The time has come for Nancy Salzman to sing.

What would Nancy say?

If, as has been rumored, Nancy Salzman decides to flip, I think it is fair to say that we will see the end of the man who insisted that he be called Vanguard. A man committed to fraud and lying, and a man who thought he would never get caught.

Nancy could be the nail in the Vanguard coffin.

How many incriminating things does she know? I don’t have space to list them all.

But here are a few:

Nancy knew about the perjury in the computer trespassing civil case – filed in 2013.  The statute of limitations had expired when NXIVM filed it against a group of defendants including Conde NastSuzanna AndrewsJim OdatoToni NatalieJoe O’Hara, et al..

Nancy was aware that NXIVM knew about the true date of the discovery of the computer trespass [through Mary Jane Pino’s logininfo] and that date was early 2011, not when they said they discovered it — in 2012.

Steve Ose and Nancy’s son-in-law, Ben Meyers, know all about this too.

The civil complaint was completely, provably, perjurious, and fraudulent. They stated in that complaint that they discovered the trespass in early 2012, when, in fact, they had discovered it in early 2011.

Keith knew because he ascertained the dates of the computer trespass with Steve Ose and Ben Meyers. Keith was supervising Ben and Steve and used his Yahoo account and he can’t delete Yahoo emails. There are emails and texts extant [perhaps in encrypted devices] between Keith and Ben and Steve. While Ben and Steve had email addresses and likely erased them, Keith had a Yahoo account and that can’t be erased. [World’s smartest man.]

So Keith knew. As did Clare Bronfman, that Clare had perjured herself in the civil computer trespass case.

Here’s some more proof: In early 2011, at Susan Dones’ bankruptcy trial, Clare testified that NXIVM knew people were logging on their password-protected website – and that information from there would later appear on the Saratoga in Decline blog.

Later, Clare swore she {NXIVM] found out about the trespassing in 2012. It was Keith and Nancy that assured her it would be alright, that she would get away with perjury. No one would put two and two together. It was done for the cause, for the sake of the mission. And Keith is the smartest man in the world.

Then there was the criminal computer trespass.

Nancy knew that, in order to criminally prosecute Barbara BoucheyToni NatalieJoe O’Hara and John Tighe on felony computer trespass, NXIVM had to secretly move their servers to Albany County – in 2014, then lie about the fact that their servers were located in Albany County for years before — during the alleged computer trespassing done prior to 2011.

Clare Bronfman did the lying. Keith ordered it. Nancy knew about it.  They did this in order to try to imprison Keith’s enemies. This is racketeering. And here’s some more: In the Ross civil suit, the DOJ has alleged they altered video evidence.

Nancy could tell the DOJ how they used a phony NDA contract in the criminal computer trespass case that stated that students can’t talk about other students. That contract was never incorporated into the program and didn’t come out until after 2009.

Yet they presented that contract as if it bound Mary Jane Pino and others.  NXIVM made the allegation in the civil computer trespassing complaint that this was a policy put in place regarding third-party communications about third parties in training. They used it as an example as to why Mary Jane Pino’s sharing of her login would have been improper, because of this contract.

But Pino never signed that contract. The contract wasn’t existent when Pino became a NXIVM student in 2003. Nancy was privy to this deception on the court. But it was Keith’s plan and she knows it.

This also ties in to something else: In the fall of 2006, Nancy oversaw a meeting, at 455 New Karner Road, meant to deceive the court on NXIVM’s security procedures regarding  proprietary information.  They made arrangements to create a room were the trainings were tracked and put in a password protective room at the NXIVM center. The reason they had this meeting, [Wendy Rosenbrooks, Ivy Nevares, Barbara Bouchey, and others were there], was to deceive the court that NXIVM had put into place a system where the coaches notes were being numbered and everything was in a secure room.

The people at the meeting were told to lie to the attorneys who were coming that day that this had been their procedure for years – even though the room was set up that day.  The reason the plan to lie was implemented was because the trade secret claim on the Ross case hinged on demonstrating a certain protection of the trade secrets. That policy was put into place in 2006 and was used as a basis to say that the policy existed at the time when Stephanie Franco had taken the training –in 2001.

That was fraud.  Much like moving the computer server — and then lying about when it was put there, NXIVM lied about when they put their security procedures in place to deceive the court in the Ross Case.

