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A Tale of Two Women: Catherine Oxenberg’s birthday – and Sara Bronfman sued – both in Times Union today!

How things change.

Sara Bronfman picture is on the front page of the Albany Times Union today. She made top of the fold in a TU report on attorney Omar Rosales’ class action lawsuit against her for allegedly supporting the financial deception of NXIVM students.



The story is also online on the Times Union website: https://www.timesunion.com/news/article/Sara-Bronfman-target-of-class-action-lawsuit-13245338.php


Up until a few months ago, Sara Bronfman lived in carefree splendor in mansions in three countries. Her extreme selfishness was hidden behind a boatload of virtue signaling on Twitter and Facebook. Her social media accounts are now shut down.

Recently, she declined to come to the US to help bail her sister – sending her husband and mother instead – thus avoiding the risk of arrest in the US. She pledged $8 million in US real estate – out of her estimated $400 million inherited fortune – to help her sister make $100 million bail bond.

Sara may need to keep most of her assets unencumbered – to make a [$100 million?] bail bond for herself.


Nancy Salzman [l] with Sara Bronfman at V-Week 2017.  Will Nancy provide evidence of Sara’s crimes in order to spare herself and possibly her daughters from excessive prison sentences?
With Nancy Salzman rumored to be seeking a plea deal – which will likely require her testifying about what she knows about the criminality of the Bronfman-Raniere crime organization, Sara may also be indicted soon.

Some have tried to excuse Sara’s role in NXIVM — saying she did not know much and, unlike her sister, Clare Bronfman  – Sara did not enjoy going after Raniere’s former lovers and friends for the pleasure of it.

Some say, “Sara is a sweet girl. She didn’t know how bad the monster was….”

But is this true?

She knew about allegations of pedophilia. They were published in the Times Union in early 2012. If she had bothered to check them out – such serious allegations – out of a sense of justice – in good conscience – or simply out of prudence  – if she actually contacted the numerous women/child victims –  named in the story – she would have learned these women were likely telling the truth.

Sara had money enough to do this. She did not have to contact them personally. She could have quietly hired private detectives to ascertain the truth. She could have found out if Keith Raneire is a pedophile? Maybe she didn’t care.

Yet Sara has two daughters. Would she want Raniere to have sex with them when they turn 13 or 15?  Would she want them branded one day?

Beyond pedophilia, Sara knew about allegations of rape of adult women – like Toni Natalie.  After Natalie publicly said she was raped repeatedly by Raniere – did Sara check it out? Did she care if Toni Natalie was raped?

She funded Raniere’s quest for Toni’s destruction.  She funded the man who allegedly raped a woman to help him further destroy that woman. It is extraordinary.

She funded the massive effort to get Toni indicted on the pusillanimous charge of computer trespassing charges – [pusillanimous compared with rape – I would say] — charges that were only sustained by her sister, Clare’s lying – – and dropped when the court found out she was lying.

Did Sara ever once say – “Keith, let Toni go? She was your ex-girlfriend for God’s sake- move along. This is a fight over nothing – over pennies. But you want to punish her over the decades? I’m not going to fund it.”

Had she said that, Raniere would likely have had to back down.

A young and ardent Keith Raniere with the woman he promised to love forever, Toni Natalie.

Sara knew about the branding, the collateral and stayed with him.  She allowed Raniere to blow through her money in commodities and real estate scams and stayed with him.

She supported his vicious attack on Barbara Bouchey – her former friend – and adviser and Raniere’s lover.

When Raniere said in effect to Sara Bronfman, “Destroy Bouchey”, Sara did not say, “No, Keith, not with my money. I did not know your former lover, Toni Natalie – but I know your former lover, Barbara Bouchey. She is my friend. She was like my sister.  We built NXIVM together. Let her go on with her life. Even if you do not want to return the $1.6 million you swindled her out of by lying to her about the commodities market – you don’t have to ruin her.”

But, no, Sara Bronfman did not say that. Instead, she gave Raniere millions of dollars to destroy Bouchey.

It backfired. Bouchey had to reveal many damning secrets about Raniere and Bronfman – when she was deposed and testified in their multiple lawsuits against her.  It was insane. It was through litigation against Bouchey that the world found out about Keith’s enormous sexual appetite – his ruthless Bronfman-funded litigation – and how he squandered nearly $100 million of  Bronfman money in commodities and real estate deals that ran amok, failed spectacularly and increasingly looked like swindles.

