Accused sex trafficker, Allison Mack will likely soon be seen on the streets of Los Alamitos, California running errands.

Under house arrest, alleged sex-slaver, Allison Mack requests judge to allow her to go shopping three hours per week

By Frank Parlato

If Judge Nicholas Garaufis, the presiding judge in the USA v. Raniere et al, has allowed Seagram’s heiress, Clare Bronfman to leave her luxury Manhattan apartment and go outdoors to jog and shop for up to five hours per week, why shouldn’t Allison get to go out for a measly three hours?

Well very likely he will allow her to do just that.

Mack’s attorneys have requested that the judge permit the former Smallville actress to be allowed to go shopping and etc, – “errand time” – for up to three hours every week. This request is seen as likely to be granted by the judge since both the US Attorney and Pretrial Supervision have agreed to Mack’s request.

Mack is currently confined to her parents’ home in Los Alamitos, California, and has been there since late April following her arrest for sex trafficking, sex trafficking conspiracy and forced labor conspiracy. She spent four days in jail at Metropolitan Detention Center and was then her released on a $5 million bond.

Here is the letter her attorneys wrote to Judge Nicholas Garaufis:

“We write respectfully on behalf of our client, Allison Mack, to request a modification of the conditions of her release.  Specifically, we respectfully request that the Court amend the home detention component of her conditions to permit Ms. Mack to leave her residence for up to three hours per week — with the specific days and times to be scheduled regularly and pre-approved by Pretrial Services — for “errand time,” i.e., to purchase groceries, supplies, and other necessities. If Your Honor so approves, Ms. Mack will provide Pretrial Services proof of errand (e.g., a shopping receipt) each time she leaves her residence for purposes of an errand pursuant to this requested modification.

We have conferred with Pretrial Services and the government, who both consent to the proposed amendment.
Respectfully yours,

William F. McGovern
Sean S. Buckley
Allison previously requested, and was approved the right to leave home to go to school, a job, and church. It is not known if she has availed herself of any of these privileges.

As an editorial aside, I cannot help but remark: “Once a slave always a slave.”

Allison was formerly the slave of a monster named Keith Raniere. He had her branded on her pubic region with his initials and ordered her to brand other women. He holds blackmail material [he calls it “collateral”] on her that is both gruesome and disgusting. It is now believed to be in the possession of the Feds.

The collateral consisted of graphic nude pictures of the actress, and documents of questionable enforceability — signing over to him custody of any children she might birth in the future, letters implicating [presumably falsely] her siblings abuse of her nephews and the assignment of all her assets – to Raniere – if she disobeyed his commands as a DOS slave.

Now she is the slave of the government. She had to post $5 million in assets to ensure her appearance at court whenever she is commanded to be there. Now she has to get a written court order just to run errands.

VIva Executive Success …. and DOS too.

The big question is, is she still in the service of Master Raniere? In that case, she is both a slave to the monster and the government too. It is fruitless to remain in such foolish servitude to the wicked one, I think. He is not getting out any time soon and the devotion to being his slave will result in – undoubtedly – a much longer period of incarceration for slave Mack.

Prison is another kind of slavery.

It’s time to take off your DOS belly chain, Allison.

Your ankle monitor however must remain.

The Daily Mail captured a photo of Allison at her parent’s door to collect a package – the closeup shows her ankle monitor.

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  • Wow, Mack did some really sick things. What do her parents think of all this? The big question is will she get to play herself in the TV movie about NXVIM?

    • Shut the duck up macks is incent
      It’s that pedo Keith that should be sent

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