Nancy was in the thick of it, but Keith ordered her to do it.

It was a pivotal lie in the Ross case. In 2001, NXIVM didn’t even have that space where the proprietary information was supposedly kept. For years the notes were kept in the hallway where anyone could have taken them. In the Ross civil case, with Nancy’s help, they lied, egregiously, provably and got away with it – causing lawyers for Ross et al to spend thousands of hours fighting their lies.

Then there is Canaprobe.

Under the direction of Keith, Clare attempted to obtain personal financial information of adversaries to harm, harass and intimidate them. They attempted, or actually did get financial information on every judge in every case they were involved in. And other enemies – real or perceived.

Nancy knows Keith would decide who was to be spied on. Clare and Sara Bronfman spent over a million dollars spying on judges and others. Clare got information on her father, on Morris Sutton, the World Jewish Congress, and everyone who wrote or published a negative article about them.

Nancy can testify that Keith told Clare and Sara that there was a big Jewish conspiracy, and that it was her duty to risk breaking the law to spy on judges etc.  World issues were at stake. The Illuminati was involved. This was for the sake of the mission and the future of the world. Nancy knows. She was right there and nodded her head and went along with it all as Keith explained it to the gullible and rather stupid sisters.

Then there was the Mexican plot.

Toni Natalie got phone calls from a Mexican journalist inviting her to come to Mexico for an anti-cult conference. Nancy knows that Keith wanted to get Toni, Susan Dones, Kim Woolhouse and Barbara Bouchey down to Mexico. And not for a vacation either.

Nancy knows that Keith and Emiliano Salinas bribed a Judge in Mexico to issue an indictment against the women. Once they were lured to Mexico, they were going to be put in prison on made up charges. Keith helped write the indictment. Emiliano helped by translating it. Keith and Emiliano did this through a Gmail address they set up and communicated by writing drafts. They would both log on and communicate this way.

Nancy learned about this plot. She did nothing to warn the women who could have been imprisoned and tortured if they went to Mexico. The plan did not work because Toni was suspicious and no one went to Mexico.

Nancy – though she did nothing then – can do something now – she can tell the feds what she knows and it could help put Emiliano and Vanguard away for years to come.

If not she may go to prison for years to come and Emiliano may get off scot-free. For Nancy was part and parcel of fraudulent bookkeeping and tax evasion schemes originating in Mexico.

NXIVM used to put certain students’ names into their accounting system as having received scholarships.  They recorded them as not having paid anything for classes – when, in fact, they had paid in Mexico.

Edgar Boone use to accept applications with wire transfers to his personal bank account for Mexican trainings. Nancy, Loreta Garza, and others use to bring the cash over the border. The cash was kept in Nancy’s house.  It’s no coincidence that some $500,000 was found in a shoebox in Nancy’s home when it was raided by the FBI. That was not her savings.

I was surprised the FBI found so little. Nancy must have moved most of the cash out of her house – perhaps realizing that her house was likely to be raided. She just kept a bare-bones amount lying in shoeboxes. Smart girl.

So Edgar Boone had a bank account set up. The money would be wired into Edgar’s bank account for the Mexico trainings. Cash would come over the border. The students would be logged on NXIVM‘s system as scholarships.  There were no taxes paid on these hundreds-of-thousands of dollars of income.

The plan was – as Nancy could testify – that if Keith ever had to go into hiding, the cash was Keith’s “off the grid” fund.  Too bad for old Vanguard he got caught in Mexico. He was not enough off the gird, it seems.

Nancy also knows how, when things were going sideways in the Ross case, and Keith was ordering everyone to lie, he was concerned there might be a court order requiring NXIVM to image their computers – and the server – to authenticate what NXIVM was producing in response to discovery.

As Nancy knows, Keith ordered Karen Unterreiner and Steve Ose to wipe the whole system and change out all the hard drives.  Karen went in and cleaned up all the records of the scholarship to make it look like the money was received. Ose knows. Nancy knows. This is federal money laundering and destroying evidence.  NXIVM was at Bank of America at that time.  It can be checked out. The bank deposits will not match the scholarships.

Nancy can testify to all of it.

