involved in the business, social and humanitarian endeavors she is today.

In September 2002, after studying both in the US and abroad, interning with NFPs and NGOs and engaging in successful entrepreneurial endeavors. Sara discovered Executive Success Programs, Inc., earned the prestigious positions of Director of Humanities, Regional VP and Professional Coach. Through her training with ESP and her personal and professional development, Sara gained a deep understanding of:

  • The mind-body connection, human behavior, and human psychodynamics Language, communication, and emotions
  • Practical tools for achievement, success, goals, inspiration, and motivation
  •  Systems theory and organizational development
  • Personal and professional ethics

Sara inspired the creation of the World Ethical Foundations Consortium (WEFC), a highly directed non-pro?t initiative dedicated to furthering compassionate ethics. Their efforts garnered the support of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, among other Nobel laureates and dignitaries, for the WEFC’s initial, high pro?le events.

Today Sara is still fueled by the hopefulness and sense of purpose of her youth yet equipped with the tools and perspective to be a real catalyst for change. Having grown up in a family of change makers, Sara continues the family’s philanthropic legacy. However, while her family has typically focused on Jewish causes Sara, often together with her sister Clare, seeks to ?nd innovative, cause-oriented ways to promote the welfare of all people – supporting individuals and organizations promoting ethics, the ethical use of resources, and humanitarianism…..

I suppose it is right and fitting she took these lies about herself down, and stopped Tweeting innocuous Tweets that sound like she is a sharer in the joys and noble aspirations of a humanity she never participated in.
She may also have another decision to make. One that ties in inextricably to her money  – and her using money to buy injustice – and its corollary – to postpone justice.  Does she try for exile in France – try to buy safety in Libya – or surrender in the US, stand trial and probably go to prison – for a time?
I am pretty sure she’s moving assets offshore – rearranging trusts like her sister did with Goldman Sachs – weeks prior to her indictment.  But it may avail her nothing.  The US Attorneys Office for the Eastern District of NY, unlike the Western District of NY, is not interesting in doing the Bronfmans’ bidding.  They don’t care about her and her wealth.  The Eastern District is descending like an avalanche on Bronfman criminality. They will pluck her like they did Raniere.
Nancy Salzman has already flipped. Nancy will likely try to save herself, her daughters, Lauren and Michelle, and son-in-law, Ben Meyers. And Nancy knows a lot about Sara Bronfman.
What does it mean that Sara Bronfman deleted her Twitter account?  I think it means she’s in trouble and she knows it.
This world citizen may be a citizen of Brooklyn sooner than she would have ever thought possible a few months ago.
From heiress with everything to criminal in prison – it could happen.
Viva Executive Success!

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Frank Parlato


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  • I am looking for a browser plug-in that filters out comments from Scott Johnson. I can’t find any for Google Chrome or Firefox. Please help.

  • no one is asking WHY all these MEN are pretending to be WOMEN? As in TRANNY?

    no one? no problems with this anyone? no?????

    Every. Single. Woman. In. Nx. Was. Born. A. Man.

    Look at those JAWLINES folks…wow…..

    These MEN freak me out….all dolled up with people thinking they are women.

    I personally think that MEN pretending to be WOMEN is a HUGE factor to consider, considering the PERVERTED NATURE of these crimes and the fact that KIDS are involved..

    I’m waiting……

    • Someone who’s done much research on this was telling me that this cross-gender phenomenon happens in a lot of cults that revolve around a sole, male leader. Over time the females become more like men and vice-versa.












  • Hey Frank – Anthony Bruce was born a WOMAN. FTM TRANS! Check it out. FACT!

    Trannies trannies all of them …..no one wants to address this though? No one?

    This ENTIRE orginization is MTF and FTM but thats not a factor in anything?

    Oh wait…I guess that would blow the lid off the ENTIRE entertainment and media and government being TRANNIES!!!

    What a joke …..come on, Frank…..how about a REAL REVEAL HUH…?????

  • Sylvie Lloyd is a MAN. Straight up. All these Nxivm “women” are trans – MTF Transvestites…including Allison Mack! She was born a dude…..no one has anything to say about this fact? Tex? Shadow state? Flowers??? *crickets*…just like I thought. Chicken-shit bullshitters…..

    • .. sigh….
      So Tranny-AnnIe, I’m not sure what point you’re trying to make here, but I doubt that any of the women you mentioned are transsexuals .
      But if they were, how do you see that having an impact on this case?

  • I absolutely HATE these g-damn pretentious “do gooder” types like Sara Bronfman. Actually, I’m understating my real feelings towards them, only because “hate” is the linguistically-strongest word I can think of, to describe my animosity towards them.

    In my experience, most of them are total hypocrites, and insist that their worldview is the only acceptable train of thought, all while preaching and screeching that the rest of us “need to be open-minded” and “tolerant”.

    Whoever coined the term “Libtard” deserves a medal, because it hits the nail squarely on the head, when describing them.

    Since WDNY was presented with evidence about NXIVM’s crimes years earlier, I have to wonder if there’s any way to bring charges against some of them? In my mind, their failure in doing something about NXIVM then, enabled a lot of preventable crimes to happen in the first place, which in one sense makes them an accessory.

    I’d be interested in a reply on this from an actual attorney, not any of the armchair Perry Masons we have lurking on here.

      • Please don’t reply to my posts. I find you to be the single most annoying person on this site, and I am really not interested in reading your repetitive pseudo-intellectual regurgitations. I am asking politely, and would greatly appreciate your cooperation. Thank you.

