Kristin Kreuk with teen girls making ice cream.
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Reader: ‘Kristin Kreuk’s Girls by Design was absolutely NXIVM!’

Please note that the interest in Kristin Kreuk continues. I think it is not merely because she is one of the best known NXIVM members, but because, unlike many others, her position  and role in NXIVM is vague and unclear. Here are some comments and links sent by a reader, followed by my own thoughts on the topic.

A Reader writes:

“Girls by Designs was absolutely NXIVM. Kristin Kreuk, Kendra Voth, [name redacted], Tabatha Chapman and others were all involved with NXIVM. They did a weekend retreat for teen girls.”

“Kreuk, Voth and [name redacted] were there. Here are some clips of Kristin Kreuk being weird and culty.”

Kristin Kreuk talking to teenage girls about “change” and how to “inspire change.”

The description of the video reads: “This weekend was sooo much fun and an amazing experience. I made this video to capture some of the special moments. I was a little limited on pictures but I made it work. Sorry for when the videos are sideways. Anyways I hope you enjoy this because this weekend was one of the best i’ve ever had!! Thank you Girls By Design and Time Out Retreat!! Special Thanks to Kristin Kreuk!!”

In the video below, Kristin Kreuk reads to teen girls a quote from Buckminster Fuller, an architect and scientist, who popularized the geodesic dome and was the second world president of Mensa, the high IQ society, and a likely hero of Keith Raniere’s: “I live on Earth at present, and I don’t know what I am. I know that I am not a category. I am not a thing — a noun. I seem to be a verb, an evolutionary process – an integral function of the universe.”

The description of the next video reads, “Highlights from “Time Out For Teens” – a ‘special’ retreat for teen girls that took place on March 7th, 2009 at Warner Springs Ranch and was co-produced by Girls By Design (Kristin Kreuk & Kendra Voth) and Time Out Retreat (name redacted). For info on upcoming retreats, you can always click on and”

Kristin Kreuk spent a lot of time during her heyday with NXIVM in outreach with teen girls. Was it an innocent desire to mentor teen girls? Or was she covertly recruiting for NXIVM or, worse, grooming girls by design for her master Keith Raniere’s boudoir? She almost certainly had to be aware of Raniere’s teaching that society imposes artificial and improper age of consent rules on teen girls. Everyone in NXIVM who took Level 2 intensives knew that. Kruek was a Yellow Sash with Two Stripes – so she was far more than a student, she was a serious coach for NXIVM.
“Kreuk is still in contact with [name redacted] by the way. “Minimal contact” my ass,” our readers tells us.

Here is Kristin Kreuk & Kendra Voth with Thailand Girl Guides

Kristin Kreuk, with her most famous NXIVM recruit – actress and now alleged sex trafficker, Allison Mack. Kreuk says she left in 2013, though others say it was 2015 or later. Mack stayed in NXIVM and faces a lengthy prison sentence if convicted for her allegedly illegal role in the cult that blackmails and brands women.

At the same time she was reaching out to teen girls, Kristin Kreuk was reaching out to college students with a survey hosted on NXIVM High-Rank Karen Unterreiner’s website,, and made a live performance under Keith Raniere’s banner.

On taxpayer-funded Canadian TV, Kristin Kreuk plays a brave lawyer who risks her career to protect young women.

From left: Kristin Kreuk, Suzanne Gomez (her CW Publicist), Kendra Voth (who she met on CW Network show Smallville) and Rose Bhura. Kristin Kreuk and Rose Bhura did a short film together called “Blink” in which several NXIVM members were involved, including Kreuk, Bhura, Mark Hildreth and Tony Dean Smith.

Krsitin Kreuk and Allison Mack went to Necker Island on a NXIVM retreat in 2010. Only top NXIVM members were invited.

Kristin Kreuk and Allison Mack embrace a man in the middle … wait that’s no man — isn’t that Alex Betancourt?

Allison Mack, Kristin Kreuk and Sara Bronfman emptied a few glasses at a Necker Island NXIVM retreat.

She may not have witnessed anything nefarious during her time with NXIVM, but Kristin Kreuk witnessed a whole lotta love during her time with NXIVM.***

It may be true that the actress’ role in NXIVM is, just as she says – perfectly innocent – and, as some of her defenders say, she has no obligation to speak out against the group.  On the other hand, it was a major part of her life for some 7 years. It might be wise for her to be forthcoming and tell her fans more about her experiences – the good, the bad and the ugly [Raniere].

Her silence makes her look suspicious.  Perhaps if she wasn’t such a virtue signaller – taking on causes quite remote from her and equally safe – people might be more tolerant of her silence on her role in NXIVM.  If it was innocent – if Kristin Kreuk attended intensives and maybe allowed her name and image and fame be used to recruit people into something she believed then to be really good – what harm would there be for her to explain what she did and how she found out about the certain elements of the cult that prompted her to leave?

On the other hand, if the truth is that she knew about the seedy, shady, possibly illegal aspects of NXIVM and the moral turpitude of its leader and continued to stay, then there is every reason for her to remain silent – on the fundamental right against self-incrimination and self-degradation.