Very likely the amount NXIVM represented as damages in the Ross case isn’t going to match up because of malfeasance in the accounting practices.  Nancy knows who ordered it done:  Keith Alan Raniere. This occurred in 2006 and is part of their racketeering and possibly not time-barred.  Sure, Nancy will recall [as will others] how Keith was all over Karen over the computer project harassing her to get it done.

Then there was Jane Doe’s [not her real name]- imprisonment. Jane Doe reached out to Ben Meyers more than once for help. Ben went to Keith and Nancy – very upset.  Keith was livid that Jane did this. Nancy knows that Jane Doe was held in a room for 18 months. It was her house, hers and Clare’s.

Indeed, I believe it is one of the houses Nancy is using for her bail bond. {Isn’t that a delicious irony?].

Nancy went along with this scheme of imprisoning Jane. Which brings us to Rainbow Cultural Garden. Nancy can testify that Jennie Ose [Steve’s wife] kept a fraudulent set of books for Rainbow Cultural Garden. There were the official set of books with people who were legal and paid on the books, and there were the unofficial books with illegal aliens and people paid in cash or people who were in the country on fraudulently obtained Visas – who could only be paid by certain parties in certain ways.

Jennie kept track of those transactions, and the email address that the invoices went through was Jennie’s email address. Nancy knows. She was supervising.  She knows how Becky Freeman held meetings and Matt McMorris did some 40 excel spreadsheets of the minutes of those meetings. In those spreadsheets were listed the nannies, the illegal aliens; whether they were with or without green cards, etc..  And Rainbow had hundreds of thousands of dollars running through it in tuition. Much of it – perhaps all of it – unreported. Matt McMorris signed the tax returns.

Nancy knew there were two sets of books. One set they showed and one set was secret and the second set is what they used to record what they paid people who were illegal. They paid them with cash.

Some people were illegal like Cami Fernandez.  Some were in the country on fraudulently obtained visas. Nancy knows Clare was involved in every aspect of this. Clare’s foundation, the Ethical Science Foundation, was obtaining visas for so-called “teachers” in connection with an alleged scientific study about language development in children.

That was bullshit. Nancy knows and can testify too – if she chooses to do so.

Clare declared that these specialized teachers from other countries were required because no one in the US could do this work.  Consequently – in order to get the Visas approved – in her applications, Clare swore they would be paid a certain amount of money. They weren’t.  Nancy knows that Keith told Clare that it was not ethical to pay them more than they were worth as Rainbow nannies and that they had to kick back a portion of the money they were paid. Or in some instances they had to work it off under the table.

Some of these women were forced to do menial service for Nancy. She knows. There were three teachers who Clare paid for their school tuition. They came in on student visas to study at SUNY Albany and Hudson Valley. By the terms of their Visas, they weren’t allowed to work in exchange for Clare paying their tuition. But Keith ordered Clare to have them work at Rainbow or for Clare and Nancy personally for free.  Clare wrote this off on the Ethical Science Foundation taxes as a tax reduction. She did not report the work she forced them to do.

Which takes us back to Rainbow, which on paper is owned and controlled by Loreta Garza, who lived in the USA on a management visa for NXIVM.  Nancy knows Loreta was in the USA on a fraudulently obtained visa. Loreta was not a manager for NXIVM. She was the “owner” of Rainbow.

Nancy also knows that Clare oversaw everything to do with finances, and personnel, and the management of Rainbow. When Jane Doe and later her mother were imprisoned in a home owned by Nancy and Clare, illegal alien Cami Fernandez was downstairs teaching Rainbow children and being paid off the books. There were other nannies being paid that didn’t have legitimate visas, and some were kicking back money to defraud the authorities.

Cami was head teacher. She had been Nancy’s maid and came into the country illegally, lived here illegally, and Nancy knew all about it. You must admit, it was peculiar: The head teacher of Rainbow was teaching in Nancy and Clare’s house – she – an illegal alien – running classes in their house – while her mother and sister were locked in rooms upstairs.  This is the demented world of Keith Raniere.

And Nancy can tell the truth about how old Cami really was when she first had sex with Keith.

There is another tie-in: We know Clare hacked her father’s email account. She sent an email to her father that had a picture of a bear etc..  What Nancy can add is that Jane Doe was tied into this.

