More Brilliant NXIVM artwork from MK10ART

In an ongoing effort to preserve copies of MK10ART – since at least one picture was summarily removed by Instagram – Frank Report is proud to post several more of this brilliant artist’s NXIVM works.


Nxivm  Frankreport. com

[Kristin Kreuk claimed to know nothing – yet how did she not know about allegations of pedophilia?]

Nxivm  Frankreport. com

[The years passed and so many defendants said NXIVM was dangerous and nobody believed them. Now High Rank NXIVM members are defendants and the DOJ Eastern District of NY says they are indeed dangerous. There is a huge story behind the manipulation of the legal system by Bronfman dollars yet to be told.]

Nxivm Mission statement

[A scene from the trial.]

Keith Raniere (Vanguard) Ultimate Dreams Realized chart.

Compare this with the chart Raniere made for Toni Natalie [below].




Keith Raniere #vanguard How he sprained his arm in jail.

[Judo champ thrown on his keister by inmate stealing his food.]


“How did you do it Keith? How did you get hundreds of women to spread their legs for you?” Keith Raniere in therapy


Keith Raniere in therapy


Keith Raniere in therapy


My personal favorite — Legatus suffering in her lonely luxury apartment home detention.

Clare Bronfman of NXIVM


#nxivm #Nxivm #clarebronfman#keithraniere #cult #morsecode


#Nxivm #clarebronfman #nxivm#keithraniere #cult


The slug’s public enemy numero uno

Catherine Oxenberg was an avenging angel – or did she channel St. Michael?

St Michael destroys NXIVM


MK10ART can also do some striking portraits that to me are better than photographs in capturing the true bestiality, carnality, depravity, and stupidity of followers of Keith Raniere.

#nxivm Legatus


Allison Mack aka ‘Pimp Mack’ for NXIVM Vanguard aka Keith Raniere

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  • Kristin Kreuk knew about the pedophilia. She was named in the same Times Union expose that exposed Keith Raniere’s pedophilia. Kreuk did not leave the cult. Kreuk did not stop coaching for the cult. Kreuk claims she “left” in 2013 yet she was definitely still a supporter of the cult years later. Kreuk, as a coach would of told people to ignore all the pedophile stuff. That the critics and even the accusers were “suppressives”.

  • Some of this stuff is pretty tasteless including people not involved in DoS and makes even the whistleblowers look a bit weird

  • Nice comics and I particularly like the last 2 portraits posted. Generally the porportiobs are congruent but the artistry in the likeness of facial expression and rhythm if ccrosshatching renders a strange darkness among the brightness of the image, reflecting the inner contradiction all these “ethical” hypocrites

  • Just brilliant! I love how keith’s foot turns in on the last plate of ‘commissary day’, and the velcro plimsols!

  • Just wait until Sultan-of-6 hears about this thread and comes in defending the love of his life, Kristin Kreuk. 🙂

    That dude is stone cold obsessed with Kreuk. He’s in love with every fiber of her entire being.

    If even one person here talks badly about Kristin Kreuk, the mighty Sultan of Arabia will write a small novel defending her honor and worshipping her spirit. It’s creepy how hard he defends Kreuk on this forum.

    I can’t say for sure, but I’m guessing that Sultan wishes to make KK one of his multiple-burqa-clad wives —- who allow him to live in “polyamory bliss” similar to his closet hero Keith Raniere.

    • What’s even creepier is how obsessed you are with an alias. You’re too stupid to realize that every one of your posts only filled with repetitive vapid racial slurs and third rate sexual references only insults and negatively inflicts the person making them.

      • You have no room to talk about using an alias you stalker. you post under
        sultan of six, sos , the judge, scarrom, and so salty just to name a few. none of them are a real name.
        Your obsession is the only reason you post here. Assclown.

    • “Just wait until Sultan-of-6 hears about this thread and comes in defending the love of his life, Kristin Kreuk.”

      When he’s done spanking it to her, he’ll show up, like Beetlejuice.

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