Scott Johnson recommends readers send email to Waldorf School – ‘distance yourself from Raniere’

One of Frank Report’s most prolific commenters, Scott Johnson, has a recommendation for other readers concerned about the damage Keith Raniere and his ghouls – like Karen Abney and Christine Collins – might have on the reputation and safety of the Waldorf School of Saratoga Springs.
The fear is that NXIVM members might try to recruit children and parents into the cult that blackmails and brands women and whose founder – though now in jail – likes to rape teen girls.
Scott writes:
FYI. I suggest your readers send similar emails [as the one below] to put pressure on these folks. It sure beats sitting back and chewing on the popcorn, like most of them do. Feel free to post on your website and encourage them to send their own emails. They are welcome to use the below as a starting point.
Scott J
—– Forwarded Message —–
From: Scott Johnson <>
Sent: Saturday, September 22, 2018, 5:33:49 PM CDT
Subject: Raniere and NXIVM
Anne, Elisabeth, and Julie,
By the way, the Frank Report website has been getting about a million hits/month, so it’s not some obscure website like the above Waldorf Review blog: Stats for Frank Report: more than 725,000 for May; More than 2.3 million in 2018 to date
The difference now is that the DOJ/FBI is now going after Keith Raniere and his Charles Manson-like followers. If you don’t totally and publicly reject Raniere, NXIVM, and everything they stand for, I don’t think it’s going to go well for your future business prospects.
Email me to discuss further. If you would like to discuss verbally, I use Skype and have a number. Your choice.
Scott “Tex” Johnson

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  • What an ingenious idea Scott Johnson came up with:

    1) Convince Frank to allow his web site to fill up with thousands of spam postings from himself, denouncing Amway.
    2) Convince Frank to encourage readers to send spam e-mails to school administrators, that refer back to Scott’s spam forum which he hijacked from Frank.

    This is starting to look like Scott Johnson’s personal MLM spamming scheme.

    • 1) I didn’t have to convince Frank, he told me the very first time I spoke with him that NXIVM is largely over and he’s looking for another challenge, and it sounded like Amway and other MLM scams would be appropriate.
      2) All I had to do was send an email to Frank and he posted the story. You don’t understand because you’re a coward who won’t use her own name. It isn’t spam, it’s making your voice heard to have influence. Just like writing your Congressperson. Only cowards think that it’s spam, because they are too scared to take a simple act to have influence.

      This is starting to look like a scene from “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest.”

      • I think NXIVM is far from over. There’s too much to yet be uncovered, and the trial and more arrests are looming.

  • Damn, you KNOW that you’re the lowest form of humanity when even Pea Onyu calls you “Sultan of Twat”.

    Even Pea Onyu thinks that Sultan of Arabia is a sick fuck.

    It doesn’t get much lower than that.

    That dude is a hypocrite because he prays to Allah on his knees but then admits to spanking his monkey while thinking of Kreuk.

    IMO he has dishonored Allah and is now an infidel. Fuck that Piece-of-shit. I hope that God takes a gigantic shit upon the Sultan and he eventually repents for being a huge asshole/bastard.

    • I’m pretty sure that the Sultan of Arabia has almost no allies or friends left on this board.

      He has alienated almost everybody here, except the Canadian psycho. I’m pretty sure that his only friend left on this board is Flowers. What an odd couple.

  • My eyes were opened to the Waldorf/Steiner phylosophy and teachings and i read absolute horror stories from parents and ex teachers. When parents complained they were threatened with gagging orders and more, trying to control student’s homelife, websites critical of them shut down. All the hallmarks of a cult. A Steiner school in the UK has recently been closed down due to serious failings regarding child protection (employing people without checks and more) . Apparently bullying is rife and nothing is done because it’s the child’s fault and their karma and some children deserve it because they arenot human. It’s actually mind blowing how they get away with this but scary how young innocent minds are being corrupted.

  • I think it’s a great idea to call the school out, just not sure an email is going to do it. Noe an article in the New York Times might garner some attention. How much does it cost to send your precious youngster to a walford/Steiner school to fuck them up for the rest of their lives? Letters to the Board of Education with specifics cc to local newspaper. Do the same with your e-mails.