A young and ardent Keith Raniere with the woman he promised to love forever, Barbara Bouchey.

And when Raniere told Sara Bronfman to destroy me, again she did not say anything.  She could have said, “No, Frank Parlato discovered that my sister and I were being swindled and recovered $26 million in assets that we otherwise would have lost. It would be the height of ingratitude to go after someone who did us good.”

No, she did not say that. Instead, she participated in an attempt to destroy my life. She and her sister made a false complaint against me with the FBI, claiming I stole a million dollars from them – pure perjury, pure lying to the FBI.

In turn, I was forced to expose them and I did. The DOJ Western District of NY dropped the Bronfman charges against me, just as the DOJ Eastern District of NY readied charges against Clare Bronfman.

The worm has turned.

Finally, it is with glee that I announce that, in the same edition of the newspaper that announced the lawsuit against Sara Bronfman, an announcement appeared informing readers it is Catherine Oxenberg’s birthday.

Catherine was the one who first told me about the branding of women. I published the story on June 4, 2017 – four months before the New York Times. Hundreds of people left the cult because of it.

Catherine and I  – with a little help from our friends – Mark Vicente, Bonnie Piesse, Sarah Edmondson, Anthony Ames, and others went on record in the New York Times and news of the branding got worldwide publicity – which led to an investigation by the Eastern District of New York – then the arrest of Raniere, Allison Mack, Nancy Salzman, Lauren Salzman, [hapless fall gal] Kathy Russell and Sara’s sister, Clare.

It has culminated with Catherine’s best-selling book “Captive”, which details the saga and more importantly it led to her daughter India leaving the cult.

If ever there was a newspaper that served as an early warning for Sara Bronfman – that she should distance herself from Keith Raniere – it was the Albany Times Union.  The Albany Times Union broke the stories about Raniere pedophilia and many others over the years – as far back as 2002 – the year Sara joined.  The Times Union revealed how Raniere squandered Bronfman fortunes and how he used their money as a brutal litigation machine.

Sara had ample warning. The fact that she did not heed these warnings and continued to participate – made her an accomplice. She cannot pretend she did not know. And now her life is in jeopardy – just as she put others’ lives in jeopardy.

Happy birthday, Catherine.






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  • To Sara. Consider what it means to be a parent. Would you give up your life for your children? Do you understand that you could still set a true example of ethical behavior for your daughters. Were you planning on turning them over to Keith when they were of age 12 or around there? Did this start out as a game and grow out of control? We’re you just following Clares lead? I do believe it’s never to late to make things right.

  • I imagine this is the happiest birthday you have had since discovering your daughter was caught in NXIVM’s web of deceit. I hope it continues to get better and better for India and you and your entire extended family. INDIA what an awesome thingy you have done here besides saving yourself and giving yourself an opportunity to have a real life, children if YOU choose a husband of your own choosing, sex with who you choose. These are your rights. Most importantly you have two little sisters whom I imagine look up to you and have copied you over the years and may have even followed you into Nxivm. Keith had his eye on them based on his history he may have even tried to get you to lure them in. So Catherine Oxenberg a very Happy Birthday to you and a Thank you for risking so much to help put an end to this cult and showing cult parents what it is to truly be a mother. You are a true inspiration .

  • Happy Birthday Catherine

    I think Sara will look good in either Orange or Stripes. Question is will she end up on the MDC Stripe Path

  • Keith Vandumbbad Raniere is almost at his 6 month mark of being arrested. Isn’t it October 11.

  • I guess I forgot to apologize to “Flowers” for writing above her reading level.

    …I’m actually a double agent — so stop stalking me Flowers — you Troll Trollop — before I have to snuff you out.

  • “Sara had money enough…to [and did] quietly hire private detectives to ascertain the truth. She could [surely must] have found out…Keith Raneire is a pedophile”…

    [And she and Clare paid and ordered her flying monkeys to “harass”… [and silence by any means anyone who knew about Keith’s pedophilia and other crimes perpetrated by their crime syndicate with the Salinas family.] “Maybe she didn’t care…” [what evil Keith did with her money.]

    HAPPY Happy Birthday Catherine Oxenberg!

    • Are you suggesting Clare intimidated you into following her on Twitter?

      Oh….Heidi, I thought you commended Shadow on his “stalking ” of Doc Brander….what’s good for the goose is…well, you know….

