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Dylan England: Lawn Order at Sugar City

Sugar City is pleased to announce our forthcoming exhibition Dylan England: Lawn Order. This exhibition is the first comprehensive solo exhibit of Buffalo artist Dylan England; England has had smaller solo exhibits at Dreamland Art Gallery (2016) and the now-defunct 464 Gallery (2014).

Dylan England: Lawn Order will have an opening reception Friday November 9, 2018 from 6-9pm and the exhibition will be on view until November 30, 2018. The gallery is open by appointment, during Sugar City Events, and every Friday from 5:30-7:30pm.

England has been referred to “the region’s most gifted artist working in collage…” and his work “…potent and endlessly fertile..”[1]. His new body of work builds upon an established aesthetic of graffiti-esque-scrawling overlaying found images. Lawn Order digs into the tangled mythos of suburban utopia, and seeks to forge a space where identity can flourish amid manicured lawns, bucolic landscapes, and the claustrophobic nostalgia of history.

Lawn Order is an embrace of suburban rituals and habits. It is the paranoia birthed from the banality of the mundane. It is finding comfort in routines. The images of schools, sports fields, houses, lawns, and wildflowers allow for the extrapolation of personal narratives concerning youth and memory.

Dylan England: Lawn Order is sponsored by the Sugar City Art Committee, and is curated by Dana Tyrrell.

Dylan England is a mixed media artist living in Buffalo, New York. Dylan graduated from the State University of New York at Fredonia in 2010 with a degree in Visual Arts and New Media. Much of his work consists of collage, photography, drawing and the relationship between music and the visual medium. He plays guitar and yells a lot in the band Del Paxton.

Sugar City is Buffalo’s only legal, DIY, volunteer-run, all-ages performance venue. Accordingly, all events at Sugar City are drug and alcohol-free and end before 11pm. Our goal is to provide an alternative space to share and create art and community projects based on participatory culture and a do-it-together attitude. This organization focuses itself on the exhibition, performance, and creation of art for those who cannot obtain space from traditional sources. Events and initiatives include, but are not limited to music, films, poetry readings, a zine library, meeting space, art gallery, workshops, and more. We want to break down the barriers of what is and isn’t “art” because in some way everyone is an artist.

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