      • If the parents and teachers who have actually experienced the damage caused by these schools came forward and contacted newspapers they might follow up. Anyone with factual information. Some nobody on a blog is not going to garner anything but the database. Send your e-mails and insult those who don’t follow your lead but face facts. Look at all of the attention paid to Nxivm over the years and it took branding stories to finally open a case.
        And I would bet if there wasn’t money laundering and unpaid taxes involved hey might still be operating. People were shocked by Nxivm and their disgusting practices but the government wants their fucking money.

    • They are awake. Have been for years.

      I agree that letting the administration know that their actions are watched by a larger community than that of their student families, so I will contact them too. Power in numbers.

      But not because you asked so nicely…

      • They are awake from the standpoint that they have been covering it up for years, not the kind of awake I was referring to, which is more related to fear. I’m not here to be “nice,” this is a place to act like adults and take action, not create a “safe space” for everyone.

  • Steiner schools supposedly exist to stimulate fantasy and imagination in children.
    But children don’t need to be encouraged to encourage fantasy.
    Most children already have healthy imaginations.
    Children need to be taught reality and how to separate it from fantasy and make believe.

    Too many of Raniere’s followers already have difficulty distinguishing between reality and fantasy.
    Steiner Schools are designed to create a generation of children ripe for the plucking by demagogues like Raniere.

      • Yes! and the chart – just like the one raniere drew for Toni Nathalie.
        Can it be true they would add 2% raw milk to wall- paint? Why?
        So much affinity with the ‘luciferian’ practices of nxivm.

  • The Waldorf School presents superior education and was endorsed by Keith Raniere the literally smartest man in the world. I have no children but if I did I would enroll her into Waldorf. Keith went there. I wish I had gone there as a child. I am as readers can tell an extremely intelligent person. But honestly I was only of above average intelligence until I took the tech and realized that intelligence is freed when disintegrations are resolved. The Waldorf School is good. NXIVM tech is better. Rainbow is best for children up to six years. Keith was developing a curriculum for girls aged 12 -17 with other educators but the world lost out. It was interrupted by unforeseen circumstances including the buffoonery of Rosa Laura Junco. She selected a stupidly unfit group of girls. Then India stupidly flubbed it. God she’s stupid. And worse. I was going to lead a second group. People like Jim Odato and Frank Parlato should have never been born for the havoc they wreaked on humanity. Finally for all the pervs out there with their hypocritical moralizing. A young girl matures faster than boys and at age 12-13 they are ready for a true sexual experience. Not with a Scott Johnson Shadow State or Sultan of Twat of course and not with some 17 year old boy. But suppose your daughter could be mentored not only in algebra but in sexual interventions at age 13 how much pain and stupidity she will save herself from boys and men and maybe save herself marriage with a buffoon. She will see the blue light and be unerringly guided by a true master.

    • Hon, The customers at table 7 need their coffee refreshed. Could you take your highly intelligent troll ass over there and take care of it.

    • “suppose your daughter could be mentored not only in algebra but in sexual interventions at age 13 ” Pea Onyu

      And in a few years when Keith Raniere is nearing 70 your daughter will have the pleasure of changing Keith’s diapers. Shadow State

      “She will see the blue light and be unerringly guided by a true master.” Pea Onyu

      Keith Raniere is sure a true master baiter. Shadow State

    • “Then India stupidly flubbed it. God she’s stupid. And worse.” Pea Onyu

      Pea Onyu:
      Are you jealous that India was sleeping with Allison when Allison was arrested?

      Allison Mack had been arrested
      They had arrived at her Brooklyn Heights apartment in the early dawn hours and cuffed her while India was there,

  • Here’s something that can easily be fixed: Frank Parlato can fix this web site in 2 seconds by distancing himself from Scott Johnson who is the king of spam.

    • Here’s something that can easily be fixed: Frank Parlato can fix this web site in 2 seconds by distancing himself from anonymous posters, by requiring them to have a real name and link to a fixed social media account, as they can’t come with a coherent idea if their life depended on it.

    • Scott has failed to learn that you attract more bees with honey than vinegar and that he may be part of the reason some post as anon!

      • This website attracts cowards. I’m not here to be “nice,” I’m here to take action as an adult and encourage others to do the same, not to create a “safe space” for cowards. I’m not the reason you’re a coward, that is what is inside of you.

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