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Nov 13th : Adventurer in Buffalo, NY

Adventurer comes to Buffalo on Tuesday, November 13th at ‘Stamps The Bar’ located at 98 Main St, Tonawanda, NY. The tickets are $8 presale. Doors open at 6pm for anyone 18 years or older.

Detroit based Post hardcore 3 piece Adventurer has been a Driving force in the Michigan post hardcore scene since their debut selftitled EP in 2014, gaining attention from Blue Swan Records and signing with them in August of that year. Adventurer went on a week run of the blue swan tour in support of Hail the Sun that year and toured out the beginning of 2015, After a bad van accident adventurer went Through a member change releasing the song “Galaxy God” as a 2 piece with victor yousoff from sycamore filling in on the recording. In february 2016 Tj Mulawka joined on Drums and Adventurer released A Split EP with Wolf & Bear that may, in may that year Adventurer recorded their debut full length Sacred Grove. “Caught up in a Lie“ was the first single released and shortly after Adventurer released Sacred Grove on September 8th 2017 on Blue Swan Records.

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