To Nancy from a reader – Go Ahead and Flip – you were never a Nazi

By A Reader

Dear Nancy:

As you are well aware, you have one life. And one death.

Reincarnation is always a possibility but it’s not a given. YOU know this life is a given.

For greed, you got caught up with a monster. You’re not the first or last or even the worst for doing such. It’s what you do now that will determine the afterlife. Maybe there isn’t one. Do you want to take that chance? Did you believe Keith when he told you that you were a reincarnated Nazi?

To me, personally, it was one of his worst crimes. The way he played you all is so despicable, as most Jews lost family during the war, regardless of where your parents and grandparents lived, they lost even more than family. Keith is the ultimate con man. Frank is very good at showing the story, making it real for us.

My perception of the Bronfman sisters in the early days was that of two young women feeling unworthy of all this money they had for doing nothing to gain it. He played on their guilt. But Clare was tight, I think, even Keith had to play her carefully. The greedy bitch couldn’t even pay hourly workers their worth.

As the 2nd of the Edgar Bronfman Sr.’s family, they may not have been exactly welcomed by their elder brothers and sister, but loved by their father. It must have been confusing for these little girls. Mommy was busy looking for her next sugar daddy; nannies just aren’t the same.

Keith convinced these reincarnated Nazis (rich Jewish heiresses ) that they had an obligation to use their money to benefit the world (Raniere’s world).

Nancy, you had to have seen and used this too to your advantage. You’re heading toward the edge. I hope once you start talking, you share all, it’s not to late to teach your children right from wrong. Set the example you didn’t while raising them. They are the only legacy you have to leave behind.

What if they have children. What would you want to be remembered for? Part 1 of Nancy saves NXIVM Survivors?

PS: you were never a NAZI.

The man on the left told the woman on the right that she was Adolf Hitler in her last life.
Was Adolf Hitler reborn as Nancy Salzman? Keith Raniere said it was so.
Nancy Salzman – before she knew she was Hitler in her last life.
Once she learned she was Adolf Hitler, how hard she worked for Keith Raniere to undo the travesty she had created in the past.
According to Keith Raniere, the former Adolf Hitler became his disciple and partner. Hitler died but Raniere informed his gullible student and business partner, Nancy Salzman, that she was Hitler in her past life.  Raniere gave  Salzman the title of Prefect, which is much lower than her previous title Fuhrer.
The Prefect uses charts to teach students.

V Week 2016 had an estimated 400 attendees… Seated next to Vanguard are Prefect and the late Pamela Cafritz. Cafritz was only a low-level Nazi, while Salzman was formerly Adolf Hitler, according to Raniere.

Hitler and Mussolini reunited? Nancy [Prefect, formerly the Fuhrer] Salzman cuts the ribbon, opening the Mexico City NXIVM center. Alejandro Alex [El Duce] Betancourt [l] [formerly Benito Mussolini] and Emiliano Salinas [R] [formerly Carla Petacci?] look on.
Related image
Benito Mussolini and lover Carla Petacci
Alex [rear] with his lover  Emiliano. If Alex was Mussolini, was Emiliano Carla Petacci?

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Alejandro ‘Alex’ Betancourt

Image result for carla petracci mussolini

Image result for emiliano salinas

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