MK10ART tells chilling story of Raniere’s seduction and rape of 12-year-old

MK10ART- the brilliant artist and lampooner – continues with her series of stunning and incisive artwork on the macabre subject of Keith Raniere.

In her latest  – of which she has completed 11 in a series called “The Smartest Man in the World” – she confronts the gruesome story of the rape of 12-year-old Rhiannon.

Not only is the art exquisite, but the storytelling is compelling. The entire Raniere fiendish cast are painted here as ghostly, vastly evil images.  Pam Cafritz looks particularly sinister. As readers know, this “beloved” NXIVM figure set little Rhiannon up for rape by hiring her to walk her dog so she would be right at home – the home where Pam, Barb Jeske and the dashing world’s smartest man lived.

So smart. And just think at this time  –1990 – he wasn’t even a Vanguard yet.

Here are MK10ART’s first 11 in the series:











Finally, for a special treat: MK10Art’s Dr. Danielle Roberts – the mad branding doctor of Clifton Park. The piece is described: “Dr. Danielle Roberts burns up the Hippocratic Oath with her cauterizing pen.”


See more of this talented artist’s work at https://www.instagram.com/mk10art/ 

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  • Cool comic, It would be appreciated if you could allow a click to enlarge option so we can read the text. Also, I like the Dr. Roberts bit about the Hippocratic oath. The thing is, though, none of the women who were branded ever questioned the procedure or asked to stop it being done. My feeling is, if a guy hired an actor from a second-rate TV show to do an informerical for him, and attended an Amway seminar as well, that would be enough red flags for me to keep away. These women of DOS did no due diligence and were swept away by their own greed, aligning themselves unconditionally with whatever had showy cash and grandeur provided by the Liquorman twins. Without the torrents of cash from the Liquorman twins KR would be nothing but a forgotten twerp, probably bagging groceries somewhere as a registered sex offender.

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