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FBI sifting through seized documents and videos – hampered by some 75 Bronfman-Raniere-Salzman attorneys where privilege has been invoked!

The Albany Times Union reported yesterday on the FBI’s work to sift through the discovery in the NXIVM case and noted that the Justice Department has “hired an outside vendor to help the FBI sift through a virtual mountain of data.”


Federal prosecutors estimate the computer devices contain up to 12 terabytes of data.

Raniere’s attorneys say that much of it is videos – and videos take up a lot of space.

Prosecutors noted that a U.S. Circuit Court in Manhattan characterized one terabyte of data as being the equivalent of “12 library floors’ worth of books.”

Hence, 12 terabytes would be 144 library floors – if the documents were all written.

With videos, it is somewhat different. But let it suffice to say, there are probably more videos for prosecutors to review than the sum total output of Paramount, Warner Brothers, and MGM.

But possibly not as interesting featuring as they do one very winsome star of most of the films, a short, rather pudgy, cross-eyed leading man.

Slowing up the entire process is that the prosecution in reviewing these terabytes of seized documents and videos is that they must place attorney-client privileged records into a “firewall database,” where they are being reviewed by law enforcement officials not involved in the investigation.

So, what’s so hard about that?

Because it’s not like yours or my computer being seized where there are one or two attorneys covered by privilege. I kid you not: Raniere has identified 26 attorneys that prosecutors must be wary of in sifting through the documents, Nancy Salzman has identified 7, and Clare Bronfman has identified 42. That’s 75 lawyers – not counting the 24 or so lawyers representing the various defendants in this case.

As some have said in the past, Executive Success Programs really work — for lawyers.

Keith Raniere maintained a private townhouse for mentoring female students. The townhouse, which he called ‘The Library’, has a commodious hot tub which is said to relax the female students who joined Raniere there to read and do other worthwhile things.

Some of the computer devices, we learn, could not be searched “for technical reasons” and were sent to the FBI’s headquarters for analysis, prosecutors said in court filings.

In addition to computer and other electronic devices such as data-storage devices, cameras and mobile phones, when FBI agents raided Nancy Salzman’s Saratoga County residence six months ago, the Times Union reports, “they also seized more than $520,000 in U.S. currency that was stuffed in bags, envelopes and shoeboxes, including one shoebox that held more than $390,000, according to search warrant records unsealed this summer in response to a request by the Times Union.”

There was also some small sums of Mexican [about $1,000 US] and Russian [about $10] currency.

On the same day, March 27, Raniere’s private sex lair was also raided and “audio-video recording equipment, a box of unidentified white pills, computer storage devices, binders, VHS tapes, and a book titled “History of Torture”, were seized along with other items, according to the TU report.

Federal prosecutors, in their letter to the district court on Monday, noted – ominously for the defense – that they are still receiving information from outside sources.

Keith Raniere, in ‘The Thinker’ pose, poses in front of a library of books and near a computer screen. The quote attributed to him in the picture is a sterling example of his ability to emit complete bullshit at every moment of his career.



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    • Pre 2012 list by O’Hara; add the current 25 and we’re almost there…

      Proskauer Rose LLP

      Scott A. Eggers

      Scott Harshbarger

      Douglas C. Rennie

      Peter J. W. Sherwin

      O’Connell & Aronowitz

      Stephen R. Coffey

      Joshua E. McMahon

      Pamela A. Nichols

      Andrew R. Safranko

      Richard H. Weiskopf

      Damon Morey LLP

      Beth A. Bivona

      William F. Savino

      Bernard Schenkler

      Gregory Zini

      Bartolomei & Associates

      John P. Bartolomei [To Bartolomei’s credit – when he was asked to get me indicted, he declined and soon left NXIVM’s employ. It is believed he referred BIll Savino to the vicious cult. Savino then made a fortune working for the Bronfman-Raniere crime organization – having much lower ethical standards – in my opinion.]

      Luibrand Law Firm

      Kevin Luibrand

      Schmeiser, Olsen & Watts

      Arlen L. Olsen

      Nolan & Heller

      Justin A. Heller

      Tompkins McGuire Wachenfeld & Barry

      William B. McGuire

      Grant W. Maguire

      Richard A. Ulsamer

      Latham & Watkins

      Robert D. Crockett,

      Joan E. Karn,

      John M. Falzone

      Drinker Biddle & Reath LLP

      Robert M. Leonard

      Tompkins McGuire Wachenfeld & Barry, LLP

      William B. McGuire,

      Grant W. Maguire,

      Richard A. Ulsamer

      Harris Beach

      Paul J. Yesawich III

      David J. Edwards


      Douglas Rutnik,

      Judd Burstein

      Donald T. Kinsella


  • That quote in the picture reminds me of the same masturbatory “meaningless crap, attempting to pose as wisdom” that Shadowstate likes to say in many of his comments.

    • Well, Pea, I haven’t been accused of any crimes, and I haven’t engaged in any illegal activity, so I have nothing to hide. I might be a little miffed.
      I would be angry at the violation of my right to privacy, but I know my feelings would be validated because I haven’t been engaged in trafficking, money laundering or raping little girls, nor I have I engaged in tax evasion.

      • Here, Here. I don’t think that troll can leave anything but an asinine comment. It needs to go and see the wizard about an brain implant.

    • Please Frank, for the sake and the reputation of this forum : Block that “Pea Onyou” fake… Sorry for being so rude “Pea”, but I think that you’d bette troll another forum. Here isn’t the place to be for you. You pretend to support NXIVM but you have nothing to do with this criminal organization. I seriously think that you’re just an attention wh*** and I advice you to better comment in a cancer/AIDS forum, i.e…. You’d get more attention, affection, loving words, people caring for you and about you, etc. Just pay attention not to get caught cheating in this kind of support forum… So long !

  • What kind of data is likely to be exposed? Will it contain information on anyone who has been on the striped path? The recruiters and coaches? Everyone and anyone involved with financial crimes in one capacity or another?

    • Listening to Keith talk in circles is the most boring crap I’ve ever heard. The video of him Allison talking about authenticity was the absolute worst.

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