Reader: Don’t believe Frank – I am so sick of this BS that Kristin Kreuk recruited tons of people

By Jesse

I would highly suggest you do your research instead of believing everything that Frank says. I think it’s hilarious that he only posts comments from people who agree with his ridiculous accusations.

I am so sick of this BS that she recruited tons of people and they all ended up in deep with NXIVM. I can count on one hand the number of people she recruited!!

Kristin only moved up once in the cult and stayed at that level for the rest of her time there. I think it’s unbelievable that there are members who recruited thousands of people and yet you guys, who are believing Frank’s nonsense, are getting hung up on KK recruiting a few people.

I’m really getting tired of people dissecting her statement and saying she should have said this or that. Or, ‘Oh, she meant this.’ Who are you to question what she said?! There was nothing wrong with her statement and she didn’t deflect anything!!

And why the crap would KK have to write in her statement that she is willing to work with authorities??!! The stuff Keith and Allison are being charged with have nothing to do with what Kristin participated in.

She, out of all the people who have been named, has the least amount of information because she was NOT in the inner circle. Like, how many people need to say that before you people wake up and believe it? Sarah Edmondson who ran ESP in Vancouver, which is where KK went, has stated multiple times that Kristin was not in the inner circle. Along with others.

Also, if KK was trying to hide, I’m pretty sure the hour-long documentary Sarah, Mark Vicente and her husband Anthony Ames did on A&E would have blocked out her photo. Mark Hildreth was blurred out but she wasn’t.

KK could have stayed quiet and not said anything. But she chose to speak “her” truth about what she knew. First, everyone is complaining (because of Frank) that she wasn’t speaking up and then when she finally does, people like you and Frank are still criticizing her.

And not that this is important (?) Kristin was still friends with a couple of people in NXIVM, but she wasn’t hanging out with them.

I don’t know who you are, but you sure as heck don’t come off as someone “who likes” Kristin. These speculations are really starting to wear thin.

You guys have no freakin’ clue the kind of person she is.


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  • Kristin basically is not even included the case against the leaders of DOS. So agreed…there is no story here that envolves Kreuk.
    The Police and the Courts have their cases set already. Kristin will move on and enjoy her almost 20 year sucessful career as a actress and producer. Good for her.

    • You are a pathetic fan boy. You have zero idea what Kreuk did and what she knows. The investigation goes beyond DOS moron. Kreuk has not been held to account. It is ridiculous to believe in all her years as a top NXIVM member, she knew nothing. You are a dickhead.

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