Why was Judge Angry with Raniere’s Lawyer? New Filings Laid Out Revised Schedule Before Yesterday’s Status Conference

Although it may have appeared at yesterday’s Status Conference that Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis was surprised to find out, for the first time, that the start date for Raniere, Mack, Bronfman, Salzman, Salzman and Russell trial had been moved back to March 18, 2019, that was most likely not the case.

That’s because Assistant U.S. Attorneys Moira Kim Penza and Tanya Hajjar had actually filed a notice to that effect a day earlier.

In their October 3rd letter to the magistrate judge who is overseeing the discovery process [and filed on the docket], the AUSAs laid out “…a proposed schedule for discovery and motion practice” that had been substantially agreed to by all the parties. They also promised to keep working with the defense attorneys on the unresolved matters – and to report back to the magistrate judge on those matters within two weeks.

So, Judge Garaufis was not likely surprised yesterday by the news that the defense attorneys had agreed to postpone the start of the trial by more than two months – but he was definitely unhappy with the process that led to that delay.

In their October 3rd letter to the magistrate judge, Moira and Tanya identified all the relevant dates leading up to the trial. These are as follows:

RE: Meet & Confer Meetings
– October 22nd: Privilege Meet-and-Confers Between Firewall Team and Counsel for Defendants Raniere, Bronfman, and Nancy Salzman

[This concerns attorney-client privilege issues and the “Firewall Team” at the FBI who are supposed to keep the confidential issue confidential from the FBI case agents and quite possibly other defendants.]

RE: Motions Regarding Issues Not Related To Discovery
– November 16th: Defense Motions Due
– December 14th” Government Responses Due To Defense Motions
– December 21st: Defense Replies Due To Government Responses

RE: Discovery Deadline
– December 7th: There is still a major dispute between the defense attorneys and the prosecution as to what this already established deadline means. The defense attorneys want this to be an absolute “cut-off” date: i.e., the prosecution would not be allowed to introduce any evidence at trial that it had not already turned over to the defense attorneys by this date. But the prosecution wants this to simply be the date by which they “…will have produced as much (of the discovery materials) as possible” – which is what the transcript from the last hearing indicates.

RE: Motions Related To Jury Selection
– January 14th: The defense attorneys don’t want to call in prospective jurors until February 11th

RE: Prosecution Motion To Admit Criminal Enterprise Evidence
– January 28th: Motion Due
– February 4th: Defense Responses Due
– February 11th: Prosecution Reply Due

RE: Motions In Limine
– February 11th: Motion Due
– February 22nd: Responses Due
– March 4th : Replies Due

RE: Opening Statements & Trial
– March 18th

So, as mentioned above, prior to heading into court yesterday, Judge Garaufis was very likely well aware that most of the important dates for the upcoming trial had already been agreed upon by the prosecution and the defense attorneys without any input from him. And he knew that despite their prior hard-ass arguments that the trial needed to get started as soon as possible – an argument that was pushed hardest by Marc Agnifilo, Raniere’s lead attorney – the entire gaggle of defense attorneys had rolled over and agreed to push the start date for the trial back until March 18th.

In addition to all that, Judge Garaufis also knows that up until now, the defense attorneys have still not seen any [or at least not much] of the evidence that the prosecution plans to use against the defendants (There is still a battle going on over that issue – which I’ll explain in a later post). And given the amount of that evidence, the judge knows there will very likely be motions for delays once the defense attorneys actually see what they’re up against.

So, here we are with a judge who thinks he’s been disrespected by Marc Agnifilo and the rest of the defense attorneys – and who has made it very clear that he doesn’t intend to let that happen again. I don’t think that bodes well for the defendants – especially Federal Inmate #57005-177, Keith Alan Raniere A/K/A/ The Vanguard.

Marc Agnifilo seen here with co counsel Paul DerOhannesian may be on borrowed time with his client, Keith Alan Raniere.

Don’t be surprised to see more names added to the list of attorneys who are representing Raniere and the other defendants over the course of the next few weeks.

And don’t be surprised to see some of the names on the current list submitting “Requests To Withdraw”.

Vanguard does not suffer losses very well – even when he’s the one who is responsible for designing the strategy that led to the loss.

He who has the most joy wins – but not necessarily he who has the most attorneys…

It’s funny – this kind of bait-and-switch,  maneuver and inundate and blanket the opposing party with motions and other legal games – seemed to have worked quite well for Keith Raniere during his 50 or so lawsuits against various enemies in the past.

Judge Nicholas Garaufis seems intolerant of the strategy Keith Raniere’s attorneys are employing.  In the past when Raniere did not like a ruling, he withdrew the lawsuit, then sued the same parties in another court – in effect firing the judge. This option is simply not available to the world’s smartest man in this particular case.

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    I know that you’re upset about Kavanaugh being confirmed soon.

    But here’s something else to think about.

