Dr Danielle Roberts cleared by NYS of wrongdoing for branding women

The Daily Mail reports that (as usual) New York State has cleared a NXIVM member from any wrongdoing. Dr. Danielle Roberts has been cleared of wrongdoing by the state for her role in branding women on their pubic region without anesthesia.

We will have more on this pass given to Dr. Roberts, who as we have reported earlier is out speaking and recruiting for NXIVM.

Is this a harbinger of future exonerations for NXIVM leaders?

It might be if this was up to New York State.  Happily the US Attorney for the Eastern District of New York where, Bronfman money has no influence, is handling the prosecution.

So don’t be disheartened.
Here is the Daily Mail story.

EXCLUSIVE: Nxivm doctor who branded sex-slaves in secret ceremony is now recruiting members into group she founded – and still speaking at medical conferences

  • Dr. Danielle Roberts, 37, has been named by former Nxivm members as the person responsible for branding women in the sex-slave cult DOS
  • She was cleared of any wrongdoing by the New York State Board of Health, and has learned she will soon be speaking at a medical conference
  • In literature for that conference, Dr Roberts encourages people to join a group she has founded called EXO/ESO
  • It is described as a ‘program designed to build total mastery over the physical, emotional and thought components of human performance’
  • Dr Roberts would allegedly use a cauterizing pen to burn the flesh of young women with a brand that was the initials of Keith Raniere and Allison Mack


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