Nancy Salzman on a regimen of medication – apparently not using NXIVM tech alone to cure ‘life threatening’ illness

As of Friday, October 12, there are 170 court filings in the matter of the USA v. Raniere, Mack, Bronfman, Salzman, Salzman & Russell.  A review of the latest ones may be of interest to readers.

Document 159 is from Nancy Salzman’s attorney, Robert Soloway, who, on October 3, requested of Judge Nicholas Garaufis that Nancy be excused from attending the Status Conference of October 4.  As readers know, it was granted and she did not attend.

But we did learn something interesting from the request.

Soloway’s letter reads in part, “Ms. Salzman continues to recover from recent surgery and is on a regimen of medication which makes her weak and nauseous. For these reasons it would be a substantial hardship for her to travel and attend court.”

Of course, I am very sorry to learn she is ill – and hope for her speedy recovery. Previously, her lawyers told the court she has a “life-threatening” illness.  But what is interesting here is that she is on a “regimen of medication.”

I assume it is not a regimen prescribed by Keith Raniere.  As readers know, he prescribed medicine of some kind that was consumed by Pam Cafritz, in the form of a thick milky-colored beverage – and that was unsuccessful in her cure of cancer.

Nancy told friends last year at V-Week that she had breast cancer and was planning to cure it without conventional medical treatment using NXIVM technology solely.  It appears she may have abandoned that idea. Hopefully, she will also abandon Vanguard altogether.

Her life and her freedom may be at stake.

When Pam died, Keith – always ready with a lie – told followers that he would have cured Pam – and that he had identified the right drugs to cure her – but that the FDA did not approve the drug and he had to get it from a foreign country.

As soon as he got it, she would be cured. Sadly, Raniere told his gullible believers, the medicine arrived on the very day Pam died. Had he gotten it one day earlier, Pam would have been saved.

It was, therefore, the FDA’s fault, not his.

Document 164 is the judge’s approval for Nancy to be excused from the hearing.






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  • She had a radical mastectomy. From my sources, she does not have to have chemo which means the margins were free from cancer. Next month she will have reconstruction surgery.
    Looks like she will be well enough in time for the trial!

  • And stay away from creepy pedophiles who lack a medical license to dispense/prescribe medication.

  • Nancy Salzman:

    Get well soon.
    The FBI needs your assistance in decrypting the digital files on your computers.
    And the FBI would like your assistance in convincing your daughter Lauren to cooperate with the prosecutors.
    And we wish you well so you can testify at the trial.

    And stay away from any strange milky white liquids.

    • You are not too bright. I have a hunch Nancy is not going to be around too much longer. Sorry Kreskin the Feds are not going to need Nancy. to decrypt anything.

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