Allison’s ‘slave’ clarifies: ‘the sub relationship of Kristin Kreuk with Jay Ryan was NOT sexual’ & commenters are ‘chaotic swarm of sharks feeding’

The woman who says she was in Girls By Design and became Allison Mack’s slave wrote to inform me as follows:

“Wooow I think some of the commenters might be crazy. I do have to clarify the sub relationship of Kristin Kreuk with Jay Ryan was NOT sexual. They seem to have taken that flag and ran with it. BDSM is not always about sex. I was not trying to smear anyone, only remind everyone that master Keith is responsible for his crimes. Not Mistress Ally. Not KK. And to speak up for the lifestyle of being a sub. Also, 50 Shades of Grey is a road map of what NOT to do, such as ignoring safewords. True BDSM respects boundaries, trust, and consent.

“Ugh, this is giving me so much panic and anxiety. I was trying to help people understand and not judge being a sub. People don’t seem to care to learn. I feel like I should have never tried to clarify.  This is a chaotic swarm of sharks feeding.

“[Name redacted] was right. I should have kept my mouth shut. People have no interest in understanding.”




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  • Taken the flag and run with it???

    You put the flag out there and you know exactly why you did it. Your information is just as false as Frank’s. There was no point whatsoever to add that, but you did to start a frenzy.

  • She’s right about the 50 Shades books being horribly inaccurate about BDSM. I was involved in the community back in the 90’s, and find some of what she says credible, such as the sub gets a lot of power by trusting a dom. But there are parts I have a hard time with, like her saying AM is NOT brainwashed. It’s one thing to have a sub/dom/slave relationship with one person, but to have 3 levels of slaves underneath KR, with self-infliction of not eating or sleeping, beggars belief. Aq

    • I wonder how the FBI (or whomever is investigating) can figure out the nuances of the BDSM ethos.

      Also I’d like to know India Oxenburg’s take on this – I would think that her mother has her in hand now and her input could be welcome.

      Lastly, with masters KR and AM et al in jail, how/why is it that these women still are acting like they’re consenting slaves?

    • How do you do BDSM without it being sexual? What is this woman saying Kristin Kreuk and Jay Ryan did?

  • Frank this bait and hunt on kristin is getting ridiculous and hurting your credibility

    What is this nonsense now about Kristin and Jay?

  • “master Keith is responsible for his crimes. Not Mistress Ally.”

    If Raniere gives Mack an order to do something that is illegal and she follows it, then she is guilty of a crime.

  • These people are whimpy, pathetic liberal snowflakes. “Chaotic swarm of sharks”? I hate people who csnt answer criticism

  • Trolls are writing comments using my handle, (on an earlier thread), and they are attempting to imitate Scott on this thread, while using the anon icon.

    Trolls: you are far too stupid to trick anyone…just give up already. Crawl back under your rock, and await arrest.
    You know it’s coming soon.

    • This is how Frank wants to operate his website, totally out of control. Adapt or leave.

    • Flowers:
      Where is Pea?

      In all this chaos over the Informant Jane and Kristin Kreuk and Allison Mack, Pea has disappeared.
      We don’t seem to have the benefit of her special “wisdom”.
      Pea might be able to tell us if Jane is the real deal, after Pea tells us if she’s the real deal.
      Maybe Pea, with help from Clare Bronfman, orchestrated the whole Informant Jane story.

      • Hi Shadow
        I dont always have time to read all the comments, so I just noticed this one from you.

        Yes, it seems Pea is missing from this conversation, and I would have expected that she would want to chime in on this topic.

        Maybe it’s because Pea is really just a troll who knows nothing about NXIVM other than what she’s read? Maybe Pea is currently reading up on BSMD before she comments?

      • But not funny coming from you ANONYMOUS, as you definitely are not a troll (in any of your identities)

  • Your right. I have no interest in understanding. Apparently you have no interest in living life for yourself.

    • I live life for myself and part of that is helping others not get scammed by MLM scams. Apparently you have no interest in helping others not get scammed by MLM scams.

      • I’m not Scott, but hi to you, Shlomo aka Omar, the shit-slinging lawyer.

        You’re the fuckwad who suddenly mentioned Whistler trips, and youre the creep who quickly agreed that this retarded story must be real and that KK MUST be a criminal,…..oh BUT WAIT! Upon contemplation, maybe not.
        Lawyer!?! No lawyer is that stupid “OMAR”.

        • Flowers, you did pretty much the opposite, first saying the story was made up, then saying that it’s probably true.

        • Obviously the rest. The stupid bitch is a product of scooter’s vivid imagination. If you ever take time to read a flowers=tlwr post you would realize it is scooter johnson as only he is that delusional

  • This doesn’t entirely pass the smell test. Frank says she is who she is, I believe that. I’m guessing he has some inside info to know she was involved with NXIVM. What she says though, definitely sounds like she is still in contact with the group in some way, and has been instructed to introduce this new spin on things to help the cases of those indicted. Sort of a more realistic “Pea”. It is definitely fishy that this has happened right after Clare’s meeting.

    • Don’t be concerned. The FBI and the DOJ know what they’re doing, despite all of the amateur Sherlock Holmes pontificating on this website.

  • Jane, I could have written that email several months ago when I tried to get support against other MLM scams that are still operating. Raniere started with Amway and applied the principles he learned to Consumers’ Buyline and then NXIVM. Both of those are shut down, or largely shut down, while other MLM scams rip off millions of new people every single year.

    • Imagine if someone only had a podcast–.no, wait a RADIO show– where you could talk about this .

    • Scott you’re still here on you Amway soapbox. Why not your name Scooter? What’s the matter Scott Johnson? What did you call anonymous posters… idiot, chicken, morons, even under you own name you still were all those thing.

