Nancy Salzman seeks 5 hours of release per week from home detention – to exercise and shop

One of Nancy Salzman’s attorneys, Robert Soloway, has requested.that Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis grant modifications to her present bail conditions.  Salzman is currently subject to home detention.

In addition to attorney visits, court dates, and medical appointments, her attorney is requesting that Salzman be permitted to leave her home for three days per week – twice for 90 minutes each and once for 120 minutes – “…for exercise, and shopping for food and other necessities” – with advance notice to Pretrial Supervision.

He is also requesting Salzman be permitted to attend religious services. The Government has consented to the proposed modifications. The letter does not state that Pretrial Supervision consented to this proposal.

According to her previous bail conditions, which Salzman is not seeking to change, she may not directly or indirectly associate or have contact with – except in the presence of her attorneys – current or former employees of or independent contractors for Nxvim (including Nxivm’s affiliated entities) or any individual that she knows to be a current or former member of DOS, or any individual who is currently or was actively working toward a career path within NXIVM on the stripe-path, subject to reasonable exceptions agreed upon by the parties.

She is permitted to associate with her daughters, Lauren Salzman, who is a co-defendant in the case, and Michelle Salzman- Myers — and with Micelle’s husband, Benjamin Myers – despite all three of them being NXIVM members.

The proposed modifications to her bail conditions are nearly identical to Clare Bronfman’s requested modifications, which were approved by Judge Garaufis.

The court’s previously approved daily contact with Lauren was predicated on Nancy’s need for home care based on her attorneys informing the court that she had a life-threatening illness. Nancy recently underwent surgery, which is believed to have been a radical mastectomy.

In September, Judge Garaufis extended Lauren’s daily visitation privileges with her mother – set to expire on September 27 – for 30 days.  As of now, Lauren can continue to have daily, in-person visitation with Nancy at Nancy’s residence between 9:00 A.M. and 6:00 P.M. – until October 27, 2018.



L-R Michelle, Nancy and Lauren Salzman

That Nancy’s attorney mentioned exercise as a reason for Salzman to be permitted to leave her home is a hopeful sign that she is recovering.

It is possible that a request will be made to the court to extend the period that Lauren may continue to visit her mother daily. If the government consents, it may be an indication of cooperation with the feds rumored to be taking place with Nancy and possibly Lauren Salzman.

In one sense, it is shocking that the courts should rule over the times of day a mother and daughter can be with each other. Both are out on bail – and not convicted of anything.

There is an irony in this, however. How many families did Nancy and Lauren help break up – separating parents from adult and minor children and spouses from one another? It was a hallmark of NXIVM that devotion to NXIVM superseded family ties.

Hopefully. Nancy and Lauren are beginning to realize that this is what comes of following the master criminal, Keith Raniere.




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