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Page Six names India’s boyfriend who helped her leave NXIVM

One of America’s top columnists, Richard Johnson has published anintriguing new article on India Oxenberg, reporting that India left NXIVM because she “fell in love”.

Richard Johnson is more than a reporter at the New York Post — he is a celebrity journalist  – and one of America’s favorites in that broad and imprecise field called gossip.

That India left NXIVM for love is not news to Frank Report readers.

On August 7, 2018, Frank Report broke the news that “India Oxenberg left NXIVM” and offered that one of the reasons I believed she left was that her new boyfriend wanted her to quit the cult that brands and blackmails women – including her.

The reasons I gave for India leaving were:

  1. Her mother’s [tough] love was certainly a key to everything.
  2. Her grandmother, Princess Elizabeth of Yugoslavia – who diplomatically kept the family relationship alive – despite an abhorrence to the NXIVM cult and her granddaughter’s role in it.
  3. The cult imploding – and so there was virtually no cult to be a member of.
  4. Finding a boyfriend – Patrick – whose fine character inclined him to persuade India to veer away from being in a sex cult – if she wanted to be his girlfriend – and not take the fall for Keith Raniere and others of the benighted leadership of NXIVM – something they would be pleased to have her do for them.
  5. Contact with people other than NXIVM members.
  6. The chance at being indicted and hauled off to prison for people who did not really care about her.

“Of all the influences,” I wrote then, “perhaps it was love – her boyfriend – who had the most impact.”

In writing his Page Six story, Johnson spoke with at least one source at Plantmade, the East Village vegan restaurant where India worked.

Johnson wrote that, “India has reportedly fallen for Patrick D’Ignazio, the handsome young chef at Double Zero, Matthew Kenney’s restaurant on Second Avenue.

“Frank Parlato, the former Nxivm publicist who worked for years to expose the cult, reported [back in August]: “Patrick said he would not tolerate his girlfriend taking orders from Raniere and being in a sex cult.”

Johnson reported that Patrick and India took a vacation in Italy and are on their way to go live at Catherine’s home in Malibu.


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  • Pea on You, Has just stated how ethics, submissions and values work NEXIVM, describing how India “has betrayed all” NIXIVM. They don’t allow to have friends, fall in love or else, if you don’t have their permissions, otherwise “you are a suppressor”, “you have an issue”, you need an IEM to re wash NEXIVM values.

  • I got Catherine’s book yesterday and I’m about half way through. I hate to say it but it doesn’t paint India in a great light. Catherine has to constantly remind the reader how empathetic and kind India was BEFORE joining, but isn’t that kind of the story with a lot of these women?

    • India was 20 years old. I’m not making excuses for her as I don’t know her. What I do know is a huge % of today’s young people is a narcissistic and me me generation as they were raised to be. Self control and discipline are lost to a lot of youth. Hopefully as they mature that will change, I also know a lot of great young people so there’s hope. I have yet to read the book but I plan to.

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