El Universal: Mexican media quiet about Raniere, Salinas and Betancourt and Anima

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Raniere’s partners in Mexico

The silence in Mexico had to convince the associates of Raniere that it was possible to throw the garbage under the carpet

By León Krauze

In the United States, the fall of Keith Raniere – the leader of a dismal self-help sect with a presence in several countries, including Mexico – has been in the news for months. It is not for nothing.

The supposed guru has been accused of serious charges, beginning with an elaborate scheme of systematized blackmail and several disgusting crimes, including sex trafficking.

The story has appeared in dozens of newspapers in the US, even in a long cover story in the New York Times Magazine.

I insist: it is not surprising. In addition to the charges Raniere is facing, the list of his alleged accomplices includes scandal-worthy names such as Allison Mack, a TV actress who was recruiting potential sex slaves for their leader, and Clare Bronfman, the heiress of the Seagram fortune and a patron of Raniere.

The cult leader has been in custody for six months and awaits trial while behind bars in Brooklyn.

Meanwhile, its victims have begun to tell their story. Actress Catherine Oxenberg, for example, has just published a book in which she narrates the painful process of liberating her daughter, India, who was part of Raniere’s sex slave cult.

It is a terrifying reading, similar to the great texts of denunciation of Scientology. In short, the collapse of Keith Raniere, his company NXIVM and his programs of supposed self-help, among them the so-called ESP, has become a news story and a huge shame for its creators.

In Mexico, the story has been different. Although Raniere has had several operation centers and companies, very few media have given the issue the attention it deserves.

Some time ago I published, in Letras Libres, the story of Ignite the Heart, a recruitment video disguised as a documentary that Raniere did in Mexico, tricking well-intended people, among them the producers of the lm and the Lebarón family leaders in Chihuahua, who were featured in the documentary.

The Univision News research team has published several excellent reports documenting Raniere’s links with the Salinas family, among other things. Carmen Aristegui’s team unveiled explosive recordings in which Emiliano Salinas, son of former president Salinas de Gortari, acknowledges knowing about the existence of Raniere’s group of alleged sexual slaves (who were marked as cattle with the initials of the leader) and then justifying their existence.

Still, the vast majority of radio and television news have preferred not to touch the subject. Some decided to compile exhaustive reports that they had prepared and others even chose to do interviews with Salinas…

The journalistic silence must have convinced the associates of Raniere in Mexico that it was possible to throw the garbage under the carpet. Emiliano Salinas and his partner, Alejandro Betancourt, announced, suddenly, and without further explanation, that they were separating themselves from ESP, the company they managed for years, under Raniere…

Emiliano Salinas [l] embraces his master Keith Raniere.
NXIVM president Nancy Salzman cuts the ribbon opening the Mexico NXIVM center. Alex Betancourt [l] and Emiliano Salinas [R].
Other Mexican businessmen close to Raniere have resisted closing down their operations. The most notable case is that of a company called ANIMA Inc., dedicated to organizing massive shows. Although the website of the company no longer says so, ANIMA Inc. was founded a decade ago by Raniere, following its “humanitarian philosophy and concepts”. The main partner of Raniere in ANIMA, is the founder and artistic director of the company, Alejandra González Anaya, sister of the Secretary of the Treasury.
Mrs. González Anaya has also participated in ESP, the Raniere self-help group, as well as Esteban González, an ANIMA executive.
The contacts within the highest spheres of Mexican politics paid off to Raniere and González Anaya.
In the last decade, his company organized several events of considerable magnitude, including the Day of the Dead Parade of 2017, at the hands of the Ministry of Tourism, at a time when the accusations against Raniere were already appearing on the pages of some newspapers in the US.


The time will come, in which the managers of the Sectur will have to explain why they granted contracts to that company when it was evident that the man who founded was not, let’s say, in an elegant way, to trust.

2018 is another matter. It turns out that ANIMA has continued in operation, working with private institutions and, apparently, with governmental assistance. An example: the Tec de Monterrey, Campus Guadalajara, closed an agreement to advise the Performing Arts students in Creative Industries. In the Tec (university from which I graduated) perhaps they have not learned of the links of ANIMA with a man like Raniere. It would be good if they did it.

