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Guest View: Allison Mack is evil

Guest View By Shadow State 1958

Based on seniority, Lauren Salzman should have taken over the NXIVM harem when Pam Cafritz died.  Keith Raniere’s’ promotion of Allison Mack over Lauren was a serious mistake.

As Abraham Lincoln said, “If you want to know someone’s character give them some power.”

Allison abused her power and her slaves.  Cafritz was able to manage the slaves without too much trouble.  Mack was power hungry and ruthless.

If Allison is in a criminal gang and the boss tells her to commit a crime and she obeys the boss, ALLISON IS GUILTY.  The prisons are packed with people who followed illegal orders.   Who created the branding was irrelevant.  The act of branding the slave women is an act of a pimp and that is precisely what Allison Mack is.

Allison Pimp Mack enthusiastically carried it out because she is evil.  On top of that, Allison Mack eagerly collected blackmail material to hold against the slaves.  She is an evil vile woman.

As for not focusing on Lauren’s use of Allison as a punching bag, it is important for the government to secure the cooperation of both Nancy and Lauren Salzman as cooperating witnesses. If Allison Mack gets thrown under the bus, too damned bad.

Let Allison get punched a few more times by Lauren Salzman.

Allison’s public profile will be a warning to other actresses not to join criminal conspiracies.

The Salzmans can explain 20 years of criminal activity at NXIVM and Allison Mack is merely an ignorant actress to provide a friendly face to lure young women into the sex cult.  That’s how governments prosecute criminal conspiracies.

That’s why I will focus on Mack’s crimes while passing over the Salzmans’ acts lightly.  The Salzmans have something to give the government.
Allison Mack does not.

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  • Old Wine New Bottles
    October 26, 2018 at 2:59 pm

    Well, we’re definitely waiting to hear about those crimes. Did Mack steal someone’s wallet? Tap the till at a NXIVM shindig? Your readers would never know. Currently all you’ve done is breathlessly document wild sex antics, like a rube fresh from a peep show in the big city, telling all the guys about it around the water cooler at the auto parts store you work at. To think she threw a sex party and didn’t invite you! Well, you can get even with her here. We can sleep so much better, knowing you’re hurling thunderbolts at a Hollywood starlet, keeping the community safe from swinger parties that get decidedly out of hand.
    More to the point, is it really blackmail if you agree to be blackmailed? I don’t know the backstory of NXVIM but is it not telling that the Dr. who performed the branding did not have her medical license revoked? That means the medical board saw a kinky group of young women getting some ridiculous tattoo of their own free will. Unless legit info can be presented, the DOS thing is just a smokescreen to divert attention away from financial crimes committed by NXVIM and to divert blame away from DOS members who acted of their own free will.

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