US Senator Kirsten Gillibrand

Gillibrand agrees to debate Farley – but for only 30 minutes

It may have been a little premature to report that incumbent Democrat US Senator Kirsten Gillibrand shed her chicken suit – in agreeing to debate her dark horse Republican opponent Chele Farley.

Gillibrand canceled a debate to be aired statewide last Sunday – 48 hours before the debate was to take place.

Gillibrand claimed she canceled because she did not want to cross a de facto picket line at SpectrumNY1.  Her story did not ring entirely true with some since she cross3e that picket line to do interviews on SpectrumNY1 during the time the labor dispute has ongoing.

After canceling and getting criticized by the media, GIllibrand- who claims to be the most transparent senator – and is known to be one of the great virtue signallers of modern times, agreed to debate Farley the following Sunday –  but only for 30 minutes.

Thirty minutes does not seem like much time for a debate.  And it seems unlikely that the tough questions, in depth responses and heated exchanges will get to be asked and answered.

But then again why should Gillibrand take a chance at being embarrassed or looking like a hypocrite?

She has a commanding lead in the polls against Farley, she has only campaigned in the state for one day this month for her senate election – spending nearly the entire month of October in five other states preparing for her planned run for president in 2020.

One matter of interest to readers of Frank Report is whether Gillibrand’s denial of any knowledge of NXIVM prior to the New York Times story about the cult in October 2017, be questioned.

With only a half hour – it seems like Senator Chicken should be able to avoid that along with other controversial topics – such as her role in enabling Big Tobacco to skate on their perjury before the US Congress – on how they knew nothing about cigarettes causing cancer.

Gillibrand knows a lot about lying and denying it seems.

The half hour debate, which is likely to be the only one Gillibrand will agree to with Farley, is to air on ABC TV on Sunday, October 28 at 11 a.m.




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  • Please New Yorkers watch this debate, are you going to hand over a 4th term to a woman who doesn’t have 31 minutes to spend on you?
    She was shamed into this debate. Another corrupt politician getting rich off your tax dollars. A proven liar who supported Harvey Weinstein who then supported her. He funds her campaigns , you don’t have to take this anymore, fight back

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