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Source: Billionaire Carlos Slim trying to buy off Emiliano Salinas’ indictment via Clinton

A trusted source informed me today as follows:
“We heard from our Washington, D.C. source… He says discussions are ongoing between the Carlos Slim Foundation and the Clinton Foundation about a multi-million dollar payment being negotiated or already negotiated. Possibly, it is to be added to an amount previously contributed and increased now due to the severity of the situation.


“This is said to be a back-room deal to buy away the threatened indictment of Emiliano Salinas by U.S. DOJ prosecutors in the NXIVM criminal racketeering case,” says the source.


Possible US federal crimes, committed by Emiliano Salinas, the son of former Mexican president Carlos Salinas, are being investigated by more than one US federal agency, Frank Report revealed in the past.


A pending indictment of Salinas is said to be on the table at this very moment, said my source today.


The source added, “It is coming down to the last moments before the indictment may be handed down. The discussions are said to be intense. Some believe the Clintons can control DOJ outcomes at the highest levels, [i.e. Main Justice in Washington DC] yet, at this moment, more heat is on the Clintons than ever before due to so many scandals already revealed in the press.


“One of the points of contention in the discussions is  – if the donation is made to the Clinton Foundation by Slim  – can the Clintons deliver enough influence peddling to guarantee the indictment will be withheld? It is unknown what $$ amount may be in play or may have already changed hands between the Slim Foundation and the Clinton Foundation regarding this matter.


“This information is from a reliable DC source who proved to be correct with past tips. He was on the money with timing and fully reliable information in the past. This individual is [a federal elected official] with deep ties to federal law enforcement.
To clarify: my source is not an official or employee from the Eastern District of New York Department of Justice.  To further clarify —  I have never spoken with anyone in law enforcement in the Eastern District of NY.


For my own part, I suspect that the EDNY is set to indict Emiliano Salinas, but likely needs Main Justice approval. That approval may or may not be contingent on money being paid to Clinton by Slim.


Unlike other presidents, Donald Trump, for reasons unknown, does not lead or control his own DOJ. Every other president in recent history took control of the DOJ – shortly after assuming office, something which by law the president is entitled to do.


Trump failed to appoint his own people at any of some 90 top positions, including most of the US Attorneys – something I don’t think any president ever did before.


One of the few of the 93 US Attorneys Trump did appoint – was Richard P. Donoghue – US Attorney for the EDNY – the district which indicted Keith Raniere and other NXIVM leaders.


In almost every other district, Trump did not appoint his own US Attorney but merely fired the Obama-appointed US Attorney. Then, instead of appointing his own politically-aligned person, Trump allowed the Deputy US Attorneys – who had just served under the Obama appointed US Attorney – to assume the role of acting-US Attorneys.


This put bureaucrats – as opposed to political appointees – in basic – almost nationwide control of the DOJ.  Whether that is good or bad, I make no judgment – except that it is a 100 percent departure from every president before him.


Obama quickly removed all US attorneys appointed by his predecessor, Bush  – just like Bush did before him, as did every other president before him – and replaced them with his own appointees. No president I know of simply fired the previous president’s appointees and, by default, allowed Deputy US Attorneys – who may be loyal to the previous administration – to head the offices.


In addition, as a sign of lack of leadership, Trump chastised his own appointed Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, [instead of replacing him] and seems to tolerate his Deputy AG, an appointment the president controls, Rod Rosenstein, who by recent accounts is leading the quest for his ouster.


A competent, intelligent, politically savvy president such as Obama, Bush, or Clinton would certainly fill their own presidential appointments with people who support him or at least not with those who want him indicted or impeached.


This unique departure from presidential protocol may ultimately lead to Trump’s ouster. It also lends credence to my source’s contention that Clinton – ergo Democrats  – can control DOJ outcomes.


Finally, it is worthy of note that the liaison for the Carlos Slim Foundation with the Clinton Foundation is reportedly the former mayor of Nogales, Arizona, and “Arizona Mafia” member Marco A. Lopez Jr.



Image result for marco lopez carlos slim
Marco Lopez – can he save his buddy Emiliano Salinas – by buying a little justice from a corrupt US Department of Justice?



Lopez reportedly met with former President Bill Clinton, and Carlos Slim in Mexico, in March 2018.


Keith Raniere a.k.a. “Vanguard” was arrested in Mexico on March 25, 2018.


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  • Clare Bear bugged her fathers computer which than sent the bug to everyone who Bronfman Sr. emailed. Clare also had people reading her daddys emails daily.

