What Kristin Kreuk should really tell the world — ‘Allison Mack is a victim’

Poor Allison Mack. She sure went far with her Vanguard.

Lucky Kristin Kreuk – she brought Allison in; told her how great the program was – and how it would transform her life; and then escaped silently without a word.

Executive Success failure number one – Allison Mack.

Virtue signaler supreme – Kristin Kruek.

I don’t know about you, but if I led someone into the path of destruction – beckoned them to cross the street — and then a bus hit them – I would be doing anything and everything I could to try to rectify the problem I caused.  I would do no virtue signaling until I set out to destroy the evil monster that consumed my friend – who, through my endorsement, came into its clutches.

But everyone is different and I respect the opinions of Susan Dones, and others, who think I am being unfair to Kruek – for they say she has no responsibility for her actions. Allison Mack is a big girl and Kreuk, herself, was lucky to escape unscathed.

Susan Dones is a funny kind of person. She herself stood up to Raniere and Nancy Salzman and told the world – openly and publicly.  She is one of the few people brave enough to use her own name on this site – and yet she is mad at me for calling upon Kristin Kreuk to exhibit the same kind of courage.  The world does indeed allow for a diversity of opinions, and I try to learn from all of them – even those I fundamentally disagree with.  Yet, I don’t think it’s cruel to criticize Kreuk’s silence. I think it is the right thing to do.

I don’t think it is too late for Kreuk to do something either. I think she is late, but not too late.

So here is what I would say, were I Kristin Kreuk – even at this late date:

“What happened to my friend – the one I brought in – could have happened to anyone and, but for the grace of God, I might also have been caught up.

“Now let me explain how a woman [or man] could be entrapped into this deadly horror. How my decent friend Allison was ensnared – and how on the surface this seemed so good – but it became slowly deadly – that’s why I got out …  But for Allison, the poor child, in her brainwashed head, she might still think she was doing noble deeds for a noble mission. Such is the power of monster Raniere to lead people astray while appealing to their kindest impulses – the desire to be virtuous, to be brave, to do good for the world – while being none of these himself.

“Pray for Allison. Understand her dilemma. She believed she was doing something good – just as I did – only she got caught up too far. Now, pray for her well-being – for her mental health and for her healing. We both got caught up into something sinister. On the surface, it seemed so clean and good. None of us are perfect. I am not perfect. Allison is not perfect. I saw something dark and I left – quietly it is true – for it was not clear and apparent that it was much darker than what I at first perceived.

“Now consider Allison – with her woman’s heart, and with all her imperfections and her virtues – she believed, she really believed in this monster, this master hypnotist – that gradually stripped her of her other friends and her outside opportunities – and worse luck – don’t blame the woman – she fell in love with this deceptive man. The proof that he is deceptive should be evident enough – look how many women he fooled!  Allison was among them and in her desperate, pathetic love for him, she did anything he said.

“Even seemingly crazy things like the horrible DOS rites – because – I am convinced – that she thought this was good for him, for her and yes, even for the women. She thought it was good for the women. It was foolish and crazy, but her intent was not evil – I don’t believe. It was delusional. Consider too that the monster worked to have her sleep-deprived, on a super low-calorie diet, with little protein and constant hypnosis – and he had blackmail on her too. Knowing Allison, she may have been less afraid of the release of the collateral – and more – in her confused state – really thinking that this DOS would help women. And I know – as crazy as it sounds – that she could have been honestly thinking that this DOS would help women – tough, badass boot camp — all predicated on the most faulty premise – that what seemed weird or off – really was good – had a deeper beneficial meaning – because – and here is where she most egregiously miscalculated – because Raniere is good. He is not. He is a monster. But she did not know and by the time things became – what we – who are not brainwashed – can easily see – insane – she was too far gone and too into it to realize it.

“Allison Mack is a victim. Pray for her. Pray for the other victims. And have mercy and not vengeance. I know, for but for something blessed  – I could have been further caught, further ensnared and shared the fate of Allison, my friend. She is a victim. This you must realize. Above all, pray for her.”


Now consider what this statement – or something like it – coming from Kristin Kreuk – might do. It would bring some immediate focus on the true villain – Keith Raniere. The worldwide press would immediately publish this and it would get incredible attention on just who is the true villain here.

She might also help get some sympathy for her friend and lead her gently away to not losing the rest of her youth and middle age to prison – just as she lost years of her youth to the prison of the monster.

Would it be outrageous if Nancy Salzman got a shorter sentence than Allison?  Would it be unjust if Allison spent as much time in prison as Keith Raniere? It could happen.

Kristin Kreuk could be a voice for the women [and men] who were victims of Raniere. It would take bravery on her part – and a true dedication to justice. But she could be the voice in defense of Allison Mack and bring her back to the path of rectitude, which ironically, somehow she might not have realized she ever strayed away from.




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