  • Flowers Heidi is an enemy of Keith Raniere. She is a spy and not one of us. Join us Flowers for true women’s empowerment.

    • “Join us Flowers for true women’s empowerment.”

      “Turn to the Dark Side of the Force, Flowers”

      Pea Onyu wants you to be branded like a cow and turned into a sex slave.
      Sound appealing?
      I didn’t think so.

      • Pea is just throwing in a red herring to disrupt the conversation and prevent Heidi from replying, Shadow.

        • Heidi did reply.
          The only power that NXIVM has left is to disrupt the comments section of the Frank Report.
          And Pea’s refrain is the same every time.
          “The only source of women’s empowerment is female slavery.”
          Standard Keith Rainere nonsense.

          • Shadow
            She replied but she didn’t explain her reasoning for following the lovely Cruella. Instead Heidi threatened to kill me.

            Do you actually know who I am Heidi?
            And why so angry when the truth is posted about you?

    • Pea
      Her spying abilities are worse than your trolling abilities.
      What kind of spy publicly affiliates herself with the enemy?

      And didn’t I tell you once before of the branding plans I had for Keith’s tiny balls?

  • Closing in for the Kill:
    The Demise of NXIVM

    NXIVM has existed for 20 years.
    In that time the cult has had three leaders.
    The first leader was Keith Raniere who ran the cult until his arrest in March of this year.
    The second leader was the failed actress and sex slave master Allison Mack who only ran the cult for one month before she was arrested.
    The third leader was Ms. Moneybags Cruella Bronfman who financed the cult’s many scams and schemes.
    Her tenure as leader only lasted two months.
    This Unholy Trinity is now awaiting trial in a massive RICO case in Brooklyn.

    Other second tier leaders of NXIVM like Nancy and Lauren Salzman also face charges and might be negotiating plea deals.

    Now it is time to survey the End Game for NXIVM.
    The final destruction of the cult.

    What is left of the cult, the tattered remains if you will, is led by the trio of Sara Bronfman from England and France; the hapless Nicki Clyne aka Clicky Nine, who is in parts unknown and Emiliano Salinas, the bisexual clownish son of ex-Mexican President Carlos Salinas.
    Until these three leaders of NXIVM are brought to justice there remains the serious possibility that the cult will find a way to resurrect itself.
    The Salinas gang alone possesses the financial resources to rebuild NXIVM from scratch with an estimated fortune of up to 60m billion dollars.
    The Salinas gang makes the Bronfman sisters, even before their NXIVM schemes fell flat, look like paupers.

    The US government must comb through the evidence and find charges against Sara, Nicki Clyne (Clicky Nine) and Emiliano Salinas.
    The US government must also bury the existing Unholy Trinity of Raniere, Mack and Cruella Bronfman and bury them under an avalanche of new charges based on the giant warehouse of evidence gathered by the FBI and DOJ.

    Lastly the government must investigate the corrupt local officials who gave the NXIVM cult such valuable protection over the last two decades.
    Every cop, prosecutor, judge and local public official who enabled the NXIVM gang must be called to account.
    Show no mercy to the cult or the corrupt public officials who protected it so that it could survive and thrive in the fertile soil of New York’s Hudson River Valley.
    Make the earth burn under the feet of NXIVM’s leaders and the scoundrels who profited from the cult.

    • ShadowState & Scott
      Any opinions on why Heidi H. is following Cruella Bronfman on twitter.
      It seems a strange choice, all things considered.
      Any comments, Heidi?

      • Flower:
        I just looked through Clare’s followers on Instagram and found some interesting names.

        clicky nine
        (Nicki Clyne’s mirror Instagram page)

        Brandon Porter
        (Dr. Brandon Porter, everyone’s favorite medical experimenter)
        Supposedly Porter’s research was funded in part by Clare Bronfman.

        Ryan Constable
        (Ryan Constable the husband of Kim Constable of the Rainbow Cultural Garden.)

        1 post
        20 following
        Allison Mack
        (What I see 35 is a mirror account by Allison Mack)

        Allison Mack
        (Mack’s regular account)

        Plus esp mexico
        esp LA


        Why Heidi Hutchinson would follow Clare is beyond me.

        • You’re so lady-like, Heidi.
          I bet you’re a real knockout in heels and a dress…since trannies are so popular with you rats.

          No answer to my question, eh?

          I wonder who you really are?

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