    Bronfman Sr. was in contact with Hillary Clinton and who knows what was spied on between Sr. and Hillary. What could NXIVM aka Raniere/Clare be holding over the Clintons heads to seek their help.

    Nancy Salzman went to a luncheon with Bill Clinton years ago. Richard Mays in Arkansas (Where Richard Mays and Bill Clinton are from). You can read about Mays who now is saying he wasn’t involved with NXIVM – Lair Lair pants on fire on the Frank Report


  • Frank, how is EDNY going to extradite that mother fucker?

    It just can’t happen. He’s a Mexican citizen and his dual citizenship with the U.S. is meaningless when it comes to matters of extradition from a corrupt country like Mexico.

    Sending Keith back to New York wasn’t even an extradition, it was just a quick deportation of a non citizen. Emi would have to be extradited with the full approval of the corrupt Mexican legal system. Are you on drugs, Frank?

    It’ll never happen and as I’ve told you before Frank, you’re in fucking dreamland if you think Emi’s coming back to the U.S. for trial.

    There’s only 1 possible option for getting Emi to stand trial:

    Maybe the U.S. can strike a deal with Canada to send in Flowers as a “honeypot” agent to seduce him and trick him to come back to Canada, where he could be easily sent south to the U.S.

    However, I’m not sure that Flowers’ aging body would adequately possess enough “feminine candy” to entice Emi back to Canada. Heck, I’m not even sure he’d be able to get wood when trying to bed Flowers, not even with extra strength Viagra. She looks too much like Barbara Bouchey these days. So I’m pretty sure that option is a non starter.

    • Reply to Emi CANNOT be Extradited from Mexico
      Your comment is insulting to Flowers.
      If the US can indict Emiliano as well as catch Carlos Slim and the Clintons trying to squash an indictment then the whole bunch of them can be indicted and hang together.

      If Trump really wants to drain the swamp then it is high time to start with the Clinton Crime Family.

      Maybe Mexico’s corrupt elite does’t want Emiliano indicted but the Mexican people want the whole Salinas Crime Family brought to heal.

      If the Democrats want a Constitutional crisis then give them a Constitutional crisis.

      • Trump is draining the swamp by “entrapping” all those associated with him business, campaign and administration.

        • The Democratic party makes a big show of being for the ordinary American.
          In truth the Democrats are as corrupt as the Mexican PRI party (the Salinas party) and the Canadian Liberal party ( the party of the Trudeaus and the Bronfmans).
          How do you think Trump got all those huge buildings built?
          By paying off crooked Democratic politicians in New York and Chicago.

          The next Mayor of Chicago will probably be Bill Daley, the son and brother of previous Daley Mayors in Chicago.
          Bill Daley was also Clinton’s Secretary of Commerce and Obama’s White House Chief of Staff.

          In 2004 Bill Daley’s nephew Richard Vanecko got stinking drunk in a North Side bar and murdered a young man named David Koschman ion a bar fight.
          The Chicago police promptly covered up the crime by failing to interview witnesses and losing case files.
          For seven years the case was covered up while Richard M. Daley served out his terms as Mayor.
          In 2011 after Rahm Emanuel became Chicago’s Mayor the case files were mysteriously discovered and a special prosecutor, a Republican lawyer named Dan Webb, successfully prosecuted Richard Vanecko, the Mayor’s nephew for manslaughter.
          Don’t tell me that Democratic party politics does not fix cases in America’s big cities.

          Former Mayor Richard M. Daley’s nephew Richard J. “R.J.” Vanecko had been drinking for eight hours before he punched David Koschman in the head during a drunken encounter on Division Street, prosecutors said in court papers Monday.

    • Havent you heard? Emi is gay, so this forum has nominated YOU to act as the honeypot.
      You can do it!
      We are all counting on you!!

      Do whatever it takes to get the bastard arrested.

  • Now is the time for President Trump and AG Jeff Sessions to gather evidence of Carlos Slim’s attempt to buy American justice.
    Prepare to indict Senor Slim and anyone involved in the Clinton Foundation who is scheming to sell America’s justice system.
    If necessary indict Bill and Hillary Clinton if they are trying to corrupt America’s government.

    Let the world learn of the perfidy of Bill and Hillary Clinton and Carlos Slim.

  • Don’t be fooled, President Trump and MI are fully in control of the justice department. You might want to check with Andy McCabe about John Huber for one. Don’t be fooled by President Trump and Jeff Sessions rope a dope.

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