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    It would take a supermajority of the senate, or 67 votes, to actually remove somebody after being impeached (this includes both a President or a SCOTUS Justice). That’s impossible in today’s world.

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      Obviously you suffer from some very severe mental health issues, and with the extreme hatred you display towards me , I wonder if you could be connected to the criminals who have harassed me.

      I wonder if Frank is able to get your IP, and if that could be used as evidence?

  • Why is this question so difficult to answer? The judge said he was pissed the NXIVM lawyers ignored him during the last hearing and he’s been stewing on it for weeks. Why do you people insist on making the simple difficult?

  • This website used to be reliably informational about NEXUIM where most comments where welcomed. Sadly, it has become a sad state if bickering and petty back and forth commentary resulting in nothing new here. It’s just plain dumb. Merry Christmas. Make America Great Again!

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  • Judges are above all consummate actors, and very good at blustering when it suits their purposes. I can’t count the number of times I have seen a judges flip switches from blustering to joking around to completely calm in mere seconds.

    His heart rate probably didn’t even go up while he was chewing them out.

    The only weird thing is that he didn’t blow up at the time when they ignored him, so it may have come up in discussion with the court reporter or the bailiff or whomever afterwards.

  • Oh man.

    Leland Keyser — Blasey Ford’s best friend — has admitted to the FBI that an ex FBI agent (who’s also good friends with Ford) tried to pressure Leland to change her story in order to support Ford’s story that it happened.

    That’s checkmate.

    Leland Keyser has sworn under penalty of perjury that despite Ford saying that Leland was also at the party, she wasn’t there. She has no recollection of ever being at that party or even meeting Kavanaugh ever in her life (even though another friend of Blasey Ford tried to pressure her to change this admission).

    This is why the cloture vote was passed and why Kavanaugh will be confirmed soon.

    Blasey Ford has established herself as a liar. She won’t provide her therapist notes. She can’t provide a single witness to say the party happened. She can’t remember where or when it happened. In one story, it was 1982. In another story, it was mid 80’s. In another story, it was her late teens. In another story, she was 15.

    She says somebody drove her home afterwards (but can’t remember who) yet no cell phones existed back then — and she ran out of the house without calling anybody for a ride first. Liar liar pants on fire. What a joke.

    Her ex boyfriend also confirmed that she has no fear of flying (or fear of small spaces) and in fact she flew in many small single-engine planes during their 6 year relationship. He also says she used her psychology training to coach another friend to pass a polygraph test to join law enforcement.

    What a liar. She’s basically scum of the earth. Totally exposed.

    I just hope Flowers doesn’t have a heart attack once Kavanaugh gets confirmed.

    On second thought, that wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world — since we’d be rid of that feminazi. 🙂

    It just goes to show that there’s no “truth” gene that’s exclusive to women.

    Women, just like men, are equally capable of lying their ass off just like they did in the Duke Lacrosse hoax and the UVA hoax, and again with Blasey Ford.

    It’s so sad how many women got duped by Blasey Ford. It’s so sad how they still refuse to look at the tons of contradictions and lies which the FBI report has confirmed.

    You wanted the FBI report, but now that it finally came out — you don’t like the results.

    Sorry Flowers, but the truth finally prevailed. 🙂

    Confirmation coming soon. 🙂

    • Let’s see if Frank remembers what he wrote last month: “As a compromise and to accommodate all – starting today, I am going to move comments on posts that have nothing to do with the posts themselves – but are expressions of hatred, anger and mockery toward other commenters – with no semblance of addressing issues actually under discussion in the post – to a brand new section – called “The Nasties’ Corner.”

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        • I didn’t write that comment Frieda, so I couldnt care less if it’s removed or not. But the comments about topics that have nothing to do with NXIVM, are usually not written by me. I believe the poster was referring to the comments by ‘confirmation soon’., whose post had nothing to do with the topic on discussion .
          And neither did your petty little comment.

    • That’s not true. I read the news too,moron. The friend never said she was not at the party, she said she could not recall the party. Is that so surprising? Do you remember all the parties you went to 35 years ago?
      But I have to wonder what is wrong with you, as you seem to think it’s important to me for some reason. Just as you ignorantly thought I would care about the Roe v Wade decision, when I live in Canada. Are you so stupid that you think Canada follows American laws?

    • I’m thrilled that Kavanaugh will be confirmed. None of this nonsense should have happened . Ultimately the blame lies with the democrats who are constantly using people like Ford who have issues. She was promised she would not have to testify, very naive of her to believe that and yes she s lied repeatedly. We need to clean house in the Senate and start setting term limits. Now they have damaged women’s credibility and for good reason , you can’t ruin a man’s career with a lie like this and not expect some fallout. Now you just say something happened don’t have to prove it how dare we ask for proof. And Ford has destroyed her own reputation. This is not today’s subject but it was good news thank you for sharing.

