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Mary, Mary – on the Bronfman sisters

Some of the following is speculation, some observation. Some hard fact. Take it all with a grain of salt.

By Mary Mary, a Former Insider 

Mary Mary opines on the Bronfman sisters


Anti-Israel Libyan Basit Igtet with his wealthy Jewish wife and NXIVM leader, Sara Bronfman-Igtet.


Sara Bronfman sucked in her husband, Basit Igtet, and her mother, Georgia, into NXIVM and now she got them to go do the Clare bail thing. Sara does not know all the things Clare has done and participated in – but she knows plenty.

She didn’t step foot inside the US and you can bet she isn’t coming voluntarily. She does not know all the crimes her sister committed.

Clare would have no compunction about lying to Sara about what she has done.  Clare would weave something that is true and then withhold certain key info from her story.

So Sara does not know everything but Sara knows plenty.

Sara committed some crimes too.  But it was Clare on the front line – lying and doing criminal deeds. Sara was content to be in the back seat – fund crimes but not participate.

Now they need Sara to fund and help keep NXIVM together. There are people like Jim Del Negro, Esther Carlson, and Evan Zimmerman who need money and guidance.  Jim is not the sharpest tool in the shed.

Would Sara flip? With her wealth, she had a greater degree of freedom to commit crimes and escape consequences. She is in shock that despite her money, she might be charged. It’s incredible to her.

She thinks this is the height of injustice. And she is, after all, a virtue signaler and social justice peacekeeper. And a mother. How can they think of indicting her?

How does she buy her way out of it? Her lawyers tell her she might not be able to buy her way out and she thinks this is crazy and wrong.

Sara is married and has a life outside of NXIVM – she had a nice little life – just like you wrote. Now it is in jeopardy.  What scares her is the threat of going to jail.  She is not afraid of losing some money. She never earned it and doesn’t understand how hard it is for most people to make it. Her grandfather stole, smuggled, robbed, threatened, poisoned and murdered to make the money she now has. She has no sense of that. She thinks money just magically appears. And can buy off any problem.

This is the first problem in her life that she is beginning to fear money can’t buy off.  [It is funny too since she bought problems for many people – when Keith told her too.]

So no Sara won’t be afraid of losing some of her money – even $100 million. But she will not go to jail.

She will flip first. Fast – before she goes to jail. If her European lawyers can cut a deal for her to stay in France where she won’t be extradited, that’s what she’ll probably do. It had nothing to do with her nursing a baby that prevented her from coming to the US. She is scared out of her wits. Before she takes a fall – she’ll buy her way out and spill on Keith – in a nanosecond – if she can.

Clare, on the other hand, is Keith’s total slave. She got from the group what she could not get in her own life: so-called friends – authority over smaller people – who still pretended to like her and to follow the orders of someone she thinks is wonderful – to ease her conscience about her beastly nature.

There is nobody in NXIVM who seeks Clare’s company – despite what her lawyers said about her needing intimate association. Clare might need it but nobody needs it from her. Even the women she had sex with in NXIVM did it for the money. N–, S—, and  A—, and the others were not genuinely attracted to her.

They did it because Clare is nice only after someone muff dives on her.

As far as anyone being with her now, the only thing they seek from her is money and she is notorious for being tight.

But she remains loyal. Keith gave Clare what she never got – to be special, to be next to the Vanguard, to get applause when she got onstage to introduce him. People all talk to her and seem [pretend] to like her.

Keith gave a lot to her. For despite her wealth, she has no understanding, no empathy, no concern for human beings. Keith, though he never cared for Clare and thinks she is stupid, taught her to love him – like the dog loves its master.

She got great value being up close to Vanguard. Clare is in deeper because she was getting more and she participated in more crimes.

Sara is less beholden. Sara was getting some popularity from her own life. She did not need to get it all from Vanguard. She was not in as deep.  But now she is rattled. Her life seems to be falling apart. She could flip.

And probably will.


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  • Ms. Contrary’s post needs to be taken with more than just a few grains of salt.
    Throughout this post she tells us what Sara is thinking, as though Mary really believes she can truly read Sara’s thoughts and feelings.This is a common trait of a narcissistic sociopath….to make constant assumptions about what other people are thinking, and most sociopaths are so delusional that they believe the version of reality they create in their own minds.

  • Mary is a ?. Frank is a ?. Nancy is a ?. Keith is a ? Clare is a ? that’s all I have to say about this idiotic post.

  • …If her European lawyers can cut a deal for her to stay in France where she won’t be extradited…

    Since 2001, 22 formal requests for extradition from US authorities have been transmitted, through the diplomatic channel, to the French authorities who have made 25 requests to the State Department over the same period.

    So stop spitting on France thank you ….

  • “She (Sara) didn’t step foot inside the US and you can get she isn’t coming voluntarily. She does not know all the crimes her sister committed.”

    Truth be told we don’t know all the crimes Sara committed.
    Sara has mysterious ties to Rainbow Cultural Garden, a pre-school that could be a cover for a human trafficking operation.
    Sara’s friend Kim Constable was in a real hurry to conceal her ties to her BFF Allison Mack, an indicted human trafficker, purging her social media pages of any photos with Ms. Mack.
    I’ll wager the FBI knows of the relationship between Sara and her girls Kim and Allison.

    When all is said and done Sara might be every bit as rotten as Clare, just more subtle about it.

    And speaking of Clare who are the NXIVM women who were eager to satisfy Clare for a price?

    “Even the women she (Clare) had sex with in NXIVM did it for the money. N–, S—, and A—, and the others were not genuinely attracted to her.”

    Who could N____. S_____ and A_____ be?
    Let’s hazard a guess.

    If the women of NXIVM would sleep with the satyr Keith Raniere, then they would certainly sleep with Clare.
    If the price was right.

  • It looks like Sara, too, lacks stereovision, as KR may, and I do. Increase the size of the picture and place your hand over one eye and then the other. The eyes are not looking at the same thing. People like us use one eye at a time, and many lack depth perception (physical). This has nothing to do with anything – just an observation. It’s the first picture that really depicts it.

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