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Chico, CA sludge-metal quartet ARMED FOR APOCALYPSE return with demolishing new EP

Decibel Magazine calls Palm Reader, “one of the most blistering takes on sludge metal we’ve ever heard,” streams the new EP as the band supports it on tour and plans for new 2019 full-length.

Brutally powerful Northern California four-piece Armed for Apocalypse return with a new EP, new tours, and a new album soon to follow.

Having toured relentlessly with massive acts like SepulturaCrowbarHatebreed,36Crazyfists and Napalm Death in support of their first two records, Defeat (2009, Ironclad/Metal Blade) and The Road Will End (2013, Candlelight), not to mention successfully crowdfunding their way to obliterate stages across Europe, this band is overdue for an epic return.

Ahead of their long-awaited new album, A4A deliver Palm Reader, a crushing 4-song EP that re-establishes and re-energizes their blend of jugular-smashing sludge and dextrous forays into deathcore, haunting melodicism, and even post-metal.

Says their official bio:  “They don’t play dress-up and they don’t turn down. They just play crushing songs that go from slow to slower, from muck to mire, from mosh to circle-pit. And sometimes they’ll make a left turn and end up at epic. Simply put, it’s rock ‘n’ roll music tuned way down and pissed way off.”

Press Raves:

  • Palm Reader certainly makes a strong case for Armed for Apocalypse being stronger than ever… imagine previous tourmates Hatebreed, Sepultura, Napalm Death and Crowbar with a dash of Meshuggah’s relentless, almost mechanical, chug. – Decibel


  • The thickest, most punishingly-heavy aural savagery your ears will fall victim to. – Kerrang (perfect KKKKK review)


  • [A4A] crafts a rather killer soundtrack for the end of days.  Slow, fast, punk, thrash, doom… it’s all in here, often at once. – MetalSucks


  • No surly, slurring interludes, just sheer punishing heft delivered with cavernous guitars and vocals that range from pained screams to demonic death metal roars and bellows. –Teeth of the Divine


  • I have a long-term, insuppressible appetite for music that’s heavy, brutal and uncompromising. New bands that scratch that itch for me are few and far between, but Armed For Apocalypse fit the bill perfectly with their raw and vicious stoner metal. –Frank Turner


  • You have got to admire a band that kicks subtlety right in the balls and instead takes a musical approach akin to smacking someone in the mouth with board full of rusty nails.– Blabbermouth

Palm Reader releases digitally on September 28th, with physical formats to follow and touring under way through October alone and as support for The Lion’s Daughter.

Stream the album here or download promotional mp3 files here.

Armed for Apocalypse:

Nate Burman – Guitar/Vocals
Cayle Hunter – Guitar
Nick Harris – Drums

Facebook –
Twitter –
Bandcamp –

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