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Nov. 15: Phoebe Legere Plays Rochester

November 15:  A Cajun Joyride at Abilene, Rochester

Phoebe “Songbundle” Legere 

Phoebe Legere will be performing at Abilene Bar & Lounge, in Rochester, at 8 PM.

Abilene Bar & Lounge is at 153 Liberty Pole Way, in Rochester, NY.

Admission is $12 in advance, and $15 at the door.

The venue phone is 585-232-3230.

The website is

The Facebook event page is

Opening will be Andrew Alling, local favorite.


Phoebe Legere’s upcoming album, SQUEEZE ME features her award-winning accordion music, and will be out in 2019. She is an Abenaki/Acadian songwriter, painter and community activist. She incorporates 10,000 year old medicine songs from her tribe, the Abenaki of Maine, into her songs about contemporary life. She appears on HBO’s documentary IT’S ME HILARY. Her original song “Hip Hop Frog,” a song about the environment, was licensed by HBO.  Her women-themed paintings and drawings are in museums and major collections. She stars in the Troma movies, TOXIC AVENGER 2 &3. She opened for her close friend, the late David Bowie, on his National Tour. She has played with Joni Mitchell and Billy Joel, John Hartford and the Boston Symphony Orchestra. Phoebe is the Executive Director and founder of the Foundation for New American Art. FFNA brings music and art to the children of low-income communities. Her last release HEART OF LOVE, broke the top 20 on Americana/Roots Music Radio charts. HITS magazine called Phoebe, “one of the most, inspired and talented creative-supernovas on the planet…One of those rare luminous souls… beautiful, wickedly funny, anointed with wisdom, and her music possesses Native American mystical and healing qualities. Like Billie Holiday or Jimi Hendrix or Miles Davis or Sun Ra…”

The Tridexterous Andrew Alling, a one-man jamband  performs  exclusively on acoustic guitar, organ bass pedals and the harmonica, often simultaneously.Balanced with his current yoga practice, his music speaks of politics, love, hardship, truth, adversity and hope.Watch his videos at:

With their creativity and spirituality, both are active #MagicFolk artists.

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