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Top Reasons Why You Should Be Using Octopart

Are you thinking of purchasing the platform extension Octopart? Octopart is a fantastic platform that is designed to help you find the parts that you need fast. When you use Octopart, it will offer you the tools that you require for different areas of your work such as finding the best distributor prices to finding the best part for your specific project. Carry on reading to find out more about this great product and the top reasons why we think you need to be using it.

Check Quantity Stock Across Distributors

One of the best things about Octopart and why so many people are using it is because you will be able to see how much stock hundreds of different distributors have. This platform can show you what the stock availability is from over 250 distributors and also what their minimum order quantities are so that you can see who you need to contact depending on the quantity of the order that you are placing. As you probably already know, having a product finished on time is all down to choosing the right distributor.

Compare Prices Across Distributors

When you search for the part that you are looking for, you will find to the right hand side of your screen the pricing from them. Here, you will find pricing for orders from as little as 1 up to 10,000 as so this allows you to easily see which distributors are offering the best prices. This is also handy as some distributors will offer bigger discounts than others for bulk buys and so this will let you see this information too.

Compare Prices Across Distributors

Compare Parts with their Median Price

What’s also fantastic about using Octopart is that you can browse through median prices and this will give you a good overall understanding of how much that part is going to cost you. If you think a median price is particularly high, you can always download the data sheet and check out the specs of the product to compare lots of different parts at once. This will also help you to discover new parts with the specs you are looking for.

Narrow Down Your Search by Attribute

With Octopart, you can narrow down your search for parts using the filters provided. This allows you to filter out the parts that you definitely do not want or need and you will be able to find what you are looking for much more quickly. This will then ultimately mean saving you even more time and money.

Quickly Purchase Your Products

Time is money and so you want to be able to find, compare and buy your products as quickly as you possibly can and this is what Octopart can offer you. After you have added all of the parts that you are purchasing to your BOM, you can then use the Buy Now button to export this shopping list and then purchase all of these parts.

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