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Guest View: The Real NXIVM, The Real Allison Mack

Guest View By Shadow State 1958
I hope to explain what the NXIVM harem was and what it has become over time.
When NXIVM’s harem first started, it was designed to serve the perverted fetishes of the cult’s Vanguard, Keith Raniere. Over time Raniere’s libido subsided and the initial harem keeper Pam Cafritz grew ill and passed away from cancer.
Former actress, Allison Mack took over the management of the harem and changes were made. Changes not for the better.
NXIVM’s slave component received a formal name “DOS,” Dominant Over Submissive, or the Vow.
Then the ritual of branding slaves was introduced. A ritual that is used by inner city pimps, not suburban women.
Is Allison Mack right up to her pelvis in the branding idea. She admits it was her idea. How zealous was she in the overall coercion of DOS?
Oddly enough, the DOS leader, Allison Mack, may not have been branded.  And I would wager that if this is true than her wife, Nicki Clyne, also is not branded.
The formal collection of blackmail was started with pictures, videos and confessions used to control the slaves.  These changes converted a voluntary group of women into a stable of slaves.  Allison Mack was the slave master.
But, as slave master, Allison Mack seems to have availed herself of the privilege of all masters and may have compelled her female slaves to have sex with her.  A harem that started out as a vehicle for pleasing the perversions of Keith Raniere became a means of pleasing the perversions of Allison Mack.
In the branding ritual, the initiates would scream in pain because no anesthetics were used.  Instead of telling the branding Doctor, Danielle Roberts to stop the procedure, the sadistic Mack urged Roberts on with burning the women’s flesh.
Mack seems to have received pleasure from controlling these women and inflicting pain and torture on them.  This is the mark of a sadist.  A woman who derives pleasure hurting others.
Reportedly, Ms. Mack used her control over her slaves to compel these women to sexually service her.  Slaves were not likely allowed to say “no” to the demands of Mistress Ally.
As the head of a harem of many women, Mack could have her pick of concubines to fulfill her carnal desires.  Allison Mack was living the dream of every lesbian gym teacher.
There is even an uncorroborated report that Allison Mack molested an eight year old girl who was practicing gymnastics.
[Transcript of interview with neighbor who claims Allison Mack molested 8 year old girl
Allison Mack is quite open in espousing the philosophy of the notorious French Sadist, the Marquis de Sade, posting a quote and picture from the man whom sadism got its name from.
The quote is:  “Your body is the church where nature asks to be reverenced.”  If you look in the lower left hand corner Ms. Mack has copyrighted the de Sade quote and the accompanying picture.
Is it any wonder that Allison Mack would find the torture and enslavement of women to be proper?
Ms. Mack also posts the philosophy of the late actress Katherine Hepburn, widely rumored to be lesbian.  “If you obey all the rules you miss all the fun.”
Ms. Mack did not hesitate to disobey the rules.  That’s why she now stands under indictment.  How much fun did Ms. Mack enjoy while branding her female slaves?
This set of circumstances may explain the case of Jane Doe #1 in the initial indictment.  Allison Mack ordered Jane Doe in Clifton Park to be forced to obey Raniere who in turn ordered Jane Doe to receive oral sex from an unknown person while blindfolded.
During the process, Raniere walked around giving instructions.  Who was performing oral sex on the blindfolded Jane Doe?  Was it Allison Mack?
Was Raniere, whose specialty was cunnilingus, giving pointers to Ms. Mack on how to orally please a female slave?
This case may also explains the overwhelming hatred of Kristen Kreuk in the comments. Kreuk strikes me as an innocent woman who has been smeared as a child molester by people wishing to divert attention away from Allison Mack’s crimes and perversions.
As a sadistic lesbian, Ms. Mack has a large following among the Greenwich Village crowd which is tolerant of such lifestyles.  Ms. Mack may even be a lesbian icon among the lavender crowd.  Would some of these people stop at nothing to defend their icon?
It does not surprise me that the day after bisexual Clare Bronfman visits Clifton Park, we see a concerted effort to resurrect the image of Allison Mack as a “good girl.”

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  • To be sure, Allison Mack and Keith Raniere are both bad people. That said, the author let his pre existing prejudices show with this article. There is no reason to smear the whole LGBT community, or the artsy crowd from Greenwich Village.

  • This article is just ridiculous. So you’re a sadist just because you share someone’s quotes, right? Wow. Well, then I am an Satanist, a sadist, an lesbian and much more. Wow. Good to know. It’s just ridiculous.

  • @Shadowstate
    Most of this reads like the lurid longings of middle-aged man, post-sexual, chained to his desk. Like a minister from the 1950’s denouncing the Beatles, or the twerking hips of Elvis. And what’s wrong with the quote from the Divine Marquis? So right off the bat modern kink society has left you in the dirt, clutching your hymnal. Have you ever been to a goth club in L.A.? Patrons would merely smile at your prehistoric sense of outrage.
    Instead of laying your sexual longings bare for all the public to see, you should instead focus on what was entirely coercive and criminal i.e. not legal, about NXIVM.. The blackmail, the threats of ruining a life. As bad as it is, I think the DOS branding showed the low caliber judgement of the women more than anything. Any guy who made an informercial with Eddy Albert AND attended an Amway seminar would immediately be red flagged in my book. But not these eager beavers. Did DOS slaves get what they deserved? How much should society protect adults from their dumb decisions?

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