Judge Approves Allison Mack’s request to shop three hours per week

The judge has approved the request to Modify Conditions of Release as to Allison Mack. She may now leave her parents home in Los Alamitos, California, for up to three hours per week for “errand time.”

The days she goes out and the exact hours she leaves and comes back – in order for her to purchase groceries, supplies, and other necessities – must be pre-scheduled and approved by Pretrial Services. It is understood that these will be the same times, more or less, each week. In any event, they will not be spontaneous. After she returns, Mack is required to provide Pretrial Services with “proof of errand” such as a shopping receipt.

Allison Mack can go shopping for three hours per week, while she awaits trial.

The condition of her bail prohibits Mack from associating with any past or present NXIVM member unless her attorneys are present.  She may not go shopping with – or, for that matter, invite NXIVM members to her home.


Kristin Kreuk and Allison Mack, when both were in NXIVM. Mack is forbidden to associate with past and present members of NXIVM without her attorneys present, as a condition of her bail. Since her attorneys are in New York City – it effectively bars reunion with most of her old friends, pals, and slaves.
Pictures of a DOS slave’s brand, outlining the initials of Keith Raniere and Allison Mack. Mack, pictured right.

It must seem too cruel – at least to some – that Mack – who once earned the nickname ‘Pimp’ Mack – that she cannot even see her own slaves – even though they’re branded with her initials. What’s the point of being a Slave Master if you can’t order anyone around?

Talk about restricting liberty!


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