  • I love this part of Sara’s bio; “In September 2002, after studying both in the US and abroad”. She sounds like an educated Rhodes scholar!! LOL

  • Speaking of Sara Bronfman, exactly what is her relationship to Allison Mack and Kim Constable?
    And how are all three “girls” related to the Rainbow Cultural Garden?
    And there have been tantalizing hints that the RCG recruits females for the NXIVM sex cult.
    Are those hints true?
    From the comments in Allison Mack’s Instagram feed during her visit to Belfast and Kim Constable:

    sarabronfmanLove my girls! #friendship

    How are Kim and Allison “Sara’s girls”?

    Do they work for Sara?
    And if so in what capacity do Kim and Allison work for Sara?


    • Wasn’t Sara running the Rainbow schools in Great Britain? Kim Constable was in charge of the school in Ireland and we know from Frank that Allison tried to recruit a young woman into NXIVM, probably many women. Allison also appears to have gone to Libya with Sara as well.

      • Frank has said that he’s working on a story where Sara and Allison try to compel an Irish girl to join the Rainbow Cultural Garden and come to America.

        “In support of what Shadow State has written I have heard from other sources in Belfast that Constable may have tried to recruit a teenage girl into NXIVM and at one point, there appears to have been threats and coercion. I will report more about this later.
        Mack and Sara Bronfman may have had a hand in this matter as well.”

  • Scott Scamway Johnson off his meds again.

    12 posts on a topic he knows nothing about.

    It’s 2:07pm in Plano, Texas. And Scott Johnson is still an unemployed loser mooching off his wife and sitting on the couch all day long

    • Does this have anything to do with the subject matter of the post? Are you in fifth grade? If so, don’t you have homework to do?

  • Frank’s story deserves its own take, IMHO. NXIVM’s pattern of not only suing but getting criminal indictments by any means against anyone who just might someday become a problem for
    them — expose NXIVM’s criminal activities — is a huge part of how they were able to get away with it for so long.

    In some cases, I believe, they went even further to discredit and silence possible detractors or would-be whistle blowers — driving them to suicide, madness — perhaps even plotting to or committing murders.

    They also made handy scapegoats out of any “black sheep” in their midst.

    Gotta give Frank props for “flipping” it all right back on their heads — DIRECT!

  • Were all those orgs Sara tweeted about founding and heading NXIVM subsidiaries? Was she involved with Rainbow Culture Garden?

    Thought I saw a comment from Sara Bronfman on a pic of Kim Constable and Allison Mack, where Sara refers to the two of them as: “My Girls!”

    (Can’t relocate it — think it was the same pic Shadow or Scott said he sent Frank? Only posted on one of Mack’s, not Constable’s pages.).

    • You’re probably right, Scott.
      I just remembered that it takes 30 days to fully delete a twitter account, so the information is still available if investigators think there’s anything of value there.

      • BINGO!

        The FBI has 30 days to act to preserve the evidence.
        The clock started on September 14th Paris time.

        And deleting social media to obstruct justice is a potential crime.

        • “Deleting” anything on a computer, or website doesn’t actually permanently destroy it. It simply removes the references pointing to the information.

          In simple English, they can still get the content of her Twatter account if they need it.

          • Yep. The three stooges that posted before you know as much about the law as a turd swirling the bowl

  • Frank — every now & then you write an exceptionally good article. This is one of those times. Enjoyed it tremendously.

  • Compared to the records already collected and one or more NXIVM members flipping, I doubt a twitter account would add much. Also, she probably did it after being advised to do so from one or more of her lawyers before being indicted to beat that charge.

  • Clare has always seemed like the elder of the two, definitely the leader. Sara doesn’t seem to have any original thoughts . Her posts are repeats someone else wrote. But her willingness to go along with any evil plan KAR and Clare came up and help pay for it make her culpable . It’s a shame there are two children who will pay the price. I hope someone kept copies of her accounts while they were active. Just my opinion.

  • Awwww… Poor Sylvie Lloyd, not really.

    Vindication to those of us attacked by trolls saying how would we know Sylvie Lloyd was operating Sara Bronfman’s Twitter account. Thanks for that, Frank.

    Looks like maybe the former nanny is going to have two more kids to raise while their mother deservedly goes to jail in the US.

  • Please contact Omar Rosales right away.
    I have sent Omar an email about Sara’s deletion of her Twitter account.

    Please tell Omar that Sara’s deletion of over 19,000 Tweets amassed over 9 years could be considered OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE and a serious crime.

    Shadow State 1958

    • Yes, that’s why I want to know if Sara has been officially served with Omar’s lawsuit. If she deleted the account after being served, that could be an issue.

      • Omar contacted me by email.
        Yes, Sara knows about the lawsuit.
        And there are ways for the FBI to preserve the social media.

        And deleting social media to destroy evidence is a potential crime.
        Sara won’t get away with it.

        • Shadow, do you know if she has been officially, legally served? Omar should know this. It’s more important than whether or not she “knows” about the lawsuit.

          • She’s been served.

            And even if she just heard about it through the media she knows about the lawsuit and her act of deleting the information is a deliberate attempt to commit obstruction of justice.

            Sara B. is going down.

        • Shadow, thanks so much for contacting Omar and letting us know what he said.

          The plot thickens.

    • Do we know if the account was deleted by Sara, or if it was closed by investigators? I believe that if a twitter account is deleted, all the information is lost, but I have found that some tweet’s from deleted accounts are sometimes saved under hashtags elsewhere.

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