Keith was trying to groom Jane Doe to be a hacker and he told Nancy and others the reason he confined her to a room was because she was a disobedient hacker. Keith told others her ethical breach, the reason she had to be locked in this room for 18 months, was she wouldn’t go through with the hacking he wanted her to do

What he did not tell – and what Nancy knows – was the real reason Keith imprisoned Jane Doe was because she would not have sex with only him. Jane Doe told Keith [the audacity of the woman] that if he could have sex with many other women, she reserved the right to have sex with other men – specifically Ben Meyers.

This was the same Jane Doe who worked with Clare to embed a picture of a bear, because Clare’s father’s nickname for her was “Clare bear” – with a keylogger – on Clare’s father’s computer.

It was the same Jane Doe whose job it was to read Edgar Bronfman’s emails then report the contents to Keith and Clare. She got imprisoned because she refused to be a fool for Raniere – as a harem member. She was willing to be with Keith – but not exclusively. Just as he was not monogamous – he could not expect her to be monogamous – and the monster went out of his mind.

He had her imprisoned.  Why Nancy is important is because she knows this and can corroborate Jane’s testimony. It is not just Keith and Clare denying and Jane asserting and the defense trying to trip Jane up and intimidate her. Yes, Jane’s mother knew about the imprisonment but she didn’t know about the hacking.  But there are at least four people who know all: Jane Doe, Keith, Clare and Nancy Salzman.

Nancy also knows that Kathy Russell was assigned to deliver Keith his cash. It often came from Nancy’s house so she knows.  Kathy – the pretty ballerina is not likely to flip – not when stardom is just around the corner. She wants to be true to her Vanguard. She want to perform on stage as a prima donna in a premier ballet company. Keith said she could do it. And he’s the smartest man in the world.

But Nancy knows all about Kathy Russell. [I do not see any ballet in Kathy’s near future. But of course she is only 60, she has lots of time.]

Nancy can also testify how and why Keith started sleeping with Clare Bronfman – and about his fears about losing her and her money in 2013.  Nancy can testify how and why Keith ordered Sara Bronfman to marryBasit Igtet – against her wishes.  And how he manipulated Emiliano into sleeping with Alex Betancourt and the reason why he persuaded Emi to turn gay.  And how Keith set up Sara with Lama Tenzin and ordered her to have sex with him and why. There is much Nancy knows and can tell about her Vanguard.

If she flips and saves herself and her daughter[s] and son-in-law, she can do a lot to redeem herself and save them and put the monster away forever.

Sure, she committed lots of crimes – as much as any but, as they say, “better late than never.”

Yet it’s awfully late for Nancy Salzman.

Stay tuned…

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  • A bit off topic, but is not HUGELY IRONIC that a MAJOR Scientology supporter, Teresa Reile, has written two recent editorials for this site extolling Scientology front groups Narcanon and The Citizen’s Committee of Human Rights? NXIVM stole it’s modus operandi from Scientology but Parlato has turned a blind eye to Teresa Reile.propagandizing for another totalitarian organisation responsible for the immiseration of thousand of people. Arguably larger in scope and more damaging than NXIVM.
    Even more ironic her proposals are not that bad, arguing against mainstream psychiatry, claiming it is based on fraud. So the Scientologists have a point but for the wrong reasons. They simply want to replace one form of mental control with another one equally pernicious, their own. My point is Reile has refused to comment on her association with Scientology. And Frank has been remiss in letting readers know this.

  • Wow, a lot of info to process for the NXIVM-heads who flock to this site like wasps to picnic cake. None of the above seems to be anything new, and Parlato,an old yellow journalist with the morals of a mob boss, has made this case his life’s work;.largely because revenge is sweet. If he were not personally involved in this caper he would be listening to putrid 50’s crooners, and playing insipid tunes on his syntheziser. Wait, he already does that, so never mind.The intricacies of NXIVM are breathtaking and worthy of an in depth look. Parlato had mentioned the Illuminati. Where did he get his info on that w/r/t/ NXIVM?
    I’m surprised Shadowstate and the 1st Amendment-hating Texan have not written a monograph about this article. As they seem to with every other one.Which staff-member of the Frankreport writes under the name of Pea Onyu?

  • Sadly this all sounds like some sinister diabolical plot to malign the character of a good number of people and even taint a potential jury pool. Cases need to be tried in courts of law, not in the press or social media.

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