      • Drunk fratboy, Boof the rapist, is the liar. I have yet to talk to even one women who thinks he was truthful and that Ford was not.
        But then you’re not really a woman, are you Heather?
        A real woman would not support a rapist.
        I wonder if Boofys wife is going to leave him now…I could see in her eyes that she knew Boofus was a big old lying pig.

          • Third world country? Canada won’t be changing abortion laws anytime soon, unlike the US, where women’s rights are being taken away.

            And I’m going to guess that the Boofus committed a lot more crimes than we are aware of. Liars and rapists continue to be shitty people for their entire lives, they just learn how to hide their crimes better. But a leopard can never change it’s spots.

          • Having a baby-killing country is nothing to be proud of. Which “women’s rights” have been taken away in the U.S. over the past few years? You don’t think the FBI would have uncovered bad behavior from Kavanaugh over the past 6+ background investigations? I had one similar one done on me years ago, and I can assure you they turn over every single rock they can find. You are so clueless it bounces between being ridiculous, sad, and hilarious.

          • Having a country run by a corrupt adulterer, who cheats , lies, steals and disrespects women, must make you so proud..
            We all know that the mentally ill Christian groups who are opposed to abortion and birth control are hoping to make those things more difficult for women to obtain in the US, and that Boof is another one of their puppets.

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    • Even the so-called outrage and the protests…haven’t they all been linked to George Soros? I mean, they have been PAID to protest which means going all in no matter how big and obvious the lies.

  • The judge never said that he didn’t first hear about these things a day earlier, Frank.

    Why are you making an issue of this trivial fact?

    October 4th was the first time he got a chance to PHYSICALLY respond to the defendant’s attorneys about that shit.

    Tell me something Frank… How the fuck can the judge respond to a filing made on October 3rd IF the fucking defense attorneys aren’t coming into his court until October 4th?

    Is he suppose to phone them, one by one, to scold them on the phone a day earlier? That’s not even legally allowed, as he must wait for prosecutors to be present too.

    Stop misleading us about the wonderful judge. He did exactly as he was supposed to do and your story is shit.

    I’d rather you write about Keith’s rodent feet or his flaccid cock than hear you trash the judge like this, Frankie boy.

    • Where did you see trash talking? I think we are all happy that the judge isn’t putting up with defense bullshit. And the judge is letting them know now it’s his courtroom and he decides what will be acceptable regardless when it was agreed to by defense. Looks like your angry and taking it out on Frank.
      And below we have the ever intelligent words of wisdom from Ms Onyu. I’m sure the Senate has been waiting to hear from you. By the way anyone who chooses to use pea onyu doesn’t rally expect to be taken seriously so the only option left is you are a troll. And if you actually believe your views are support of vanguard you have surely harmed him much more than helped him. I’ve been hoping that was for purpose all along for surely you’ve caused people to switch sides and go against him so thankyou for that.

  • The judge must be fired. He has proven he is temperamentally unfit to judge Vanguard. He should be immediately removed from the case and if necessary impeached by the Senate.

    • Even better, let’s give Vantard a full apology and give him Kavanaugh’s seat on SCOTUS.

      Sorry, normally I discourage the feeding of trolls.

      • I’m not a troll. Not any more than any other anonymous person here. I have a legitimate point of view and I express it in this forum. I am one do the few voices who openly supports Vangaurd.

        • Will there ever be a time when you form a coherent sentence, pee brain?

    • If this judge were to be replaced with another judge that frowns upon Keith’s crimes, should that judge also be replaced? Realistically, the judge will not be judging Vanturd, a jury of his peers will. The judge just hands out the sentence. Troll

    • My rhetorical question of the day – Did you overdose on your stupid pills again?

    • Pea, it’s too bad you can’t get Judge Boofus to try the case, as that would guarantee sympathy for the Vanguard .

  • “Vanguard does not suffer losses very well – even when he’s the one who is responsible for designing the strategy that led to the loss.”

    Well that’s too damn bad. Vanguard has no choice in that matter. His days are numbered and quicker than most realize.

  • Every time new attorneys come on board and old attorneys leave there will be delays to allow the new attorneys to come up to speed.

    “And given the amount of that evidence, the judge knows there will very likely be motions for delays once the defense attorneys actually see what they’re up against.”

    The defense attorneys will be up against a tsunami of evidence.
    Twelve terabytes of digital files plus eyewitness testimony

    12 terabytes of data are roughly equivalent to:

    – 5,280,000,000 single-spaced typewritten pages
    – 1,006,633 phone books
    – 19,358 regular compact discs
    – 2,614.5 DVDs
    – 61.4 average-sized hard disks (200 GB)
    – 9.6 human brains (the capacity of a human being’s functional memory is estimated to be 1.25 terabytes by futurist Raymond Kurzweil in The Singularity Is Near)
    – All the data from Microsoft’s WorldWide Telescope

    And as the information is processed, there will be new charges and new defendants.
    Don’t expect the trial to begin for another year.

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