      • The reason Scott Johnson doesn’t use his nick name of “Scooter” is because it reminds him of the time he fell off his tricycle last week and bruised his knee. His mother used to say to him as a young boy: “Oh Scooter, why do you always crash your tricycle into a tree?” He still just can’t get over the emotional trauma of having trees appear in front of his path when riding his 4-wheeled tricycle.

      • I don’t use my name because there are so many other Anonymous commenters and I want others to read my comments, so I “hide” among them. My motto is “if you can’t beat them, join them.”

        I’ve been back, with several comments and even a recent story on this website, can you guess which one?

        So what if I called people what they are? That’s called honesty.

        NXIVM and other MLM scams use techniques that were learned from Amway. If you want to be a one-trick NXIVM pony, go ahead.

        • Every time I use my name some creep focuses on me instead of the post, I’m done with this bullshit. I’ll follow Artvoice but no more Scott, flowers and adults making fun of people’s names. What is this therapy time at the psych ward?

  • We are all each other’s lessons and I hope not to meet you. Because if I do, I’m going to ask for ID.

    • No, we’re not all each other’s lessons. We also don’t think you will ever meet her and couldn’t care less whether you do or don’t.

  • So you found out about this page. It is a toxic cesspool of fanboys, rednecks, libtards and whatnot. You simply brought what one group could feed upon. The Kreuk apologists and the Kreuk prosecutors could have a go at each other, while Frank got his clicks.
    If you read the blog back a few month there were conspiracy theories about the Clintons involvement. These people are just looking for gossip. If I was in your shoes, I would not share information with Frank or this blog. There is nothing you can gain from it. It is like with the police. All you can do is make yourself look suspicious.
    but honestly, what did you expect when Frank quotes you in that way?

    And now some of the groups will have a go at me. Let us see who bites

  • Lol trying to explain anything outside a heteronormative, patriarchal paradigm heavily influenced by toxic rape culture to most commenters (I was recently told to “enjoy your AIDS”). Sorry nobody warned you. That said, Frank has doing a decent job of cleaning up the most offensive and abusive comments which I much appreciate. And I very much appreciate your contributions, particularly so in light of how risky sharing may be.

    • heteronormative, patriarchal paradigm heavily influenced by toxic rape culture

      The gay culture hates and despises Middle America referring to heterosexuals as “breeders.”
      Forming groups like NAMBLA — the North American Man Boy Love Association.

      And if you want to find a toxic rape culture then just visit Saudi Arabia where if a woman is raped and she can’t find four male witnesses to support her, she is executed.

      Middle America is not going down without a fight.

      Ms. Mack is a sadistic lesbian who enjoyed branding and controlling women and no matter how the gay community spins it her behavior is criminal.
      Ms. Mack was using the slave harem to satisfy her own sadistic desires in the same pattern Raniere did.
      Allison Mack’s philosophical guiding star is the perverted French nobleman the Marquis de Sade, whose quote she posted on the internet.

      And Kristen Kreuk, a heterosexual woman who is innocent of any crime is smeared by Allison Mack’s gay followers in a desperate attempt to save Ms. Mack from the justice she so richly deserves.

      And isn’t it a coincidence that this effort to resurrect Allison Mack’s reputation appears after the deplorable Clare Bronfman visits her friends in Clifton Park?

      • “And Kristen Kreuk, a heterosexual woman who is innocent of any crime”.

        And what qualifies you to decide that old guy? You don’t have the facts. How do you know she is heterosexual. This person claims she never saw Kreuk OR Mack do anything illegal and that she “feels” that what Kreuk “did” is not illegal. Creating a group aimed at teen girls with BDSM as the goal is not good. You just want 100% of the heat on Allison Mack who you are obsessed with. We are not all blinded like you are. We don’t like Allison Mack but we look at other perpetrators too.

        • “And what qualifies you to decide that old guy? You don’t have the facts.”

          Has the FBI ever charged Kreuk with a crime?
          Has any media outlet suggested that Kreuk did anything illegal?

          These attacks on Kreuk are a desperate NXIVM attempt to divert attention from the Unholy Trinity of Raniere, Bronfman and Mack.

      • Thanks shadowstate for reminding me that I forgot to add “xenophobic” and “racist” to the list. And you’ve proven my point, respect and acceptance is not a zero-sum game. Views different from yours may seem threatening, but can comfortably exist right alongside them. “Middle America” will be fine and whatever Proud Boys type-group you are speaking on behalf of is the only one doing the fighting.

        • Ughh! Why did I re-read your comment? Well I did and lest someone think I’m cool with non-consensual sex, my final comment will be if you want to assert “gay people hate non-gay people so they (ed: all??? and what about lesbians??) created NAMBLA” then I will assert all men want to bone animals b/c furries exist.

          • “Homosexuals Who Encourage Pedophilia LGBT s History of Supporting NAMBLA”
            How Alfred Kinsey and Harry Hay encouraged pedophilia
            (The same way NXIVM and Raniere encouraged pedophilia against girls.)

        • Another left wing shitbagger weighs in with their idiotic litany of labels. Bet you were branded

        • How many churches and synagogues are there in Saudi Arabia?
          Under Islamic Sharia law what is the Jizya?
          A tax placed on all non-Muslims and if they don’t pay it they can be killed.

          Tolerance is a two way street.
          If Muslims don’t tolerate me then I will tell the truth about them.
          That is not intolerance.
          That is FREEDOM!

    • Coworkers paid to promote their show. Every story in between the real hard news of the court stuff is pure entertainment. Play along and enjoy the ride dummies

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