It would also be desirable that Tourism, led by Enrique De la Madrid, reveal the extent of its links with the company (especially when several reports have indicated the participation, in the self-help group of Raniere in Mexico, of Federico and Fabiola De La Madrid, brother and sister-in-law of the secretary).

ANIMA was, for example, the official collaborator in Una Probadita de México, a promotion event at the World Cup in Russia, organized, among others, by Sagarpa and Sectur.

Needless to say, when the party in Russia happened, Keith Raniere had already been accused of endless atrocities.

Anyway. The Day of the Dead Parade is approaching in Mexico City. The call for volunteers is open.

It would be regrettable to see that one of the most beautiful and solemn celebrations is linked to a company created by a man accused of enslaving women sexually to mark them as their property. It would be very sad indeed. Hopefully that won’t happen.

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  • I don’t imagine anyone is surprised to hear NXIVM is alive and well in Mexico. Who is going to shut them down? The lack of press is how dissenters are kept in line. At least in America we are allowed freedom of the press even if it’s mostly fake news.
    It’s to bad Mexico has not figured out that they were being used all these years by Rainere and his sick followers . This is a country filled with some very intelligent people, those who have legally assimilated and become American citizens have proven this as they become leaders in their communities. Why they are unable to fix their own country comes down to the greed and corruption of the most wealthy, who allow people like Rainere to take advantage of their wealthy young men and women who actually have the power to make positive changes in their Country. He steals your money, takes advantage of your citizens, rapes your children and you pay him to do it. What a shame.

  • This translation of “Anima” may be of interest. I believe NXIVM was entirely built as an Anima Trap for usery and abuse of Girls and Woman based on Keith Raniere’s personal psychosis. For further exploration look into Jungian psychology. Keith once borrowed one of my text books on the subject of anima and animus. (He also has a thing for feathers or plumas.) …I commend the “El Universal” writer, Leon Krauze, for having the courage to speak out!

    To English:
    el ánima

    Dictionary Conjugation Examples
    1. (psychology)
    a. el ánima (f)
    The director is interested in the feminine qualities of the character, in Macbeth’s anima.El director se interesa por las cualidades femeninas del personaje, por el ánima de Macbeth.
    b. el alma (f)
    The level of development of a man’s anima will affect the way he sees women.El nivel de desarrollo del alma de un hombre afectará su percepción de la mujer.

  • If NXIVM’s there, what’d ya say we go ahead with that wall building…PRONTO?! Carlos Slim can pay for it, Emiliano and his Mexi-NXIVM troops stay behind it and we just air-drop Keith in without papers and a box of hot sauce?

    • Changed your opinion about POTUS then Heidi-Ho? Now you are supporting the crazy fool in his wall-building lunacy, while a few years ago you blocked him on Twitter. You haven’t unfollowed Clare or started following POTUS yet…I checked yesterday.
      Showing your support to Clare and NXIVM then?
      And support for POTUS is support for a misogynistic rape culture.

      Are you REALLY a woman?

      • While your desperate efforts at narcissistic triangulation and your animus projections are amusing, your stalking behavior is not.

        “…It takes the lotion from the bucket and puts it on its skin!”… er, petals.

        From “Silence of the Lambs.”

  • One would think that the Mexican media would be alarmed at the power NXIVM wielded and still possesses in Mexico.
    Raniere and his flying monkeys actually planned to take over Mexico using their ties to Mexico’s elite families.

    From Catherine Oxenberg’s book “Captive”.
    “Keith had been playing and positioning his devoted follower Emiliano Salinas as his pawn for years while Emi’s family groomed him to follow in his father’s political footsteps. From what I heard from high-ranking defectors, the supposed plan was to get Emi into office in Mexico’s next presidential election in the summer of 2018 so that a top-ranking Espian and Nxivm devotee would have power on the world’s political stage. His father, Carlos, would use his Machiavellian methods to ensure his son’s election win, and then Keith would use Emi as his puppet and rule Mexico.”

    This NXIVM scheme was well known throughout the top tiers of NXIOVM’s leadership.

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