Her clear public record with the cult plus her silence will militate against her in the long run – though she may believe that she can hide under the radar and let this pass. It is shortsighted.

No one has any doubts about Sarah Edmondson, for instance. She was in the cult. She recruited big time. But she spoke out, she rebelled and helped to expose the cult’s underbelly.  Same with Barbara BoucheyMarc VicenteKristin Keeffe, and others.

But with Kruek and some others, such as Mark Hildreth and Grace Park, their silence is puzzling. One is disinclined to write it off as simple cowardice. One can argue that “it is better to remain silent and be thought complicit then to speak out and remove all doubt.” There could be a very good reason for Kreuk remaining silent. She may have participated in numerous illegal and morally disturbing activities – things she is now ashamed of – and then got out and is simply hoping that her silence will ultimately protect her. It may.  It depends in the end on just how much she really did and to whom.

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  • Bottom line…DOS morphed the self help program into a cult. when Kristin and a ton of people left. Fact: her initials are not on any of the women branded….fact: no one has testified Kristin held anyone down to brand them…fact : from 2013 on, Kristin was producing tv shows in Vancouver Canada… Fact : NYPD and other law enforcement was notified the cult was branding women, holding them against their will, and causing bodily harm to members. Fact: Oxenburg got the media and Law enforcement to help save her daughter from the DOS faction who had her daughter. Fact: the two main leaders of the cult were arrested..the main leader in Mexico…the 2nd in command later..who also was with the leader in Mexico…. NYPD and Oxenburg got their indictments against DOS criminal leadership who had their personal initials on the member victims…who were considered slaves…by the masters of DOS…..folks who stayed to play their sick fantasies on fellow members. There is no documentation and reports of Kristin being even connected to this case. Oxenburg and her daughter will most likely be the main prosecution witnesses…plus the women who were harmed by burn scars…

    Any attempt to connect Kristin to this crime is dubious slander….who folks intend to bully and hurt Ms Kreuk for personal reasons.
    Vile insults to Ms Kreuks person and defenders are common place…and will continue most likely until this criminal case is closed.

    Ms Kreuk has publically stated her innocence and regret in being connected with the self help program. It would appear NYPD and the
    Oxenburg have no problem with her public statement. Both are waiting for the trial next year for justice.

    • You are a stupid moron. NXIVM was always a cult and the investigation is looking at way more than two years of DOS you stupid fan boy loser. Tax evasion, money laundering etc. Those are the crimes being investigated. People lower down the striped path than Kreuk knew about tax evasion. She was a yellow sash two stripes. She was named in Joe O’Hara’s criminal lawsuit. She was named in the Times Union expose that revealed Raniere was a pedophile. She continued being in the cult and was still coaching. Stop being such a fan boy loser. Sad.

      • Kreauk was not “named” in his lawsuit. She was mentioned in a long list of people that “could” have been involved in “possibly” illegal stuff, with zero evidence offered. To say someone is “named in a lawsuit” implies they were named as a defendant. That suit had a long list of defendants. Kreuk wasn’t one of them.
        You are right in the whole of NXIVM being investigated. Lots of people have been arrested. So why haven’t they arrested Kristin? They happily arrested a Bronfman sister with her power and money so why haven’t they arrested Kristin? If you are so sure she is guilty then how do you explain how she is still walking the street? How come Sarah Edmondson, who was in DOS and was branded, has publicly said Kreuk was not involved in any way?

      • Your post betrays your mindset… have already convicted her of a crime she is not even indicted for…sad.
        You want to post and claim truth and facts…but your hateful and vile post drips with angry personal emotion and attacks.
        Not sign of a person settled in truth and goodwill.

        Kristin stated her involvement in a self help program, no court has gone beyond noting her statement. That is a fact..
        You have already in your post convicted her on conspiracy, tax evasion and money laundering….based on speculation and wishful harm to Ms Kreuk. If I am a fan of anything…its not convicting anyone of a felony before they are even looked at by law enforcement or civil court. Your text reads like a angry bully…..I hope you change your ways..for the better.

        • Are you SultanOfSpank too? If so, how many fucking aliases is that?

  • You say “No one has any doubts about Sarah Edmondson”.
    Sarah Tweeted: “For the record, my dear friend @MsKristinKreuk was never in the inner circle of #NXIVM. She never recruited sex slaves and has been out since 2013 before shit got weird. She is a lovely person who should not be dragged into this mess. Thank you. #Cult #DOS #freedom #TRUTH”
    So if you believe Sarah then shouldn’t you believe her when she says Kristin wasn’t involved? Sarah was in DOS, branded etc. Shouldn’t she know whether Kristin was involved? Why don’t you believe her?
    If Kristin is guilty then why hasn’t she been arrested and questioned? Seems odd for some people to claim she’s guilty when the actual people investigating, who have happily arrested powerful and rich people like a Bronfman sister, don’t seem to consider even remotely involved.

          • See, it’s because I know FOR A FACT, that you are making a false accusation there that I can easily dismiss everything else you say. That and the fact you can only resort to ad hominem attack and avoid discussing the facts.

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