MK10ART's stunning portrait of Allison Mack, leader of DOS, the women's empowerment group led by sex-slaver Keith Raniere.

Allison Mack’s feet compared to Keith Raniere’s

I may have reached the bottom of the barrel. For but for my readers’ delectation, this post will compare the feet of Keith Raniere and his top slave, Allison Mack.

Allison Mack’s Twitter page features a picture of Allison Mack’s feet.

A source, who was once close to Keith Raniere, told me it was the first time she saw a pair of human feet that looked like Keith Raniere’s feet.

Allison Mack’s feet from her Twitter page.

Keith Raniere’s feet [photo belongs to and Toni Natalie].
I have to admit the paws feet are very similar.

My source tells me that Raniere’s feet are almost square – short and wide. She said his shoe size is 6 1/2 by 6 1/4.

Most people’s feet are longer than wide. But this may be a product of evolution.


For those who worry that I have now reached rock bottom and am scrounging around to find anything for new posts, stay tuned. Tomorrow, I might do fingers, or discuss that, based on his recent court appearance, it now looks almost definite that a now very gray Keith Raniere was dying his hair prior to his arrest.

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